• Minutes of the 15 July 2020 meeting

    December 20th, 2020 by Stan Pilling in Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of Monthly Board Meeting

    To be held at Ballafesson Methodist Hall at 7pm Wednesday 15th July 2020


    A well attended public drop in session was held at 6pm to discuss the plans for Ballakilley.


    Present: Mr D Radcliffe (Vice-Chair), Mr S Gawne, Mr M Cringle, Mr S Pilling, Mr A Cowin and Mr P Gunn.

    Apologies: Mrs J Glover (Chair Arbory), Mr P Vernon and Mr G Clucas.

    In attendance: The Clerk


    1. MINUTES:
    2. a) The Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners meeting held Wednesday 17th June 2020 were approved having been proposed by Mr Gawne and seconded by Mr Pilling.
    1. MATTERS ARISING – not covered by the agenda
    2. a) 1 Ballastrooan – nothing further to report.
    3. b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – this has been passed on to the Deputy Clerk to review and make recommendations.
    4. c) Ballakilley boundary extensions – the Clerk received the following an update from the Clerk to Port Erin Commissioners.

     The (Port Erin) Board has discussed the recent communications at its meetings in June and has asked me to respond as follows:

    Boundary Extension and Merger Discussions

    The Board discussed your emails of 19/3/20, 23/4/20 & 15/5/20 at its meeting in June and felt that this was not a priority at the moment but would like to open discussions once things have settled down post Covid 19. The Board would want to meet face to face and that both Boards agree to place their boundary extension applications on hold until that time.

    Ballakilley Estate Play Area

    The Board noted you email 14/4/20 regarding the update for the proposed play area on the green within the Ballakilley Estate.

    Library & Fireworks Display Donation

    The Board has expressed its thanks and gratitude at the donations received from Arbory & Rushen Parish Commissioners as per your letter of 25/3/20.

    As you may be aware, the library is currently undergoing some overdue maintenance works which were instructed during Covid lockdown which we are hoping will reopened in around 3 weeks’ time subject to third parties completing works on time.

    You may also be aware that the Board has decided not to run Port Erin Fireworks Display this November and will instead be rediverting those funds into other events during the summer period to assist with footfall to support the retail sector. Those events are yet to be finalised, but we will keep you updated on any plans.

    1. d) Transfer of public land within the Ballakilley estate – the Clerk had circulated the draft documents from the advocate and it was agreed to proceed subject to clarification on the position of footpaths and any further comment the Board may have prior to 5pm on 17th
    2. e) Ballakilley recreational area – the session had been very well attended and the presentation from skateboarders at 7pm was very informative. The Clerk would share with the skateboarders possible locations for low impact features which could be included in future plans. The sub-committee will meet on 21st July to agree next steps and make any recommendations with regard to final tweaks to the plans.
    3. f) Recycling points – the Clerk had met with a potential plastics recycler and was expecting a proposal prior to the next meeting – consideration is on going with regard to the relocation of the Colby and Croit e Caley sites.
    4. g) Youth Council – the following report from the Chair was noted.

    Schools are back so 1)  Arbory School are limiting visitors but in September when new School Council is elected Jane and Murray welcome to continue meeting them.  2)  Chair was invited to be a judge in the Arbory School Apprentice.  Final is on 20th July.  3)  Chair has agreed with Mrs Longshaw at Arbory School that in September as part of GRIN Jane will do 1 session a week with the reception class.

    1. h) Traffic issues – an email had been received from Duck Street resident to which the Clerk had replied. Minister Cregeen had met with several Duck Street residents and was hoping to call a meeting with the Commissioners and the DoI shortly.
    2. i) Dog Bylaws – to be circulated prior to the next meeting.
    3. j) Equality Act training – nothing further to report.
    4. k) COVID 19 response – Manx Solidarity Fund rejected our request for funding – volunteer training postponed to August – the following report from the Chair was noted.

    Unfortunately we were unsuccessful with our bid for MSF funding.  However they have invited us to reapply in one month so Chair is contacting them to find out why bid unsuccessful.  Applications to MLT and ECT are being organised.  A very capable volunteer would be interested in applying for one of the Community Animator roles if we secure funding.   

    Low entry to the Community Art Project – only 2 to date.  This needs to be pushed by all board members as there will be people out there that have done Covid lock down creations.  Deadline is 31st July.  The Board agreed to continue with the competition despite the low numbers so far.

    1. l) Standing orders and Seal for new authority – no further progress
    2. m) Garden Competition – the Chair provided the following report.

     Garden Competition has had a reasonable response of 13 entries.  Judging needs to be done w/c 13th July.  Chair happy to judge Rushen gardens with 1 other, preferably from Rushen. 

    It was agreed that Mr Vernon be the second judge.

    1. n) Tynwald Day celebrations – the Chair provided the following report.

    Chair and William King produced and delivered National Week Concert on time and has been judged a success.  There have been many online and verbal compliments paid including from national politicians (Alex Allinson, Jason Moorhouse, Ray Harmer, Chris Thomas). Released on facebook, William also launched a new You Tube channel for us which enabled a wider audience to be reached.  We can now use this channel in new creative ways should the board desire to do so. William as a professional did a far better job than the Chair could have done with the editing so she proposes we donate a small fee to him for his efforts.  The Chair will organise thank you cards to all participants.

    The Board agreed to donate £50  to Master King from the Commissioners funds.

    1. o) Parking issues at Croit e Caley – the Clerk has written as requested.
    2. p) Public lighting maintenance contract 2020/2021 – this had been signed and sent.
    3. q) DEFA Bathing Water Consultation for Local Authorities – the Clerk had sent a submission.
    4. r) Dog bins – the Clerk had written to Braddan Commissioners.
    1. RISK MATTERS – nothing to report
    3. a) Work has commenced on maintenance of PROWs.
    4. b) Japanese Knotweed – to consider proposal for further control on Colby River.

    The current situation is that we have 1 year left of control, with 2 years ongoing surveys.  In financial terms, the costs incurred will be £3675 in 2020 (to be invoiced post control – Sept/Oct), with a reduced rate of £425 per survey in 2021/22, with any additional control during the survey period being at my expense.

    Having discussed the options with Jane, if I am to extend the control area, further downstream, I am willing to remove the charges for the 2 years of surveys (2021/22) within the existing control area.  Pending this being acceptable to you, I would encourage the Commissioners to either set a budget for further control, or identify a point up to which you want me to extend the control.  I would then look to repeat the methodology of 3 years of control, to be followed by 2 years of surveys (plus control at my expense, where any Knotweed is found).

    The following report from the Chair was received.

    Knotweed in Colby River – Chair has met with Mike Atherton (not the cricketer!) and he has sent on offer to meet to the Clerk.  It would involve a new contract to extend coverage to the entire Colby River.  He would waive the 2 years fees from the 1st contract if this is taken up. He also is involved with the Ballakilley site and gave some insightful feedback.  

    It was agreed that the Clerk should check with landowners whether they were content for the work to proceed and find out from the contractor how much further would be covered.

    1. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – the following report from Mr Pilling was noted.

    Meeting of Southern Civic Amenity Site Board Report Thursday 18 June 2020

    This was convened at Port Erin Commissioners Offices at 7.00pm. All members were in attendance. The site was returning to a normal way of life retaining the lane system.

    The meeting generated little to report, the clerk was instructed to have the digger repaired and functional as soon as possible. Consideration is being given to a formal policy for site misdemeanours following a few cases of aggressive behaviour and foul language directed at staff.

    Quotes were to be obtained for a steel building for use as a new reuse area. The thought of a shipping container was put on hold since the prices escalated due to covid. Still no further progress from the insurers regarding the site slippage though the cctv has been resolved and is in their hands.

    Generally speaking May was considering a busy month with the last week showing 2266 vehicles. There were several reports of vehicles ignoring the one way system and one grounding out on the green waste hump! A couple of incidents of dumping rubbish out of hours at the entrance, these have been passed to the police. The next meeting is tomorrow evening.

    1. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – the AGM will be held at the end of month.
    2. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Cowin reported that the pool reopened on Mon 29th June and is pretty much back to normal but operating reduced hours on Saturday and Sundays. The staff are glad to be back to work. Finances are still tight but IoM Government assistance is now helping.
    3. SOUTHERN SHELTERED HOUSING JOINT BOARD – the Vice Chair reported that staff did well during the Covid emergency. Things are back to normal now.
    4. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – there was nothing to report.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):            

    The monthly income was reported by the Clerk.            

    Rates – Arbory                                                             22,424.00

    Rates – Rushen                                                            18,606.00

    Waste Charge – Colby Glen Hotel                              1,977.47

    Waste Charge – Sound Café            (£1750 still to pay)        1,121.07

    Searches                                                                            720.00

    Sale of 2nd bins                                                                 120.00

    Rent – Reayrt y Cronk                                                   2,044.28

    Bank interest                                                                         0.22


    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The monthly accounts for payment were approved.

    Jones Services (June) Refuse collection                       7,234.00

    Jones Services (June) Hedge Cutter                            1,020.00

    Jones Services (June) Road Sweeper                                       240.00

    DoI Tipping Charge – June                                         10,128.44

    Steve Booth – June                                                        1,860.22

    Manx Telecom – July                                                        72.26

    MUA – Street Lights power – Q1                                  2,849.32

    MUA – Street Lights maintenance – Q1                      2,536.01

    MUA – replacement column and fitting AR133          1,557.10

    MUA – replacement column and fitting AR142          1,377.62

    SCAS – green waste                                                             6.81

    SCAS – Arbory and Rushen Q2 contribution            22,473.00

    Colas – dog waste bin                                                      228.00

    Quine and Cubbon – 4th Covid news letter                          177.12

    Dave Rielly – work on millennium wood                          900.00

    IoM Bank Charges – June – Rushen                                              7.40

    IoM Bank Charges – May – Arbory                                  8.10

    Digital Group – SO x 2                                                     100.00

    Manx Gas – DD                                                                  23.13

    Clerk’s salary – July                                                        851.55

    Clerk’s Mileage – 45 miles x 50p                                      22.50

    Total NI + Tax – June                                                       642.83

    Deputy Clerk’s Salary – June                                            873.58

    Deputy Clerk’s Mileage – 30 miles x 50p                         15.00


    C] Other Finance Matters

    1. a) Outstanding Commercial Waste invoices – one of the businesses had made part payments in first week of July and the other paid in full shortly before it reopened.
    2. b) The Board considered a draft Amendment and Restatement of HSBC Framework Agreement between Treasury (as Guarantor) HSBC Bank PLC (as Lender) and Various Local Authorites ( the Borrowers) TREA 30) which had been previously circulated and agreed to making a decision by email when the final document is circulated in the next few days. This was agreed having been proposed by Mr Pilling and seconded by Mr Cowin.
    3. c) Insurance Renewal due 30.7.20 – the previously circulated email quote of £901.26 was considered. The full quote had not been received but was expected to be around £1,059.14 for Commercial Combine & for the Broking Fee £468.00 It was agreed that the Clerk would circulate the final quote and pay it assuming it was in line with the expected amount.
    4. d) It was agreed that the Clerk should acquire a new Sage accountancy software package priced £7.50/month.


    1. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following position was noted.

    Arbory Balance on last statement – 1st July 2020

    Current Account                                   33,797.15

    less withdrawn                            3,577.04

    add paid in                                22,664.00

    New balance                 52,884.11

    HSBC Account                                            62.40


    Rushen Balance on last statement – 30th June 2020

    Business Reserve Account                   12,505.36                  (Ballakilley Fund)

    £30,000 less £17,495.88 transferred to current account to pay JCK bill + 22p interest

    Current Account                                   49,835.68

    less withdrawn                          42,039.23

    add paid in                                38,266.16

    New balance                 46,062.61


    2. a) Numerous messages of thanks received from grateful ratepayers were noted by the Board.
    3. b) A message of thanks from Mrs Lowey regarding the memorial bench was noted.
    4. c) A letter from Tynwald Commissioner for Administration requesting details of the Commissioners internal complaints procedure was noted and the Board to considered and agreed the previously circulated draft procedure.
    5. d) Advice from Treasury regarding Audit Act 2006 Inspections Update –a previously circulated email regarding a delayed requirement for completed financial review was noted.
    6. e) The Board noted that the report of the Select Committee on the Fireworks Act 2004 (Public Petition) has been published and will be laid before July Tynwald.
    7. f) Draft Code of Practice on Equal Pay Consultation – a previously circulated email was noted.
    8. g) Public consultation on the proposed Landlord Registration (Private Housing) Bill 2020 – the previously circulated email was noted.
    9. h) Supermanx Bank Holiday Weekend Friday 28 August – Monday 31 August 2020 – the previously circulated email from the Tourism Events Manager was noted but it was agreed that there is insufficient time to organise a suitable event.
    10. i) The following email from Falk Horning, chairman of the IoM Woodland Trust was considered. It was agreed that the Clerk should investigate what trees might be available from the Forestry Division and report back to the next meeting.

    Thank you for your recent help with thrashing the bracken around the newly planted trees. 

    The upcoming planting season starts in October and lasts until the end of March next year. At our recent working sessions you mentioned the possibility to plant more trees on the site and possibly extend it to another field if I understood correctly. 

    Could you tell us a bit more about the size of the area or the number of additional trees wanted? We are eager to plant many more tree saplings and have one or two possible sponsors if you need us to contribute to the costs of the trees and materials. Ideally we would like to start with plantings in October, which is not too far away but if that is too soon for you we can arrange dates later in the season.

    We still have ~200 stakes and tubes left from the last season, when we planted ~1,800 trees.

    for the native trees,

    It was agreed that the Clerk should investigate what trees might be available from the Forestry Division and report back to the next meeting.


    A] Planning Applications – the following applications were considered and supported by the Board with the exception of application 20/00619/B which the Board felt unable to support. The Board felt that there was insufficient information provided to overcome the presumption against development in the countryside in application 20/00619/B. The Commissioners are once again concern to receive another application for an agricultural barn with so little information and wonder what, if any advice the planning department gives to applicants in such cases?

    1. a) 20/00561/B Crows Nest, Ballakilpheric. Erection of an extension.
    2. b) 20/00590/B 71A Friary Park, Ballabeg. Replace existing glazed conservatory roof with tile.
    3. c) 20/00603/B Ballacree Farm, Ronague Road. Extensions & replace existing porch.
    4. d) 20/00631/B Glen Arm, Glen Road. Alterations and extensions including two storey extension to road elevation.
    5. e) 20/00619/B Field 414502, Sloc Road. Erection of agricultural storage building.
    6. f) 20/00638/B Agricultural Buildings Adjacent To Field 414319, Ballakillowey Road. Conversion and erection of extension to existing barns to create a residential dwelling with associated parking and landscaping.
    7. g) 20/00642/B Mizpah, Ballafesson Road. Erection of replacement three bedroom dwelling.
    8. h) 20/00213/B Corvalley & Corner Cottage, Ballabeg. Amended plans.
    9. i) 19/00447/B Ballagilbert Farm. Amended plans
    10. j) 20/00682/B Ashville, Ballakilpheric Road. Creation of balcony with first floor access to out building.

    B] Planning Decisions – this was noted.

    1. a) 20/00447/B The Coach House Ballagawne Road. Approved by Head of Development Management – 7th July 2020.

    C] Completion Certificates – these were noted.

    1. a) 19/07708/ROOF – 2 The Chase Ballakillowey.
    2. b) 19/07422/DEX – Elmwood Honna Road.

    D] Other Planning Matters –email correspondence in relation to 20/00342/B was noted.

    2. a) The Chair asked if the web sites could be streamlined to one but with the two Facebook pages remaining separate for now. This was agreed by the Board.
    3. b) Mr Pilling asked that the Clerk write to the property owner at the bottom of Garth Avenue need to request their bushes be trimmed.
    4. c) Mr Cowin reported that the railings and stone culvert at the bottom of the Ballakilpheric Road are in need of urgent repair. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to the DoI.
    5. d) The road surface at Viking Hill is now down to clay in places and needs resurfacing. The hill from Fistard up to Glen Chass is in a similarly poor state of repair. There are pot holes on Surby Hill and a pothole on Garth Avenue. hill from PSM to Glen Chass in poor condition.
    6. e) Someone has placed a notice by the highway next to 1 Qualtough’s Close requesting that nobody park in the space as the occupier is a lifeboat crew member and needs access to the space. The Board questioned the legality of such notices and agreed that the Clerk should write to the DoI to clarify.
    1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 19th August at 7.15pm at the Halley MacLaig