• Minutes of the 20th January Meeting (via Zoom)

    February 23rd, 2021 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting

    via Zoom. 7.15pm Wednesday 20th January 2021

    Present: Mrs Glover (Chair), Mr Pilling, Mr Cringle, Mr Clucas, Mr Radcliffe, Mr Gunn, Mr Cowin, Mr Gawne and Mr Vernon.

    In Attendance: The Clerk.

    1. MINUTES:
    2. The Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners meeting held on Wednesday 16th December 2020 were approved having been proposed by Mr Gawne and seconded by Vernon.
    1. MATTERS ARISING – not covered by the agenda
    2. a) 1 Ballastrooan – nothing further to report.
    3. b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – nothing to report.
    4. c) Ballakilley boundary extension – the Clerk had contacted Port Erin Commissioners’ Clerk to inform him that Messers Clucas and Pilling would represent the Board in the proposed merger discussions. Nothing further had been heard on the matter.
    5. d) Ballakilley recreational area – the matter of Clerk of Works/project manager was discussed. It was agreed that if face to face interviews are not possible, then an online alternative should be held as soon as practicable. The Clerk will liaise with his Deputy and the sub-committee to agree a suitable way forward.
    6. e) Dog Bylaws – no further progress.
    7. f) COVID 19 response – the Chair reported that the Covid Connect scheme had been relaunched for Lockdown 2. As with the previous lockdown, there are significantly more volunteers than those needing assistance. People don’t not appear to be putting coloured items up to indicate whether or not they need assistance, however the community monitoring is taking place on Mondays and Fridays for the time being. Feels different this time – people seem better prepared and self sufficient.  Once Lockdown is over the proposed launch event for the volunteers will be replanned.
    8. g) Streamlined websites – the Board considered the various options and agreed that Digital Group should be asked to undertake the website redesign and future hosting and email support.
    9. h) Highway, Viking Hill – nothing further to report.
    10. i) Tom Dipper’s forest and other tree planting – nothing to report.
    11. j) Repairs to Ballafesson Playing Field fence – nothing further to report.
    12. k) Late Prof Maddrell – nothing further to report.
    13. l) Commissioners’ letter on litter sent to DEFA – nothing further to report.
    14. m) Street lighting at Ballacriy – nothing further to report.
    15. n) Romancing the River project – the Chair reported the following.

    Final end of year report submitted to MNH on 30th December.  Invoice for works paid by comms as agreed and £5k received back from MNH.  Chair is currently working on sign designs with Gary Wolmer of Wolmer Fitzpatrick with a view to have the project completed in time for launch at the start of Easter Holidays.  Chair is contacting Meadowside to check their availability at the launch concert, which is likely to be yes now that Festival of Music and Dance is cancelled.  There will be 5 A1 signboards and 3 Waymarkers on the route.

    1. o) Broadband at Ballacriy – A letter is to be sent from The National Broadband Plan team to residents.  Quotes are being collated for a couple of proposals but a date for next public meeting has not been agreed yet.
    2. p) Covid Competition – display postponed due to Covid.
    3. q)  Arbory School Council – meeting postponed until schools reopen.


    1. RISK MATTERS – nothing to report
    3. a) Colby Glen Road works scheme – this is now scheduled to commence in November 2021.
    4. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE– Mr Pilling reported that the site is closed although he has been pressing to get it reopened. The next meeting was due to take place the following evening. Mr Pilling was asked to convey the Board’s displeasure at the continuing delays in getting the reuse area reopened, the apparent fall off in services available at the site and the frankly abysmal income forecasting which will result in a 4 to 5p increase in Arbory & Rushen’s rate next year and a substantial deficit this year.
    1. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported that the next meeting was due at the end of the month. The guest speaker is to be Minister Baker MHK.
    2. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Cowin reported next meeting is the following evening. The pool is currently closed due to Covid and staff are redeployed.
    3. SOUTHERN SHELTERED HOUSING JOINT BOARD – Mr Radcliffe reported that due to Covid, no visitors are allowed to the sites. Also there was no heating at Millhope on Christmas Eve but temporary heating was arranged and the problem has now been resolved.
    4. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – the Chair reported that the AGM is scheduled to be on Thursday 4th February subject to Covid Lockdown ending in time. The funding of two defibrillators for Castletown is being discussed subject to suitable locations being found – one in the Square and one near the railway station.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):            

    The revenue received for the month was reported.


    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The accounts for payment for the month were reported and approved for payment.


    C] Other Finance Matters

    1. a) The Board considered the detailed estimates spreadsheets prepared by the Clerk and agreed that a 6p increase in the rates would be required for next year, the matter having been proposed by the Chair and seconded by Mr Vernon. The increase was primarily due to the Southern Civic Amenity Site (SCAS) Boards income forecasts being significantly over generous which will lead to a large deficit in the Board’s finances for the period ended 31st March 2021. It was agreed that when the increase is announced 4p of the increase should be attributed to the SCAS deficit with the remaing 2p attributed to the Ballakilley development. It was further agreed that the decision would be confirmed via email and further ratified at the next available physical meeting.
    2. b) Financial Statements – the Clerk reported that the financial review would be completed in time for them to be considered at a further Board meeting to be held on Wednesday 27th January at 7.15pm.


    1. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following position was noted.

    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Arbory) Balance on last statement – 31st December 2020

    Current Account                                 149,797.81

    less withdrawn                          37,920.56

    add paid in                                23,553.00

    New balance               135,430.25

    HSBC Account                                          212.82


    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Rushen) Balance on last statement – 31st December 2020

    Business Reserve Account                   10,605.14                  (Ballakilley Fund)

    Current Account                                   12,542.49

    less withdrawn                          10,079.13

    add paid in                                14,906.27

    New balance                 17,369.63


    2. a) Email from Colby resident requesting the Commissioners to maintain access to his property on Moaney Lane – the Board considered the request and it was agreed that the Chair would visit the lane. The Board acknowledged their stated policy of trimming the PROWs in the parishes allowing for pedestrian access but felt that it was unreasonable for the Board to take on responsibility for maintaining vehicular access to private residences.
    3. b) Local Government Amendment Bill – it was agreed that members consider the consultation at their meeting on 27th

    A] Planning Applications

    the following applications were considered and supported by the Board.

    1. a) 20/01520/B Thalassa Christeens Way Ballakillowey. Erection of extension with external landing, steps and glazed handrail.
    2. b) 20/01442/B Croft Cottage Adjacent To Field 414316 & 414317 Ballakillowey Road. Conversion & extension of cottage to form self-contained tourist unit.
    3. c) 20/01274/B Field 420959 Ronague Road. Erection of two Polytunnels.
    4. d) 20/01488/B Reayrt Aalin Glen Road Colby. Installation of new windows to rear elevations and bifold doors to side elevation.
    5. e) 20/01489/B Cooill Drinagh Ronague Road. Erection of porches to both front and rear elevations.

    the following applications were considered and opposed by the Board.

    1. f) 20/01390/B Land Adjacent To Arbory Vicarage. Erection of 3 detached dwellings.

    The Board felt that the application represents a significant over development of this sensitive site. Access to the site involves crossing a pavement used by children going to and from school and DoI Highways acknowledges that the sight lines are inadequate for this access point.

    1. g) 20/01497/B Grenaby Art Studios Ballamaddrell Grenaby Road. Erection of craft workshop pods, shed and additional use of site for sale of art.

    While the Commissioners are generally supportive of the use of the site they feel obliged to  oppose this application as there is inadequate parking on the site. Recent events at the site led to significant traffic congestion demonstrating that traffic management plans were either wholly inadequate or not properly implemented, with parking being the main problem. The Commissioners would be willing to support a future application which more adequately addresses parking in and around the site.

    1. h) 20/00060/A Ballamaddrell Cottage Grenaby Road. Approval in principle for the erection of a replacement detached dwelling addressing matters of siting, access, internal layout, external appearance and design.

    The Commissioners oppose the development as it represents an excessive use of the site. The Commissioners further feel that the existing building is of sufficient architectural merit to warrant a sensitive restoration rathern than the proposed demolition.

    B] Planning Decisions – the following decisions were noted.

    1. a) 20/00996/C Pound Lane Depot Castletown Road. Approved by Head of Development Management – 18th December 2020.
    2. b) 20/01250/B Kylestrome, Garth Avenue. Approved by Principle Planner – 15th January 2021.
    3. c) 20/01395/B 32 Croit Ny Glionney. Approved by Principle Planner – 20th January 2021.
    4. d) 20/01340/B 1 Bradda View. Approved by Principle Planner – 12th January 2021.

    C] Completion Certificates – the following certificates were noted.

    1. a) 20/07651/REG Tennis Cottage, Honna Road.
    2. b) 06/07292/DEX 23 Ballachrink, Colby.

    D] Other Planning Matters – none.

    2. a) The Board noted that GRIN received a £700 grant from MNH Donny Collister Grant for planting and tools at Arbory School.
    3. b) The Board noted the sterling work being undertaken by Jane Galbraith in making masks from donated material for our Connect Volunteers and members of her local community.  It was agreed that the Clerk would write expressing the Board’s thanks.
    4. c) Mr Cowin disabled lights on the Christmas Trees but the trees remain up until Lockdown ends.
    5. d) The Chair reported that she was approached by Mark Edwards from Cabinet Office Mental Health team to contribute to articles about volunteering.
    6. e) Chair’s recent Honour – the Board warmly congratulated the Chair on her recent honour. The Commissioners were pleased that the Chair’s impressive work for our community has been recognised in this way.
    7. f) The Commissioners were saddened to learn of the passing of the Deputy Clerk’s wife after a short illness and wished to convey their condolences.
    8. g) Pot holes on Poyll Vaaish Road and bottom of Mount Gawne Road.
    9. h) Drop kerb and use of Green at Ballakilley – it was agreed a residents meeting would be organised when Covid restrictions are lifted.

    Monthly Meeting – Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 7.15pm at Ballafesson Methodist Hall.

    Additional Finance Meeting via Zoom on Wednesday 27th January at 7.15pm