• Minutes of the 17 June 2020 Meeting

    July 29th, 2020 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of Monthly Board Meeting

    Held at Ballafesson Methodist Hall at 7.15pm Wednesday 17th June 2020

     Present: Mrs J Glover (Chair Arbory), Mr D Radcliffe (Vice-Chair), Mr S Gawne, Mr S Pilling, Mr G Clucas, Mr P Gunn & Mr P Vernon.

    Apologies: Mr M Cringle and Mr A Cowin.

    In attendance: The Clerk

    The Commissioners noted that the Department of Infrastructure advised that decisions taken in the April Zoom meetings did not have legal standing so a motion to ratify all decisions taken at those meetings was proposed by Mr Pilling, seconded by Mr Clucas and agreed by the Board.


    1. MINUTES:

    The Minutes of the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners AGM and meeting held Wednesday 20th May 2020 were considered and approved having been proposed by Mr Vernon and seconded by Mr Gawne.

    2. a) 1 Ballastrooan – there was nothing further to report.
    3. b) 2018 Year of Our Island – Talking bench at Balladoole – the Clerk reported that the bench is now positioned at it’s required location.
    4. c) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – this has been passed on to the Deputy Clerk to review and make any recommendations.
    5. d) Ballakilley boundary extensions – the Clerk has again requested an update from the Clerk to Port Erin Commissioners but not received a substantive reply.
    6. e) Transfer of public land within the Ballakilley estate – the Clerk reported that the Commissioners’ advocate confirmed that progress has been delayed due to Covid 19 restrictions but completion is expected shortly.
    7. f) Ballakilley recreational area – notes of the meeting held on 8th June had been circulated and were ratified subjet to one change. It was agreed that a drop in session at would be held at 6.30 at Ballafesson Methodist Hall prior to the Commissioners July meeting.
    8. g) Recycling points – the Clerk reported that risk assessments have been undertaken and work has begun to get approval for new sites.
    9. h) Youth Council – there was nothing further to report since the last meeting. It was agreed that a similar relationship should be developed with Rushen as is in place with Arbory Primary School. The Chair agreed to approach Rushen’s Head Teacher to begin discussions.
    10. i) Traffic issues – the Director of Highways had responded to say that the matter of speed cameras would receive consideration over the summer.
    11. j) Dog Bylaws – there was nothing further to report but it was agreed that the Deputy Clerk should provide an update to the next meeting.
    12. k) Equality Act training – the Clerk and Deputy would endeavour to undertake the training.
    13. l) Cutting of Roadside Hedges, Sod Banks and Verges – the Board considered a draft email prepared by Mr Radcliffe and associated comments. It was agreed subject to certain amendments that Mr Radcliffe would send the email to DEFA. In essence the Commissioners agreed to organise hedgerow litter picks to reduce litter in the hedges prior to them being cut, but expected central government to play it’s part by ensuring an all Island approach to educating people not to cause litter & assist in identifying and providing enforcement solutions.
    14. m) COVID 19 response –
    15. community self-help projects – Mr Clucas explained how the training for volunteers would be undertaken and what it was hoped it would achieve. Training was likely to take place on 9th,16th, 23rd and 30th of July between 10 and 11.30am but consideration would be given to providing sessions for those unable to attend daytime training.
    16. community art project – the Chair provided an update and it was agreed to include a piece in the next newsletter.
    • future of volunteer scheme after lock down ends – the Commissioners agreed to suspend the monitoring scheme in the week following the meeting. It was agreed that the Clerk would prepare a newsletter explaining the changes to ratepayers. Volunteers would respond to direct requests for help rather than visiting all properties. Such requests would be directed to the Clerk initially or directly to volunteers who had already developed a raport with certain people who needed their assistance previously.

    The Chair reported that she, Mr Clucas and the Clerk had attended a Zoom meeting with the Southern Community Partnership. There had been a significant community effort across the south and there are future opportunities to work with other groups in the south.

    Mr Clucas explained that there is potential a great potential to develop an Island leading approach in Arbory and Rushen by providing and encouragement and support to our communities to help themselves. This could be done through community champions who would seek out community connectors, the core of our community building, widen existing community circles, hunt the edges, welcome the stranger, and enable people to Discover, Explore and Connect. They would nurture a group of connectors and leaders/co-ordinators who make a commitment to widening the circle of participation, and who are motivated to have ‘good life’ conversations with their neighbours. The Commissioners supported the proposal in principal but felt that the Thousla Cross Trust should be used to hold any funds for such a project to ensure the finances were kept separate from ratepayers’ funds. It was agreed that the Clerk, with Mr Clucas’ assistance, would apply for funds from the Manx Solidarity Fund.

    1. n) Entrance at Ballakeyll – the Clerk had sent a request to DoI Highways to investigate this.
    2. o) Weed Spraying – the Clerk reported that the information is complete and ready for use on the website.
    3. p) Post Pandemic – An Even Better Island – the Clerk had followed up the links provided and received some very positive feedback from the Road Safety Manager at the IoM Constabulary. Councillor Andrew Bentley from Douglas Borough Council is keen to develop coordinated action among local authorities regarding safer roads.
    4. q) Verge opposite Colby Spar shop – the Commissioners noted that restoration work had now been completed.
    5. r) Poorly maintained trees and verge by Croit e Caley Green – the work had been completed.
    6. s) Beach Body Bowls – the Clerk reported that appropriate proof of registration was expected shortly.
    7. t) Standing orders – a draft copy of new standing orders has been prepared and circulated by the Clerk. It was agreed that the Clerk would undertake further work to revise the standing orders using a copy of Rushen’s which Mr Pilling had found. It was agreed that they should be flexible regarding times and venues of meetings. It was further agreed that a seal for Arbory and Rushen should be obtained.
    8. u) Garden Competition – the Board noted progress provided by the Chair. The 6th July was the end date for entries. The competition would also be promoted in the forthcoming newsletter.
    9. v) Tree planting scheme – a successful session was held to cut back the bracken, attended by the Vice Chair, Clerk & Deputy Clerk and members of the Woodland Trust. A further session was planned for Sunday 21st
    10. w) Road safety –the Poyll Vaaish Road had now been trimmed for safety reasons.
    11. x) Tynwald Day celebrations – the Chair reported that a virtual concert was planned and several talented families from the parishes would take part.
    12. RISK MATTERS – nothing to report
    14. a) Hedges next to pavements in Ballabeg, Colby, Ballagawne Road and Ballachurry Road have been trimmed for safety reasons. Parts of the pavement between Arbory school and Colby had been cleared back to make it safer for pedestrians.
    15. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE –Mr Pilling provided the following report.

    An outdoor meeting took place at the site on Thursday 4th June.

    It was essentially an AGM. Jerry Luford-Brooks (Castletown)  was elected to Chair,  and Mr Pilling (Arbory and Rushen) was elected to vice chair. Tim Chamberlain (Malew), Godfrey Egee (Port Erin), Alan Grace (Port St Mary) were in attendance.

    We were shown the arrangements that had been made during the COVID-19. This was a queuing system of 4 lanes that sorted the various requirements into priorities. Extra signage and a chap at the gate sorted this out. During this pandemic people are not allowed to remove items from the site.

    We were shown the digger that had together with the pressure washer failed the annual insurance engineering inspection. Replacement parts and tyres for the digger would expect to cost several thousand pounds, the Clerk was to get estimates and costs for a new suitable machine. This should be done quickly as it is currently costing to hire in a machine.

    Site development – its access, layout and machinery were discussed. Vehicle access for the public and HGV movement was discussed. The type of machine to be used at the site was considered. Clearly the current JCB digger seems unsuitable – what should a replacement be – 360, telehandler or compactor? The future layout of the site would ultimately determine the correct vehicle. Consideration was also given to building gantries to allow the public to place materials directly into the large container/skips.

    On the 11th June the SCAS Clerk emailed his intent to close the site for three consecutive Monday and Tuesdays due to labour shortages. Mr Pilling had forwarded this email to the Board for comment, and was grateful for comments received. Mr Pilling’s response was to request a rethink given that the labour requirement would be less due to the removal of social distancing. Apparently, the Clerk had approval of 3 members so this will be going ahead. Mr Pilling and the Chair had placed notices on the Commissioners’ websites to inform our rate payers.

    A further meeting is to be held at Port Erin Commissioners office on Thursday. The Board thanked Mr Pilling for his report but was very concerned to learn of these developments and backed Mr Pilling in expressing the strongest concern to the next SCAS meeting.

    1. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported that no meetings had been held since the lockdown began and the AGM would be held at the end of July
    2. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Cowin provided the following report. Most of the pool staff were recently recalled from redeployment positions to carry out maintenance / cleaning duties at the Southern Pool and training / revalidation in anticipation of reopening. The pool temperature is being slowly raised and chemical balance checked ready for public swimming to safely commence no later than Monday 29th June, but possibly a few days earlier given all preparations have been completed successfully.
    1. SOUTHERN SHELTERED HOUSING JOINT BOARD – Mr Radcliffe reported that he is continuing as Chair, and the other Board members are Mrs Mackrell, Mrs Quine, Mr George and Mrs Williams.
    2. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – the Chair reported that there had been no meeting and no correspondence, and she will chase for a meeting date to be set.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):

    The monthly income was reported by the Clerk.            


    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The monthly accounts for payment were approved.


    C] Other Finance Matters

    1. a) Outstanding Commercial Waste invoices – the Clerk reported that the Sound Café is due to make its first payment by the end of June. The Colby Glen Hotel has been sent a reminder.
    2. b) Insurances – the Board considered previously circulated paper prepared by the Deputy Clerk and approved all the recommendations, the motion having been proposed by Mr Pilling and seconded by Mr Vernon.
    3. c) Financial delegation – the Board considered whether to authorise the Clerk to make payments up to a certain fixed amount and agreed that as a trial a limit of £100 be initially authorised. The Clerk agreed only to use this facility on matters that couldn’t reasonably wait until the next monthly meeting.
    4. d) The 2nd Supplemental List was noted and in particular the increase in rateable value for Arbory by £158 & Rushen by £27 was noted.


    1. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following position was noted.

    Arbory Balance on last statement – 1st June 2020

    Current Account                                   35,916.90

    less withdrawn                          33,500.57

    add paid in                                33,380.82

    New balance                 33,797.15

    HSBC Account                                            68.42


    Rushen Balance on last statement – 29th May 2020

    Current Account                                   49,835.68

    Business Reserve Account                   30,001.02


    2. a) Average Speed Cameras from Siemens Mobility – the Board noted previously circulated emails.
    3. b) A message of thanks for safe and efficient operation of the Southern Recycling Centre was noted by the Board.
    4. c) Parking issues at Croit e Caley – the Board considered a previously circulated email and agreed that the Clerk should write to the police and DoI with regard to the matter.
    5. d) Advice from DoI regarding emergency provisions was noted.
    6. e) Public lighting maintenance contract 2020/2021 – the Board noted the previously circulated email and authorised the Clerk to sign the contract on the Commissioners’ behalf.
    7. f) DEFA Bathing Water Consultation for Local Authorities – a previously circulated email was considered. It was agreed that the Clerk make a submission on behalf of the Board.
    8. g) The Board noted an email from Minister Baker stating that he is “aware of your authority’s interest in speed cameras and will be considering this as I put together my plans for the Department for the remainder of this administration.”
    9. h) A request from Mr McCracken to name one of the paths at Ballakilley after Shanon Finley who worked on the estate and helped plant the trees was considered. It was agreed that a suitable memorial would be considered as part of the development of the site.

    A] Planning Applications – the Board considered the following applications and supported a) and c) but felt that there remained insufficient agricultural justification to warrant development in the countryside as proposed in b) 20/00342/B

    1. a) 20/00509/B Strawberry Cottage Croit E Caley. Erection of a chimney stack
    2. b) 20/00342/B – erection of Agricultural Shed. Ammended plans.
    3. c) 20/00553/B Field 425318 & 424873 Friary Farm. Erection of an agricultural workers dwelling with associated vehicular access.

    B] Planning Decisions – these were noted.

    1. a) 20/00366/B Roseville Main Road Colby. Approved by Principle Planner – 10th June 2020.
    2. b) 20/00316/B 45 Garth Avenue Surby. Approved by the Principle Planner – 3rd June 2020.

    C] Regularisation and Completion Certificates – these were noted.

    1. a) 19/07776/REG 63A Friary Park, Ballabeg.
    2. b) 19/07053/DEX – Glenlea Lodge, Truggan Road.
    3. c) 19/07496.DEX – Cooill Drinagh, Ronague Road.
    4. d) 19/07422/DEX – Elmwood, Honna Road, Surby.

    D] Other Planning Matters – none.

    2. a) Dog bins – Mr Pilling asked if the Clerk would check with Braddan Parish Commissioners to see how much the bins they use cost.
    1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 7.15pm at Ballafesson Methodist Hall.