• Minutes of the 17 February 2021 Meeting

    March 22nd, 2021 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of Monthly Board Meeting

    Ballafesson Methodist Hall, 7.15pm Wednesday 17th February 2021

    Present: Mrs Glover (Chair), Mr Pilling, Mr Cringle, Mr Radcliffe, Mr Gunn, Mr Cowin, Mr Gawne and Mr Vernon.

    Apology: Mr Clucas.

    In Attendance: The Clerk.

     Adam Horne from Digital Group attended to discuss new website.

    1. MINUTES:

    The Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners meeting held Wednesday 20th January 2021 and the Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners extra meeting held Wednesday 27th January 2021 were approved and the decisions therein formally ratified, having been proposed by the Chair and seconded by Mr Gawne.

    2. a) 1 Ballastrooan – nothing further to report.
    3. b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – nothing to report.
    4. c) Ballakilley boundary extension – nothing to report.
    5. d) Ballakilley recreational area – Deputy Clerk has set up a meeting to interview the Project Manager. With regard to the memorial tree the Clerk had given permission for this to be planted.
    6. e) Dog Bylaws – no further progress.
    7. f) COVID 19 response – volunteer training – COVID Connect had been a success again although much fewer requests for assistance this time. The Chair proposes that the core team meet again to plan an event in March or April.
    8. g) Streamlined websites – Digital Group has been notified that they were the successful bidder.
    9. h) Highway, Viking Hill – nothing further to report.
    10. i) Tom Dipper’s forest and other tree planting – nothing to report.
    11. j) Repairs to Ballfesson Playing Field fence – the Board considered a quote to straighten steel stanchions, replace missing pieces of wire and re-tension but felt the extent of the work proposed was more than necessary. They agreed instead to proceed with essential work to secure the fence.
    12. k) Late Prof Maddrell – nothing further to report.
    13. l) Commissioners’ letter on litter sent to DEFA – Mr Radcliffe had contacted DEFA about this again in late January but no meaningful response has as yet been forthcoming – the original letter was sent to DEFA in July last year. The Clerk will write seeking an update.
    14. m) Street lighting at Ballacriy – it was agreed that no further lighting is needed.
    15. n) Romancing the River project – the Chair reported this is progressing well with meetings with land owners taking place to ensure permissions in place before signs designed.
    16. o) Arbory School Council – the Chair reports that Arbory School council are meeting the Chair on 25th February. They have expressed a desire to run the Recycling Competition planned last year and would also like to do a litter pick.
    17. p) Maintenance of Moaney Lane – the Commissioners considered the request but did not feel it appropriate for them to take over the role which has always been undertaken by residents.
    18. q) Local Government Amendment Bill – a response had been submitted by the Clerk.
    19. r) Sterling work by community mask maker – the Clerk had written as requested
    20. s) Drop kerb and use of Green at Ballakilley – nothing to report.


    1. RISK MATTERS – nothing to report

    There was a general discussion on progress being made with fixing potholes, but the Glen Road has some bad potholes which need fixing and ongoing drainage problems on the Ballagawne Road, Ballabeg, remain a significant problem. These will be reported to DoI.

    1. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – Mr Pilling reported as follows:

    The meeting was held at Port Erin at 19:00 hrs, all members except Port St Mary were present.

    Due to lockdown this meeting is effectively the January meeting, it has been called to ratify any decisions made at the Zoom catch up discussion of January 21. The fact that the site has been closed for a period has distorted some of the information.

    December saw 34 hook wagon collections all prior to 10am. 211.66 tonnes were deposited of which 38.8% was recorded as recycled. There was very little to report with regards to site information due to its closure.

    The Chair was concerned that SCAS had been indicated as the cause of some authority’s rate rise. The correspondence from the clerk of Arbory and Rushen was to be dealt with by SCAS clerk before the next meeting (18 Feb) it was suggested to have a meeting with A&R clerk, chair and member asap.

    The replacement fencing was discussed and a order was to be placed. The new buildings for a recycling area were also to be ordered. The architect was to meet at the site and report to the next meeting.

    The next meeting is scheduled to be 18th February 2021.

    The Clerk had received the following replies to his queries to the SCAS Clerk:

    How did you forecast the £22,113 credit for this year (20/21)? Are we likely to receive the £22,113? If so when? The breakdown of income and expenditure was issued with the budget info which shows the overall surplus by the various rateable values of the contributing LA. Covid has meant the site has been closed for 7 weeks of the current year. Investment and improvements are still planned in the site before the year end so should the Board proceed, that will affect year end results. As conveyed from the outset, any rebate will be based upon the audited accounts. These would normally have to be completed and signed by 31st October each year, so a rebate would be confirmed in November each year. This year was delayed of course, so any rebate for 2019/20 will be confirmed later this month. For 20/21, this will be confirmed in November 2021, assuming there are no further Covid delays.

    What factors encouraged you to have confidence in forecasting a 25% increase in income for next year (21/22)? Commercial charges predominantly. These have been increased from 1st February 2021. The breakdown of income and expenditure was issued with the budget info. Improvements have been made in maximising returns for waste materials – in some instances a fivefold increase.

    Is it reasonable for us to rely on your income forecasts? As we have discussed previously, this is entirely up to your Board. As I understand, each of the other LA are basing their own rates assuming there will be no rebate. The site cannot accurately predict what waste streams will come into the site, recycled material commodity prices over the period or whether commercial customers will use the site. The costs to operate the site need to be met whatever the income may or may not be. As per our letter dated 13 December 2019, the site was operating at a loss of over £38k and its liabilities exceeded its assets by £147,495 in the year ended 31 March 2019. This obviously needed to be addressed, which the Board did via its 2019/20 budgeting. 

    It was agreed that the Clerk should press the SCAS Clerk for answers to the questions raised.

    1. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported there had been no recent meeting and the next meeting would be at the end of the month.
    2. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Cowin to reported that the pool Board had recently met with Minister Allanson and pressed him for details regarding a replacement pool, an increased subvention and increased pool rate. The Minister confirmed that there are no plans at this stage for a replacement pool, although an increased subvention and pool rate will be forthcoming in the next financial year. Mr Cowin reported that there had been progress made in updating standing orders and privacy policy, and new terms and conditions for new starters. Also a new pool manager had been appointed appointed.

    It was further noted that Castletown’s proposed meeting to discuss the pool’s future will be rescheduled to a later date once the Board resolved the immediate issues it faces.

    1. SOUTHERN SHELTERED HOUSING JOINT BOARD – Mr Radcliffe reported that there had been no meeting last monthand the next meeting would be next week.
    2. SOUTHERN AUTHORITIES HEALTHCARE TRUST – Minutes of the AGM and Meeting had been forwarded to the Board for noting. The Chair reported that since the meeting two proposals have been put forward. Rob Mercer has contacted Isle of Play and events in the South are planned already and SAHTC are considering funding the sessions. Jane Glover is liaising with the Hon Chair (Juan Watterson) & Steve Hobbs of Shine to see if the latter could design and deliver tailored mental health sessions for 16-18 year olds at CRHS.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):            

    The revenue received for the month was reported.

    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The accounts for payment for the month were reported and approved for payment.


    C] Other Finance Matters

    1. a) 1st Supplemental List – this was noted.


    1. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following position was noted.

    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Arbory) Balance on last statement –1st February 2021

    Current Account                                 135,430.25

    less withdrawn                          43,306.93

    add paid in                                  2,911.82

    New balance                 95,035.14

    HSBC Account                                          212.82

    Loan for Hall Refurbishment                                      £17,061.46

    HSBC Loan Toilet Block                                           £34,723.72


    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Rushen) Balance on last statement – 1st February 2021

    Business Reserve Account                   10,605.22                  (Ballakilley Fund)

    Sinking Fund                                          1,420.62

    Current Account                                   17,369.63

    less withdrawn                            4,865.79

    add paid in                                  1,593.21

    New balance                 14,097.05

    Loan outstanding for houses and street lights                       £13,951.51


    2. a) Street Works Policy – a letter from DoI Highways was noted.
    3. b) Manx Harriers IoM Easter Festival of Running ‘Great South Run’ – it was noted that the race will be held on Good Friday.
    4. c) Email from MUA – the Commissioners agreed to the following:

    MUA, in conjunction with the DOI, are currently re-laying underground network and street lighting electricity cables in the area of Station Road Estate, Colby.


    There are three street lights in the area to be excavated that are dated and would benefit from replacement columns and fittings upgraded to LED. Since these works are already ongoing, MUA could install replacement columns and fittings at a significantly reduced cost, with groundworks free of charge.


    The estimated cost of replacing all three columns and upgrading the fittings to LED is £1600 + VAT.

    1. e) It was noted that drop-in sessions for the Local Government Amendment Bill were being held Wednesday 24th February, 3pm or 4pm
    2. f) It was noted that a tree had fallen from 1 Ballastrooan and was blocking the river. It was agreed that the Clerk would report this to the new DoI flood management unit.
    3. g) Mr Whippy – the Board agreed to Mr Whippy visiting the parishes again this year/

    A] Planning Applications – the following applications were considered and supported by the Board.

    1. a) 20/01274/B Field 420959 Ronague Road. Erection of two Polytunnels. Amended plan submitted.
    2. b) 21/00089/B Ballamoar Cottage Earystane. Alterations and erection of two storey extension to rear of dwelling and front porch extension.
    3. c) 21/00124/B Ballamaddrell Farm Grenaby Road. Erection of an agricultural building.
    4. d) 21/00130/B Field 414754 Ballakilpheric Farm Ballakilpheric. Erection of an agricultural building.

    20/01520/B Thalassa Christeens Way Ballakillowey. Erection of extension with external landing, steps and glazed handrail.

    1. e) 20/01404/B Land Adjacent To Longmead Ballakillowey Road. Construction of new dwelling and detached garage.

    In relation to the following application the Board was a little concerned to note the close proximity of this proposed extension to the boundary wall and wished to ensure that this complied with the relevant planning policies.

    1. f) 21/00099/B 3 Ballastrooan Colby. Erection of side and rear extensions to provide garage, living space and ancillary living accommodation and creation of additional driveway and vehicular access

    In relation to the following the Board was quite frankly appalled by this application as its appearance and form seemed wholly out of keeping for the location. The Board reiterated its concern about the loss of such an historically interesting property and wished again to object in the strongest terms to its demolition.

    1. g) 20/00060/A Ballamaddrell Cottage Grenaby Road. Approval in principle for the erection of a replacement detached dwelling addressing matters of siting, access, internal layout, external appearance and design. Amended plan submitted.

    B] Planning Decisions – the following were noted.

    1. a) 20/01520/B Thalassa Christeens Way. Approved by Principle Planner – 11th February 2021.
    2. b) 20/01442/B Croft Cottage Adjacent To Field 414316 & 414317 Ballakillowey Road. Approved by Head of Development Management – 5th February 2021.
    3. c) 20/01289/B Ballacomish Cottage Ronague Road. Approved by the Planning Committee – 9th February 2021.
    4. d) 20/01290/B Ballacomish Cottage & Part Field 421122 Ronague Road. Approved by the Planning Committee – 9th February 2021.
    5. e) 20/01488/B Reayrt Aalin Glen Road. Approved by Principle Planner – 28th January 2021.
    6. f) 20/01051/B 111 Ballanorris Crescent. Approved by Principle Planner – 22nd January 2021.
    7. g) 20/01489/B Cooill Drinagh, Ronague Road. Approved by Principle Planner – 16th February 2021.
    8. h) 20/01116/B Fern Villa & Part Fields 410213 & 410216. Approved by the Planning Committee – 17th February 2021.

    C] Completion Certificates – the following were noted.

    1. a) 18/07376/DEX Glenfield House Glen Road, Colby.
    2. b) 20/07326/DEX 12 Ballacriy Park.

    D] Other Planning Matters

    1. a) E-planning – the Board considered this but had nothing to add to its previous decision.
    2. a)  It was noted that the LCK AGM is taking place at 7.30 on 2nd March at Arbory Parish Hall.  New volunteers and members are always welcome.
    3. b)  National Week Concert.  The Chair had liaised with Arbory School, Meadowside Choral Society and Arbory Church and this year’s event will take place at Arbory Church at 2.30 pm on Saturday 10th July. This was agreed.
    4. c)  It was noted that the Chair had liaised with Irene Cowell at Arbory Church and felt if a Civic Service is to take place it should be after the April LA Election, perhaps Sunday 16th May.  The Commissioners agreed to leave the Civic Service for this year.
    5. d)  It was noted that the Domestic Event Fund has been extended until the end of September 2021offering local authorities, businesses, individuals and charities island-wide financial support to continue developing local events throughout spring and summer. Events will be planned following the election.
    6. e)  The Chair proposed holding two meetings per month instead of one. This was to prevent over long meetings and ensure all topics are discussed fully without having to stay in a meeting until 11 pm. The Board agreed that this would best be discussed after the election
    7. f)  Local Authority Election – this will take place on 22nd It was agreed that a drop in session would be held in advance of the next Board meeting for those interested in becoming a Commissioner. The Chair agreed to promote this on Facebook.
    8. g) A new amalgamated chain of office was discussed & would be considered after the election.

    Monthly Meeting – Wednesday 17th March 2021 at 7.15pm at Halley MacLiag.