• Minutes of the 15 April 2020 Meeting

    May 29th, 2020 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of Monthly Board Meeting
    Held online via Zoom at 7pm Wednesday 15th April 2020

    Present: Mr S Pilling (Chairman), Mr G Clucas, Mr D Radcliffe, Mr P Gunn & Mr P Vernon.
    In attendance: The Clerk

    1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 18th March 2020 were agreed having been proposed by Mr Clucas and seconded by Mr Pilling.

    The following matters were noted without comment save for the information provided in advance by the Clerk.
    a) Dog Byelaws – ongoing.
    b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – ongoing.
    c) Ballakilley boundary extensions – nothing to report.
    d) Play area on the green space within the Ballakilley estate – nothing to report.
    e) Multiuse recreational space – nothing to report.
    f) Equality Act training – nothing to report.
    g) Local Authority Elections in 2020 – to note elections postponed to 2021.
    h) Request for white lines to be repainted in the Howe Car Park – ongoing.
    i) Ballafesson Corner – nothing to report.
    j) Overhanging Leylandii on Surby Road – letter received from the property owner stating she is trying to get then seen to but can’t for time being due to bird nesting season.
    k) In-Principle Shared Waste Services Investigation – nothing to report.
    m) Tynwald Select Committee on Fireworks – the Clerk passed on the Board’s comments.
    n) Local Authority Questionnaire – the Clerk passed on the Board’s comments.
    o) Removal of trees at Ballakeyll Close – action not complete.
    p) Request from the Parish Pantry and Manx Whippy for permission to visit the Parish – the Clerk has written to both.
    q) Notification of adopted highway at Bradda Grove – the Clerk has requested clarification.
    There was discussion on the following items.
    l) Cutting of Roadside Hedges, Sod Banks and Verges – Mr Radcliffe had not had a chance to write but agreed to do so..
    r) COVID 19 response – it was agreed that this should be discussed in a separate meeting to be held with Arbory at 8pm.

    3. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – the Chairman provided the following report.
    Due to the Corona Virus the planned meeting of Thursday 19 March 2020 was cancelled.
    On 23 March 21:26 hrs the clerk emailed members asking opinion on closing the facility in line with UK broadcast. I responded as follows: Can the card payments be created to an account for the moment? Payment later. I would urge keeping the site open as long as it is possible. I suspect that the decision will be taken out of our hands in the future. The availability of staff may require us to reconsider. As will the lack of skip transportation. We are currently not recycling so are not encouraging people to linger on the site.

    The following message was received from clerk the next morning 24 March: Morning All,
    I have discussed this with the Chair this morning and also waste management and the decision has been taken to close the site with immediate effect. We are emptying the slips over the next 2 days which we can then use in case things escalate with refuse collections. Staff will be undertaking cleaning and site maintenance in the coming days and we will continue to monitor the situation.

    The Chairman responded: I am disappointed that you find it necessary to close the site. It would have been useful to be in a position to be able to give the public adequate notice of this intention. I would remind you that we are not in the possession of the required license to be able to take household refuge. If we are not available to be able to take waste then the staff need to be laid off.
    As I understand it the facility and the bring banks will remain closed for the foreseeable future.
    Notices have been made public requesting that items for recycling be kept separate from the waste stream if possible, till the return of normality. The need to compost waste where practicable has been publicised on the website, Facebook and the second parishioners Covid 19 Rushen Connect letter.
    The Chairman is unsure as to the format of future meetings during the current emergency measures.
    4. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported that the meeting had been cancelled.
    5. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Radcliffe reported that regional pools are unlikely to re-open before September. With regard to the Southern Pool Finances they may be able to just keep a break-even position, dependent on deferring VAT repayments, etc. Mr Radcliffe asked if Rushen could pay its contributions earlier this year and this was agreed after being formally proposed by Mr Vernon and seconded by Mr Gunn.
    6. MARASHEN CRESCENT – Mr Radcliffe reported that there had been no formal meeting and he was not aware of any problems.
    7. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – the Chairman reported that due to the Corona virus meetings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.
    8. ROAD MAINTENANCE AND GRASS CUTTING – the Clerk reported that all maintenance work had been stopped for now following advice from DoI. It was agreed to offer our gardening contractor £100 per month as a retainer until such time as he can start work again, the motion having been proposed by Mr Clucas and seconded by Mr Vernon. The Clerk would discuss with the contractor any implications this offer might have in relation to any compensation he might be eligible to receive.
    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):
    The Clerk reported the income received since the last meeting.
    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)
    The accounts for payment were agreed.

    a) 1st Supplemental list – the rateable value of the properties is now £159,940. A 10% increase on the December figure we used and if correct this will result in £20,000 rates income more than the estimate. What is not clear is where this significant increase came from, so the Clerk has questioned Treasury rates section on this point. There have been increases in the rateable value of five properties, four of which are due to alterations and extensions, and one a barn conversion to holiday accommodation.
    b) A notification of reduction of interest rates from IoM Bank was noted.
    c) The Board noted the decision taken by email on 7th April 2020 regarding online banking. “It was agreed that the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioner’s current accounts be made accessible via the IoM Bank online banking option as outlined in the attachment, and that initially the Clerk and Deputy Clerk be given the authority to make payments, subject to the Boards’ approvals of all payments prior to them being made. Further, it was agreed that this is a temporary measure for the duration of the Covid 19 emergency and that further consideration will be given to online banking when we return to less restricted times.”

    10. FINANCIAL SITUATION – this was noted.
    Balance on last statement 31st March 2019
    General account 110,931.54 Liquidity Manager 5.12

    The Commissioners noted the following items without comment.
    a) Previously circulated emails from DoI waste section giving advice and updates regarding Covid 19.
    b) Previously circulated emails from DoI local government unit giving advice and updates regarding Covid 19.
    c) A letter from J.Qualtrough & Co. Ltd. regarding need for prompt payment due to Covid19
    d) A letter from Unite the Union requesting details on what measures are in place to protect staff during the Covid 19 outbreak.
    e) A letter from Mrs Felton (see 2. j) matters arising)

    A] Planning Applications
    a) 20/00316/B 45 Garth Avenue. Mr & Mrs Quayle. Construction of new terrace and improved vehicular access.
    The Board requested that planners pay particular attention to the potential for overlooking neighbours’ properties but were generally supportive of the application.
    b) 20/00340/B Field Number 414511, Ballakillowey Road, Lyngague. Mr & Mrs Bridges. Block up existing and create new entrance.

    B] Planning Approvals – these were noted.
    a) 20/00199/B Tramman Farm, Ballakillowey Road. Mr Qualtrough. Decision – Principle Planner. Approved. Issued 1st April 2020.
    b) 20/00195/B Seahaven, Mount Gawne Road. Mr Bushe. Decision – Principle Planner. Approved. Issued 1st April 2020.
    c) 20/00019/B Field 411543, Highfield, Mount Gawne Road. Mrs Collister. Decision – Principle Planner. Approved. Issued 7th April 2020.
    d) 20/00053/B Highfield Howe Road. Decision – Director of Planning and Building Control. Approved. Issued 15th April 2020.

    C] Planning Refusals – this was noted.
    a) 19/00794/B Field 414174 Off Ballagill Close Croit E Caley. Miss Nicola Quinn. Decision – Principle Planner. Approved. Issued 9th April 2020.

    D] Completion Certificates – None
    E] Planning appeals – None
    F] Other Planning Matters – None

    a) Mr Radcliffe asked if the Clerk could ask the Water Authority if it has plans to appeal to people to conserve water? He commented that it had been very dry lately, and lots of water being used washing cars and the like. It was agreed the Clerk would write as requested.
    b) The Board agreed that in future agendas should be published on the website/Facebook.
    c) The Commissioners noted that this was an historic meeting as this was the last occasion Rushen would meet as an independent Parish. Tribute was paid to past Boards and Clerks for their hard work for Rushen, but it was agreed that exciting times lay ahead for the Arbory and Rushen joint Board.

    14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING AND AGM – inaugural meeting of new combined parish Board Wednesday 20th May 2020.

    Meeting closed 19.35

    Minutes of Monthly Board Meeting
    Held online via Zoom at 8pm Wednesday 15th April 2020

    Present: Mr S Pilling (Chairman), Mr G Clucas, Mr D Radcliffe, Mr P Gunn, Mr P Vernon, Mrs J Glover, Mr S Gawne (Chairman) and Mr A Cowin.
    Apology: Mr M Cringle.
    In attendance: The Clerk

    A special meeting of both parish boards was convened to note the parishes’ COVID 19 response – Arbory and Rushen Connect

    The Clerk described the work which had been undertaken, the two letter drops, and the volunteer support system developed since last meeting. The joint Board congratulated the Clerk and his Deputy for their work in bringing everything together.

    Mrs Glover commented that she had been complemented on a number of occasions by the community on the Commissioners efforts. Mr Pilling had received similar positive complements as had Mr Vernon. It was generally agreed that the traffic light monitoring system had been warmly received and very successful, as had the information sheets sent out by the Boards.

    Consideration was given to what if anything needed to be done next. It was noted that both Isle of Man Government and the Chamber of Commerce had issued some very bleak economic projections recently and it seemed likely that in the coming weeks and months there would be many parishioners in financial hardship.

    It was agreed that the Clerk, Mr Clucas, Mr Gunn and Mr Vernon would spend some time developing practical proposals for future support. It was also agreed that the Clerk should write to local traders associations to let them know what Arbory and Rushen are doing but also to see what if anything the associations were doing to support local businesses.

    It was also agreed that the Commissioners should endeavour to facilitate community self-help projects. A third support letter should be sent to parishioners and among other things we should ask members of the community what they want and how they feel they can help their communities and what do they need from the Commissioners. Mr Clucas agreed to draft some appropriate words.

    It was further agreed that the Clerk should write to Minister Harmer requesting an update on collection of recyclables and green waste and the possibility of volunteers being used to collect such materials and bring them to the amenity site. It was also agreed that the Minister be pressed to allow our garden contractors to be allowed to cut grass again.

    Mrs Glover raised the point of us being careful not to ask too much of our volunteers and one case was cited which had been creating a lot of work for one volunteer. It was agreed that this wound need to be carefully monitored by the Clerk. Mr Radcliffe also raised a point about support for people in the private rental sector and Mr Clucas confirmed that this was being looked into by central government.

    Meeting Closed 8.55 pm