• Minutes of the November meeting

    December 20th, 2020 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of Monthly Board Meeting

    Held at the Halley MacLaig, Ballabeg. 7.15pm Wednesday 18th November 2020

    Ladies from Ballabeg WI attended at the start of the meeting to discuss this year’s Christmas event.

    It was agreed that Father Christmas would arrive at 6pm this year and that if the weather is inclement he will be housed in the Parish Hall. It was agreed that the Commissioners will provide an MC for the early part of the evening, welcoming everyone to the concert which will start at 7pm and announcing the various acts. The President of the WI Mrs Cottier will do a vote of thanks at the end. It was agreed that the Commissioners will ask if David Williams PC, the community policeman who lives in Ballabeg could attend at 6pm with a colleague to help control crowds and traffic. It was agreed that the Commissioners will cover the cost of refreshments and make donations to the various performers who attend in conjunction with the WI. The concert will start at 7pm with Arbory School choir then at 7.30 the Whiteboys will perform followed by the Rushen Silver Band at 8pm.


    Mr Rispin from HSBC attended at the start of the meeting to record proof of identity and address as part of the bank’s requirements


    Present: Mrs Glover (Chair), Mr Pilling, Mr Clucas, Mr Gunn, Mr Cowin, Mr Gawne and Mr Radcliffe.

    Apologies: Mr Cringle and Mr Vernon.

    In Attendance: The Clerk.

    1. MINUTES:

    The Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners meeting held on Wednesday 21st October 2020 were approved having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Gawne.

    1. MATTERS ARISING – not covered by the agenda
    2. a) 1 Ballastrooan – nothing further to report.
    3. b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – nothing to report.
    4. c) Ballakilley boundary extension – Port Erin Commissioners agreed to meet on Wednesday 25th November at 7pm at their office. The agenda will include the following items: 1. Boundary extension position; 2. Proposed merger from notice of motion at Port Erin Commissioners meeting held on 10 March 2020; 3. Preliminary discussion including service delivery models; 4. Outcomes and Timeline for progress; 5. Other business.
    5. d) Ballakilley recreational area – the Board considered the paper, previously circulated, prepared by the Deputy Clerk in conjunction with the Clerk and supported the following recommendations:
    6. that any work packages should be advertised, and the opening of tenders should be done with the Clerk and Deputy Clerk present, with clear deadlines in the advertisement for indications of 1) expressions of interest and 2) final quotations;
    7. that a technical person is appointed to ensure all works are carried out to an acceptable standard, in compliance with any technical specifications; and
    8. that the Board agree in principle to fund the Phase 1 works through reserves and a loan.

    It was agreed that the next step would be for the Deputy Clerk to prepare a plan to include a timetable of works and estimates of cost, and it was further agreed that the Deputy Clerk would dedicate all his contracted hours to this project if necessary.

    1. e) Recycling points – DoI has placed the bins at the site opposite the Colby Glen Hotel. A nearby resident has complained about the noise and a Croit e Caley resident has complained about the removal of the recycling facility there. The Board agreed to monitor the situation.
    2. f) Dog Bylaws – no further progress.
    3. g) COVID 19 response – volunteer training – Clerk and Chair will agree next steps.
    4. h) Streamlined websites – the Board considered the three previously circulated quotes from website providers and agreed to defer the choice of a suitable developer to the next meeting.
    5. i) Highway, Viking Hill – nothing further to report.
    6. j) Tom Dipper’s forest and other tree planting – work now complete – no response from DEFA with regard to the possible extension of the planting area.
    7. k) Arbory vacancy – the Board again considered advertising the vacancy but agreed not to proceed following a motion proposed by Mr Clucas and seconded by Mr Gawne. The decision was taken as it was felt that little would be gained from the exercise bearing in mind the inevitable and substantial changes to the Board following next year’s election.
    8. l) Covid creative competition – it was agreed to proceed with this in the New Year.
    9. m) Xmas events and planning – further to the earlier discussion with Ballabeg WI it was agreed that the Clerk would check with Father Christmas to see if he can visit Ballakilley at 4pm on 5th December. Further the Commissioners agreed to make a £50 donation towards lights for both Ballakilley & Croit e Caley. The trees at these sites will be three metres & cost £95 each.
    10. n) Ballafesson Playing Field – Clerk reported that the bushes and briars would be cut back on the road sides of the field so that repairs can be made to the fence.
    11. o) Late Prof Maddrell – the Clerk reported that Mrs Maddrell was pleased at the Commissioners gesture and it was agreed that trees would be planted at Tom Dippers picnic area as a suitable commemoration.
    12. p) Ballakilley resident request to re-plant trees – the Clerk is seeking advice from the Woodland Trust and will report back as soon as practicable.
    13. q) Southlands bins – no further progress.
    14. r) Japanese Knotweed at Bellabbey on the Ballakilpheric Road – the Chair and Clerk reported that they had not been able to find any Japanese Knotweed at that location. The site will be checked again in the early summer.
    15. s) Christmas meal – it was agreed that the Chair will send out a reminder with menu options.
    16. t) Commissioners’ letter on litter sent to DEFA – the Clerk will write to Louise Samson to ask about progress regarding the litter letter.
    17. u) Youth Council – the Chair and Mr Cringle will visit the Arbory school council in December.


    1. RISK MATTERS – nothing to report
    3. a) The Board noted progress with hedge trimming, gulley cleaning and road sweeping reported by the Clerk.
    4. b) The Board noted an email received from Ballabeg residents – it was agreed that the Clerk would pass on the relevant concerns to DoI Highways as well as requesting that the Commissioners gardening contractor chop back the undergrowth encroaching onto the pavement from Ballabeg chapel through to the Friary farm.

    Our Village – Having a dog we do a lot of walking and we would like to point out some issues we have been aware of for some time.
    Our pavements – The pavement from the end of Duck Street to the corner ( were we used to have a shop)
    Is uneven, patched, dirty and when it is wet you have to go onto the road to go around the puddles.
    The hedges need cutting back in parts they are taking a good sized amount of the pavement, this is particularly bad on the Ballakaighan you have to walk on the edge of the pavement in parts and the cars particularly touch your arm, this is not good.!
    The pavement from the corner to the bottom of the Grenaby Road is green, slippy and covered with leaves as many of them are. Up these side roads the ditches are full of growth and when they are cut the cuttings are just left and not cleared up!

    There is not a Pooh bin after the bottom of Friary Park going towards the railway station.

    And please, do we have to have those ugly posts and rubber edging on the corner of Duck Street. These do nothing for our village and are very unattractive! If we have to have something perhaps a few large planters or something similar would be more in keeping.

    Going towards Colby we see very nice, clean and well maintained pavements. We feel that our village looks rather neglected.
    Our rates were increased what have we got to show for it!!

    I know you’ll say it is the department of ‘infrastructure’ but surely you have a voice on our behalf.

    1. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – Mr Pilling reported that there had been no meeting since the Commissioners last met. The next meeting would be the following evening.
    2. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported that the Hon Dr Allinson MHK had attended the last meeting and explained the problems facing his Department.
    3. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Cowin explained that there was nothing much to report.
    4. SOUTHERN SHELTERED HOUSING JOINT BOARD – Mr Radcliffe reported that everything was going well.
    5. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – the Chair reported there was still no meeting date.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):            

    The revenue received for the month was reported.


    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The accounts for payment for the month were reported and approved for payment.


    C] Other Finance Matters

    1. a) Internal Audit – the Board considered the paper previously circulated and following a motion proposed by Mr Clucas and seconded by Mrs Glover it was agreed to proceed with Evolution Accounting as they represented the best use of ratepayers’ funds.
    2. b) The draft accounts previously circulated were noted. It was agreed that a meeting would be held on the Wednesday 13th January at 7.30 pm at the Halley MacLaig to discuss finances and opportunities for cost saving.
    3. c) Mr Rispin attended on behalf of HSBC to obtain photo identification and proof of address from the Commissioners.
    4. d) An email from DoI stating that from 1stApril 2021 the DoI will be increasing the waste gate fee charges at the Energy from Waste Plant by 2.09% was noted. This will result in domestic waste being charged at£95.66 per tonne and commercial waste charged at £190.45 per tonne.


    1. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following financial position was noted.

    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Arbory) Balance on last statement – 30th October 2020

    Current Account                                 231,627.35

    less withdrawn                          56,148.64

    add paid in                                     300.00

    New balance               175,778.71

    HSBC Account                                          130.45

    Sinking Fund                                          1,420.59


    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Rushen) Balance on last statement – 30th October 2020

    Business Reserve Account                   10,604.96                  (Ballakilley Fund)

    Current Account                                   23,839.46

    less withdrawn                          15,105.33

    add paid in                                  1,843.21

    New balance                 10,577.34


    2. a) An email concerning an ash tree on the Ballakilpheric Road was considered. It was noted that dead ash trees will become a significant hazard as Ash Dieback spreads but that this was the responsibility of land owners and DoI Highways not the Commissioners.
    3. b) Manx Telecom work at Ballacriy – the Board noted correspondence with Arbory MHKs Messers Cregeen and Moorhouse and that a public information meeting will be held on Thursday 19th November at 7.30 in the Parish Hall.
    4. c) Request from DoI to supply information for a House of Keys answer – the Board considered this matter and while recognising that this information is publicly available agreed that the Clerk should sassist in providing the answers sought.
    5. d) A letter from the President of Tynwald inviting the Commissioners to the Tynwald Carol Service was noted.
    6. e) A copy of Manx Nature from the Manx Wildlife Trust was noted.

    A] Planning Applications – Please follow links to view plans online prior to the meeting

    1. a) 20/01250/B Kylestrome, Garth Avenue, Surby. Single storey rear extension and widening of existing driveway.
    2. b) 20/01176/C Colloway Cottage Glen Chass Road. Change of use from self-catering tourist accommodation to private dwelling.
    3. c) 20/01138/B Braeside Glen Chass Road. Alterations to three existing windows to create single large window.
    4. d) 20/01150/B Field 414532 and 414214 Barracks Road. Works in connection with creation of public park including landscaping, creation of new pedestrian access, provision of parking and creation of running track.
    5. e) 20/00996/C Pound Lane Depot Castletown Road. Change of use of land from storage area to area of open space. Amended site plans.
    6. f) 20/00158/B Ballamoar Cottage, Earystane. Alterations and erection of two storey extension to rear of dwelling, front porch extension, and detached workshop.
    7. g) 20/01116/B Fern Villa & Part Field 410213 & 410216 Ballakillowey Road. Amended plans.
    8. h) 20/00972/B The Old Vicarage Barracks Road. Amended plans.

    B] Planning Decisions – these were noted.

    1. a) 20/01026/B Rockaway Costain Close. Approved by Principle Planner – 5th November 2020.
    2. b) 20/01012/B 10 Ballachrink Colby. Approved by a Principle Planner – 5th November 2020.
    3. c) 20/00984/LAW 62 Friary Park. Certificate of Lawfulness refused – 5th November 2020.
    4. d) 20/00946/B Miranda Cottage, Main Road, Colby. Approved by a Principle Planner – 30th October 2020.
    5. e) 20/00403/B Barn, Ballachrink Farm, Glen Road. Approved by the Planning Committee – 3rd November 2020.
    6. f) 20/00991/B Ballalona Farm Ronague Road. Approved by the Planning Committee – 3rd November 2020.
    7. g) 20/00999/B 11 Greyfriars Close. Approved by a Principle Planner – 26th October 2020.
    8. h) 20/01005/B 30 Ballacriy Park. Approved by a Principle Planner – 26th October 2020.
    9. i) 20/01115/B Mizpah, Ballafesson Road. Approved by the Planning Committee – 18th November 2020.

    C] Completion Certificates – these were noted.

    1. a) 20/07356/DEX Warren View, The Level.
    2. b) 05/07163/DEX Ballasherlogue Ballakilpheric Road.
    3. c) 05/07507/DEX 11 Ballacriy Park.
    4. d) 04/07517/DEX Ronague Chapel.
    5. e) 00/07476/DEX Long Close, Glen Chass Road.
    6. f) 05/07266/DEX Croit Skerroo, Glen Road.

    D] Other Planning Matters – none

    2. a) Mr Pilling attended a meeting held by IoM Post Office at which the likely closure of Port St Mary Post Office was confirmed.
    3. b) The Board noted that both Remembrance Services had been well attended.
    1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 16th December 2020.