• Minutes of the 19 August 2020 Meeting

    October 19th, 2020 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of Monthly Board Meeting

    To be held at Halley MacLiag, Ballabeg at 7.15pm Wednesday 19th August 2020


    Present: Mrs J Glover (Chair Arbory), Mr D Radcliffe (Vice-Chair), Mr S Gawne, Mr M Cringle, Mr S Pilling, Mr A Cowin, Mr P Vernon and Mr G Clucas.

    Apologies: Mr P Gunn.

    In attendance: The Clerk


    1. MINUTES:

    The Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners meeting held Wednesday 15th July 2020 were approved having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Pilling.

    It was agreed that draft minutes can be published on the internet prior to formal approval.

    1. MATTERS ARISING – not covered by the agenda
    2. a) 1 Ballastrooan – nothing further to report.
    3. b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – nothing further to report.
    4. c) Ballakilley boundary extensions – the Clerk has responded to the Clerk to Port Erin Commissioners and provided information to the Department of Infrastructure clarifying that the Arbory and Rushen boundary extension application is ‘parked’ while discusions with Port Erin continue.
    5. d) Transfer of public land within the Ballakilley estate – the transfer is now complete.
    6. e) Ballakilley recreational area – the Board considered the minutes of the subcommittee meeting (see attached) & ratified the decisions taken. It was agreed that the Clerk should continue to work with the skate boarders to see whether lower cost, less intrusive features can be incorporated in future plans. The Board further noted that planning permission is now being sought, and it was agreed that the Deputy Clerk & Clerk would prepare a paper for consideration at the next meeting describing how the project will be managed & developed once the contracted responsibilities of the architect finish. The Chair passed the Board’s thanks to the sub-committee.
    7. f) Recycling points – the Clerk had met with a DoI waste manager who was looking in to the relocation of both the Colby and Croit e Caley sites.
    8. g) Youth Council – nothing to report
    9. h) Traffic issues – further email communication from affected residents was noted.
    10. i) Dog Bylaws – the draft bylaws were considered and approved following a motion proposed by Mr Pilling and seconded by Mr Clucas.
    11. j) Equality Act training – it was agreed that this matter would be progressed when time allowed but it no longer needed to form part of the agenda.
    12. k) COVID 19 response – the volunteer training has been postponed to September and an application for funding for a community animator will be made to the Manx Lottery Trust.It was agreed that a small amount of administrative budget would be included as the Commissioners’ contribution to the project.
    13. l) Standing orders and Seal for new authority – the Clerk had not had time to revise the standing orders and the Deputy Clerk was arranging for a seal to be obtained.
    14. m) Garden Competition – a presentation & talk by Hon Juan Watterson SHK will take place on Thursday 3rd September at 7pm – everyone is invited to attend this important event.
    15. n) Japanese Knotweed – the Commissioners considered a report from the contractor and agreed that while it is desirable to continue the eradication it would be better to wait until next year to consider the next phase when hopefully more funding would be available.
    16. o) Tynwald Commissioner for Administration – the Clerk has sent the internal complaints procedure as requested.
    17. p) Planning applications for agricultural barns – the planners had advised the Clerk that they

    provide clear advice to applicants, but applicants don’t always choose to heed the advice.

    1. r) Dog bins – the Clerk had written to Braddan Commissioners and been directed to https://uk.glasdon.com/litter-bins/dog-waste-bins/fido-25-tm-dog-waste-bin – clearly shipping costs may need to be added to the price but this seems competitive with Manx suppliers. It was agreed that next time a dog bin is required the Clerk would order them from this new supplier.
    2. s) Streamlined websites – no progress to date
    3. t) Overgrown bushes at bottom of Garth Avenue – the Clerk has written as requested.
    4. u) Railings and culvert at the bottom of the Ballakilpheric Road – Clerk has written to the DoI.
    5. v) Road issues Fistard to Glen Chass, Surby & Garth Avenue – Clerk has written to the DoI.
    6. w) Parking notice by 1 Qualtough’s Close – DoI has confirmed such a notice is not valid.
    1. RISK MATTERS – nothing to report
    3. a) Work almost complete on maintenance of PROWs.
    4. b) Station Park works – JCK has successfully tendered for the work and agreed to work closely with the Commissioners with regard to communication.
    5. c) Highway, Viking Hill – the Board considered previously circulated emails and agreed to facilitate a residents meetingto try to move the matter forward.
    6. d) Diverted footpath at Ballacannell – the Board considered previously circulated correspondence and agreed that the matter should be formally resolved as if the path is to be diverted then the extinguishing of the highway would need to take place.
    7. e) Verge opposite property Fleshwick House, 2 Carnane Lane – the Commissioners considered what action should be taken and it was agreed that maintenance should be undertaken by tour gardening contractor.
    8. f) Tom Dipper’s forest and other tree planting – the Clerk has been contacted by the Isle of Man Woodland Trust with regard to planting the remainder of the land. The Clerk has provisionally agreed a price of £2,000 to complete planting with a further 1,500 trees – this represents about a 50% reduction on last year’s price and would be billed in the next financial year. The Clerk has also requested from DEFA (Chief Minister’s tree planting scheme) some 300 lower growing trees for planting on the wide verges on the Ballakillowey Road near Tom Dippers and a further three hundred trees to plant at the Ballakilley Park.
    1. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – Mr Pilling provided the following report.

    Southern Civic Amenity Site Board Report for Thursday 16 July 2020

    This was convened at Port Erin Commissioners Offices at 7.00pm. All members were in attendance.

    The site is returning to a more normal way of life, comments were made that the lane system was working well and people felt safer using this system. All 60 skip collections took place prior to 10am without incident. June was not quite as busy as the previous month but recorded 6929 visits in June so was still quite active.

    The accounting software and associated systems are due to come online shortly after some minor amendments. The digger is expected to be back on-site next week, Port Erin Commissioners have continued to make their tractor available when required. Assurances were given that staff levels were being looked at and steps taken to increase the numbers available. A management company has been sourced for temporary staff should it be needed, there should not be a need to make unscheduled closures in the future.

    Still no further progress from the insurers regarding the site slippage though the cctv has been resolved and is in their hands. It was thought that the reuse area had been closed for far too long and a temporary one should be reinstated as soon as possible. The clerk was instructed to purchase two steel containers for this purpose. The board also suggested the removal of restrictions on the wood area to make this available to take if required. Quotes were still to be obtained for a steel building for use as a new reuse area.

    A formal policy for site misdemeanours was agreed following a few cases of aggressive behaviour and foul language directed at staff.

    Expressions of interest from experienced qualified architects were to be sought with a view to future site layout and development. It was also decided to formally write to Port St Mary Commissioners outlining the advantages for all parties in the purchase of the site.

    It was agreed to purchase a wire stripping machine, this would yield a higher income from copper when sold. It was also agreed to update the cutting machine to speed up the stripping of adjustable coaches and the like.

    The next meeting is planned for tomorrow evening. S H Pilling 19 August 2020

    1. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported that the AGM had now taken place and an extra meeting in August would be held at which Marlene Maska MLC would be the guest. The new President would be Alison Lynch with Viviene Quane becoming the Chair. It was agreed to discontinue the website.
    2. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – nothing to report.
    4. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – nothing to report.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):            

    The monthly income was reported by the Clerk.            


    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The monthly accounts for payment were approved.


    C] Other Finance Matters

    1. a) Arbory Parish Commissioners’ Bonds – the £3,000 Bond has now been repaid, the money being transferred from the sinking fund. Two Bonds remain for £2,000 and £5,000. It was agreed to pay off the £2,000 Bond in December 2020, when it is due for renewal. The Bond for £5,000 is held by the Arbory Endowments Committee and it was agreed to pay off this Bond during the next two financial years.
    2. b) Update on the Amendment and Restatement of HSBC Framework Agreement – all documentation had been signed and sent as requested.
    3. c) Sage online system – this is working well and is much easier to use than previous system.
    4. d) Online banking – it was noted that bank charges are around £20 a month lower compared with the old cheques payment method.
    5. e) Rushen employers tax and NI role formally ceased on 17th July 2020 and Arbory’s expanded to encompass Arbory and Rushen.
    6. f) Rushen’s VAT registration formally ceased on 1st May 2020 and Arbory’s expanded to encompass Arbory and Rushen.
    7. g) Evolution Accounting have written to offer services as internal audit provider – it was agreed that they would be approached to find out what they offer and at what rate.
    8. h) The Second Supplemental List from Treasury Rates Section was noted.


    1. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following was noted.

    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Arbory) Balance on last statement – 31st July 2020

    Current Account                                   52,884.11

    less withdrawn                            8,176.48

    add paid in                              142,824.65

    New balance               187,532.28

    HSBC Account                                            62.40

    Sinking Fund                                          1,420.54


    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Rushen) Balance on last statement – 31st July 2020

    Business Reserve Account                   12,505.46                  (Ballakilley Fund)

    Current Account                                   46,062.61

    less withdrawn                          63,722.96

    add paid in                              121,424.35

    New balance               103,764.00

    HSBC loan £38,559.96             IoM Bank loans £22,945.89 & £18,971.83

    Note: I have transferred £80,000 from former Rushen account to former Arbory account and will use former Arbory account as main payments account.


    2. a) Previously circulated emails and letters from DoI regarding the Arbory vacancy was noted and a report from the Clerk regarding the risks of holding an election and how best to mitigate against them was considered. The Commissioners agreed to reconsider this matter at their next meeting.
    3. b) A request from Manx Radio for a view on Bill Shimmin’s motion That the maximum speed limit to apply on a) urban roads should be 20mph and b) narrow rural lanes should be 30mph was considered. The Commissioners noted that it is a struggle to get existing concerns over traffic speeding properly addressed and felt that it was premature to introduce new restrictions until existing areas were properly policed and managed.
    4. c) Licensing (Amendment) Act 2020 – the Board noted previously circulated correspondence from DoI and DHA concerning granting of licences on pavements.
    5. d) Public consultation on the draft Climate Change Bill – closing at 5pm on Tuesday 1 September. To assist with responses, DoI was offering four drop-in sessions to meet with DEFA officers who will be able to answer questions and provide additional information on the Isle of Man Government’s climate action work. The drop-in southern session was to be held at Port St Mary Town Hall from 12-7pm on Thursday 20th August and the Clerk and Chair agreed to attend.
    6. e) Correspondence from DoI Housing seeking general and sheltered housing providers’ views on public sector rent and allowances for the next financial year (2021-22) was considered and it was agreed that any increase should be in line with inflation.
    7. f) Integrated Care Consultation – the Board noted a letter from the DHSC and message from the Chair, and agreed that Margaret Swindlehurst would attend the start of the next meeting.
    8. g) The Board considered a previously circulated email from the Ballakilley residents committee and agreed to support their forthcoming Christmas event. It was agreed to create a database of materials for such events including where items could be obtained from and whether a charge would be made.
    9. h) The Board noted correspondence from Manx Telecom regarding entries in the phone book.
    10. i) The Board noted there would be a National Service of Reflection on Friday 28 August 2020.
    11. j) The Board considered a previously circulated email from a Port Erin resident requesting permission to erect fence posts on the Commissioners land. The Commissioners felt that this would not be appropriate.
    1. PLANNING MATTERS – the Commissioners considered the following applications and agreed they had no comments to make.

    A] Planning Applications – Please follow links to view plans online prior to the meeting

    1. a) 20/00694/B Cottage Brookville Main Road Ballabeg. Conversion of residential dwelling (class 3.3) as additional use for tourist accommodation (class 3.6) and installation of a new window, three roof lights and replacement windows and front door.


    1. b) 20/00711/B Bee and Blossom Farm Upper Scard. Additional use as tourist accommodation.


    1. c) 20/00762/B 5 Strawberry Fields Croit E Caley. Replacement of existing glazed conservatory roof with tile.


    1. d) 20/00829/B 116 Ballanorris Crescent Ballabeg. Replacement of existing glazed conservatory roof with tile.


    1. e) 19/00638/B Ballakillowey Farm Ballakillowey Road. Conversion of existing agricultural outbuilding to provide ancillary residential accommodation with additional tourist use.


    1. f) 20/00152/B Ballakillowey Farm Ballakillowey Road. Erection of an agricultural building & creation of an all-weather manège, & cladding works to existing outbuilding (Retrospective)


    1. g) 20/00642/B Mizpah, Ballafesson Road. Erection of replacement three bedroom dwelling. Amended plans.
    2. h) 19/00447/B Ballagilbert Farm. Further amended plans.

    B] Planning Decisions – the following decisions were noted.

    1. a) 20/00342/B Field 420849, Glen Road. Refused by the Planning Committee – 20th July 2020.
      b) 20/00553/B Field 425318 & 424873, Friary Farm. Approved by the Planning Committee – 29th July 2020.
    2. c) 20/00213/B Corvalley & Corner Cottage, Main Road, Ballabeg. Approved by the Principal Planner – 30th July 2020.
    3. d) 20/00590/B 71A Friary Park Road. Approved by a Principal Planner – 30th July 2020.
    4. e) 20/00561/B Crows Nest, Ballakilpheric. Approved by a Principal Planner – 24th July 2020.
    5. f) Demolition Notice – Mizpah, Ballafesson Road. Issued 20th July 2020.
    6. g) 20/00509/B Strawberry Cottage Croit E Caley. Approved by the Head of Development Management – 16th July 2020.
    7. h) 20/00619/B Field 414502 Sloc Road. Refused by a Principal Planner – 20th July 2020.
    8. i) 20/00631/B Glen Arm Glen Road. Approved by Head of Development Management – 10th August 2020.
    9. j) 20/00642/B Mizpah, Ballafesson Road. Approved by the Planning Committee – 11th August 2020.
    10. k) 20/00711/B Bee And Blossom Farm Upper Scard. Approved by a Principal Planner – 19th August 2020.
    11. l) 20/00694/B Cottage Brookville, Main Road, Ballabeg. Approved by a Principal Planner – 19th August 2020.
    12. m) 20/00682/B Ashville Ballakilpheric Road. Approved by a Principal Planner – 18th August 2020.

    C] Completion Certificates – the following certificates were noted.

    1. a) 19/07647/DEX – Spindrift, Pooilvaaish Road.
    2. b) 20/07252/DEX – Yarrow Cottage, Glen Road, Colby.

    D] Other Planning Matters

    1. a) The Board considered email correspondence from planners requesting that in future only electronic copies of planning applications are made available. The Commissioners agreed that electronic versions of the plans would be acceptable in all cases except for multiple building applications where paper copies would still be required.
    2. b) The Board noted the appeal relating to the refusal of planning application 19/00794/B which sought the erection of an agricultural barn on a field off Ballagill Close, Croit e Caley.
    3. c) New Permitted Development and Change of Use Amendment Order 20 – Effective from 3rd August 2020 – previously circulated information was noted.
    2. a) Arbory Allotments Association – the Commissioners noted that the Association had been successful in receiving a grant from lottery trust to build 10 raised bed plots and it was agreed that a message of congratulations be sent.
    3. b) Covid creative competition – the Chair reported that their had been a good field of entries and an exhibition and judging in the Parish Hall would be organised in due course.
    4. c) The Chair reported that she had been invited to attend the Chief Minister’s Community and Public Engagement Committee.
    5. d) It was noted that the South East Enterprise meetings would be starting again soon.
    6. e) It was noted that the Clerk would be taking a holiday during the week commencing 14th September and that the Deputy Clerk would clerk the September meeting.
    7. f) The Clerk reported that he had agreed to undertake a short term role as interim Clerk for Santon Parish Commissioners.
    1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 16th September

    Meeting closed at 10.55 pm