• Minutes of the 16 September Minutes

    October 19th, 2020 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes – Monthly Board Meeting

    Held at Halley MacLiag, Ballabeg. 7.15pm Wednesday 16th September 2020


    Present: Jane Glover (Chair); Stan Pilling; Adrian Cowin; Peter Vernon; Peter Gunn; Graham Clucas; Stephen Gawne; David Radcliffe.

    Apologies:  Murray Cringle.

    In Attendance: The Deputy Clerk (minute taker) and 2 members of the public.


    The Board received a presentation from Mr Oliver Radford and Ms Margaret Swindlehurst of the DHSC relating to Integrated Care. It was noted that a number of presentations will be delivered in the south in forthcoming weeks. The Board agreed to promote these wherever possible. Hard copies of the presentation were distributed.

    Mr Radford and Ms Swindlehurst were thanked for their presentation and left the meeting at 7.55pm.


    1. MINUTES:
    2. a) The Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners meeting held Wednesday 19th August 2020 were considered and agreed subject to the following amendments:

    Item 6. Chair & President names had been transposed.

    Item 2(e) The name “Ballakilley Park” was confirmed.

    The time of the closing of the meeting was 10.55pm

    The Proposer was Mr Adrian Cowin and Seconder Mr Stan Pilling.


    1. MATTERS ARISING – not covered by the agenda
    2. a) 1 Ballastrooan – nothing further to report.
    3. b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – nothing to report.
    4. c) Ballakilley boundary extension – The Board considered an invitation from the Port Erin Clerk to attend meeting to discuss this issue.

    The Board unanimously agreed that it would be appropriate to meet with Port Erin Commissioners in order to maintain a positive dialogue on this matter. The Clerk was requested to write and obtain a proposed Agenda for the meeting, after which a further response could be provided.

    1. d) Ballakilley recreational area – the Board received a further update the Deputy Clerk,

    Signage – an email received from Samsons Architects earlier in the day was circulated. However, a number of queries were raised and further information was requested.

    1. Dog Waste Bins – the concerns expressed by SNRUFC were noted and it was agreed to purchase 2 bins.
    2. The delay to the planning approval process was noted with significant concern by the Board.
    • Mr Vernon had received a preliminary indication of the costs of rebuilding the perimeter wall.

    The following actions were agreed:

    1. The Deputy Clerk was instructed to write to Samsons Architects expressing i) the Board’s considerable concern regarding the ongoing delay in planning, and 2) the need for further information relating to the cost of the signs.
    2. Mr Vernon agreed to obtain further quotes regarding the costs of rebuilding the perimeter wall.

    [the 2 members of public left the room at 8.25pm]


    The Chair advised that the Co-op is giving away £10,000 to local causes as part of marking its centenary on the Island.  Sums of up to £2,500 will be awarded to four different local projects.  They are asking for nominations e.g. equipment for sports teams, initiatives to benefit health, well-being or educations and improving community spaces.  Deadline for nominations was 11th September.  Nominations could be made online or in store using  a ‘Make a Wish’ card. After liaising with Peter Vernon, Chair submitted a nomination for Pairk Ballakilley. Once planning is in and Colin is tasked with quotes for pieces of work, chair and clerk propose applying to MLT for funding towards Phase 1 of the work.  Deadline in November. 

    1. e) Recycling points – nothing further to report but Clerk has asked for an update.
    2. f) Youth Council – The Chair gave the following report:

    Youth – GRIN at Arbory School has expanded its scope following the success and growth during the summer,  The group is now going to be on site on Tuesdays from 12 to 5 catering for 4 different groups.  12 – 1.15 Year 6 Garden Club.  1.15 to 2 Reception.  2 – 3.30 Pre-school families.  3.30 to 5 Adults session.  It was featured in the Isle of Man UNESCO Biosphere September Newsletter.  They may also be assisting on Thursdays as other year teachers have been inspired to do classes in the garden.  Hon Juan Watterson complimented the group during his talk at the garden presentation.  Chair proposes donating £50.00 garden voucher to the group.

    1. g) Dog Bylaws – no further progress.
    2. h) COVID 19 response – volunteer training to take place in October – application for funding in abeyance until training completed.

    The Chair reported that ABCD Training for 20 volunteers arranged with Cormac Russell of Nurture Development.  The training comprises 3 elements 1)  reading 2)  4 interactive online training sessions on Tuesday evenings in October 3) community assignments.  This will be followed up with  1 year online tutor support for all trainees.  Quing are paying for it all.  The application to the MLT for funding community animators has been held back as other options for funding the roles are being pursued.

    It was Agreed to send letter of thanks to Quing for funding.

    1. i) Standing orders and Seal for new authority – Seal has now been purchased.
    2. j) Garden Competition – the Chair reported that the garden award presentation took place on 3rd September and was well received.  The presentation of pictures added to the event as did the refreshments of Manx and local produce.  The awards were done by Hon Juan Watterson SHK and he gave an ‘inspirational’ talk.  Attendance was low sadly but the Chair proposes the format is used again perhaps attracting a larger audience by working with local groups to provide entertainment and making it a big charity fund raiser.

    It was agreed to consider ways of building up event next year.

    1. k) Streamlined websites – Clerk will get quotes from website providers and report back to next meeting and Mr Clucas will liaise with the Clerk regarding potential providers.
    2. l) Highway, Viking Hill – no progress to date.
    3. m) Tom Dipper’s forest and other tree planting – waiting for word back from DEFA with regard to trees for verge planting and planting at Ballakilley. Woodland Trust will be planting the remainder of Tom Dipper’s forest in October – volunteer planters most welcome.

    It was noted that Colby Methodist Rock Sunday Club will supply volunteers.

    1. n) Arbory vacancy – to consider advertising the vacancy.

    It was Agreed to postpone further debate on this matter until the next meeting when the Clerk will be available to provide more detailed advice.

    1. o) Request from Manx Radio regarding Bill Shimmin’s motion – minuted position sent.
    2. p) Ballakilley residents’ committee Christmas event – the Clerk has made an offer of support regarding insurance and tables and chairs, as well as a Christmas tree as agreed at the August meeting. A request for funding support had been received.

    After due discussion, it was recommended to donate £50 towards Xmas Tree from Thousla Cross Trust, subject to the agreement of the Trustees.

    1. q) Port Erin resident’s request to erect fence posts on the Commissioners land – the Clerk has responded as directed.
    2. r) Arbory Allotments – the Clerk sent a letter of congratulations which was warmly received.
    3. s) Covid Creative Competition – the Chair provided an update and proposed a display and presentation to be held Saturday 24th and 25th  October in the Arbory Parish Hall. After further debate it was Agreed that the event be held on Sunday 25th October, with Public viewing until 3pm and awards presented at 4pm.  The Deputy Clerk confirmed the Hall was available on that date.


    1. t) Chief Minister’s Community and Public Engagement Committee – update from Chair –

    Meeting date has been confirmed as 12th October.  Chair to take information on Covid Response and other community works done by the Commissioners.

    1. u) Enterprise meetings – to note the next meeting will take place on Tuesday 29th September at 7pm at Malew Commissioner’s Office, and agree attendees. Chair and Mr Pilling have indicated their willingness to attend, as did the Deputy Clerk.


    1. RISK MATTERS – nothing to report
    3. a) Road Traffic Notice – Station Park, Colby Notice – to note.
    4. b) It was noted that issues with road at Glen Chass had been passed on to DoI.


    1. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – Mr Pilling provided the following report:

    Southern Civic Amenity Site Board meeting held Thursday 20 August 2020. This was convened at Port Erin Commissioners Offices at 7.00pm. All members were in attendance.

    The site has returned now to a more normal way of life, the lane system has been retained and is working well. People feel safe using this system, direction and information of were to deposit materials is given by an operative on entry at the gate. A system of information signage, I feel needs to be developed, so people are able to direct themselves. All 60 skip collections took place prior to 10am without incident. July was a busy period with over 400T of waste deposited and a recorded 10189 visits to the site. Over 61% was calculated as recycled.

    The accounting software and associated systems are due to come online this week (21 August) after some minor amendments. The digger is back on-site, plans to hire a trial vehicle have not taken place. The suitability for a new vehicle will be dependent on the future layout for the site. There is still no further progress from the insurers regarding the site slippage though the cctv has been resolved and is in their hands.

    The Board had suggested the removal of restrictions on the wood area to make this material available to take if required.  This in reality was not possible as the Government Health and Safety officer was not happy with people rummaging into the skips. We shall need to review this situation to make it safe, perhaps as part of the new reuse area. Quotes were still to be obtained for a steel building for use in the new reuse area.

    The formal policy for site misdemeanours was agreed and a small number of exclusions had been issued, following a few cases of aggressive behaviour and foul language directed at staff.

    High level plans are being drawn up for consideration with a view to update site layout and future development. It was also decided to formally write for a second time to Port St Mary Commissioners outlining the advantages for all parties in the purchase of the site.

    The next meeting is planned for the evening of 24th September as the Clerk is on leave this week.

    No queries raised.


    1. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn gave the following report:

    Ms Marlene Maska MLC had attended the previous meeting and given an address on her ambitions as a new MLC. Mr Tim Baker, Minister for Infrastructure, to attend next meeting.

    The Association is  promoting a social event in November at Crosby Hotel, any attendees are requested to bring a raffle prize.

    1. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Cowin reported that there had been no meeting in August, with the next meeting scheduled for tomorrow (17th September). He was aware of indications of positive news on attendances.
    2. SOUTHERN SHELTERED HOUSING JOINT BOARD – Mr Radcliffe reported that there was nothing to report other than normal business.
    3. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – the Chair advised that there was no meeting scheduled.  Hon Juan Watterson liaising with secretary Mrs Pilling to arrange a meeting soon.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):            

    The income for the month was noted.


    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The accounts for payment were agreed.


    C] Other Finance Matters

    1. a) Internal Audit – the Deputy Clerk reported that the Alexander Elliott had quoted and a further quotation was being obtained from Evolution Accounting.



    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Arbory) Balance on last statement – 1st September 2020

    Current Account                                 187,532.28

                less withdrawn                          28,910.44

                add paid in                                93,058.74

                            New balance               251,680.58 


    HSBC Account                                          136.15

    Sinking Fund                                          1,420.64


    Arbory and Rushen (formerly Rushen) Balance on last statement – 1st September 2020


    Business Reserve Account                   12,505.56                  (Ballakilley Fund)


    Current Account                                 103,764.00

                less withdrawn                          83,464.71

                add paid in                                  4,020.24

                            New balance                 24,319.53


    2. a) Registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office – Mr Radcliffe is now registered but it appears that Mr Gunn and Mr Clucas are not. It was Agreed that Mr Gunn and Mr Clucas would follow up with the Clerk
    3. b) To note previously circulated emails and letters regarding Battle of Britain Church Service Sunday 20th September 2020.


    1. c) UNESCO Biosphere – It was agreed to defer debate on this matter until the October meeting.
    2. d) Public Consultation – Civil Contingencies Bill 2020 – the consultation which closes Friday 2 October 2020 was noted.
    3. e) Courts, Tribunals and Local Authority Procedures and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2020

    The consultation which closed on 14th September was noted.

    1. f) Correspondence between Chair and Minister Baker – the following was reviewed:

    The Chair was emailed by a provider of  Speed Camera software and equipment.  She forwarded it to Minister Baker.  He has replied –

    Dear Jane. Thank you for your email and good wishes.


    It certainly has been somewhat of a challenging start to my time as Minister, but pretty much as I expected when taking on the role.  There is much to be done and I am committed to making as much of a positive impact as I can in my time in office.


    Thanks for the details on the speed camera solution which I have passed on to Highways officers.  I know that Arbory and Rushen Commissioners are keen to see speed cameras implemented and I believe that enhanced enforcement, in whatever form, is necessary to deliver the improvements in road safety and compliance.


    Finally, I would be happy to engage with the Commissioners as suggested and look forward to meeting up once things have settled down a little.  I am also due to attend the Municipal Association next month, so that will provide an opportunity to see a number of authorities then.

    It was suggested that the trial areas might include Duck Street, Main Road, Colby and  Ballafesson.  The Chair agreed to pass these on to DoI.

    1. g) Request from Croit e Caley residents for support for a Christmas Tree on the green. It was noted that the Croit e Caley residents had agreed to decorate the tree, and it was Agreed to recommend that a £50 donation from Thousla Cross Trust be provided, consistent with Ballakilley, and subject to the agreement of the Trustees.



    A] Planning Applications – the Board had no comment on the following applications.

    1. a) 20/00943/B 88 Ballacriy Park Colby. Erection of a detached garden shed (retrospective).
    2. b) 20/00946/B Miranda Cottage Main Road Colby. Erection of a porch and erection of a two storey extension to dwelling
    3. c) 20/00960/B Hillside Main Road Colby. Replacement of existing masonry parapet with UPVC facia
    4. d) 20/00972/B The Old Vicarage Barracks Road. Erection of an extension to the old stables apartment with roof terrace above and erection of a detached summerhouse with associated flue
    5. e) 20/00991/B Ballalona Farm, Orchard Road, Ronague. Erection of an extension to provide ancillary living accommodation.
    6. f) 20/00403/B Barn at Ballachrink Farm, Glen Road. Amended plans.
    7. g) 20/00984 62 Friary Park. Application for Certificate of Lawful Development regarding garden decking area.


    B] Planning Decisions – the following were noted.

    1. a) 20/00762/B 5 Strawberry Fields Croit E Caley. Approved by the Director of Planning and Building Control – 26th August 2020.
      b) 19/01307/B Field Number 420855 Ballagawne Farm Ballagawne Road. Approved by the Planning Committee – 26th August 2020.


    C] Completion Certificates – none

    D] Other Planning Matters

    1. a) Electronic copies of planning applications – the Clerk sent the Board’s response.




    2. a) Due to a misunderstanding the Clerk purchased £200 of Garden Vouchers and the Chair arranged for £200 worth of vouchers from Ballagawne which will be billed at £100 – the Clerk is happy to take £50 of the vouchers and just be reimbursed for £150. The Chair proposes that GRIN and the Covid Competition use the remainder. This was Agreed.
    3. b) It was Agreed to send a card to the family of Professor Simon Maddrell and plant a tree in his memory.
    4. c) Father Xmas events and planning to be discussed at next meeting.
    5. d) Mr Radcliffe advised that the fencing at Ballafesson Playing Fields needs attention.
    6. e) Youth misbehaviour in PE was raised. Deputy Clerk to raise with Inspector Barker


    1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 21st October 2020.


    Meeting closed 09.59pm.