• Southern Civic Amenity Site reopening Details

    April 23rd, 2020 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Uncategorised

    The Southern Civic Amenity Site will reopen at 10am on Saturday 25th April

    The Southern Civic Amenity Site will reopen at 10am on Saturday 25th April with its normal operating hours of 10am to 4pm daily. Last entry to the site will be at 3:50pm.
    Please only visit the site if you really need to.
    There will be a one-way road order in place along Castletown Road from its junction at the Four Roads roundabout and Shore Road, Gansey which will be effective from Friday 24th April. Please observe signage and diversions in place.
    As users approach the site entrance, the left-hand lane will be used for traffic queuing to access the site with the right-hand lane being used for those wishing to access the allotments and for through traffic. Signs will be in place to advise.
    It is important that people work within the social distancing guidelines and therefore there will be a restricted number of vehicles on site. Only 3 vehicles will be permitted on site at any one time with a one in one out system in operation. Users will be permitted 10 minutes maximum time on site, so please do not overfill your vehicles as you will be asked to leave site after your allotted time. Barriers have also been placed in bays to ensure social distancing guidelines are complied with.
    The staff on site will do everything possible to manage this situation smoothly.
    We recommend one person per vehicle per household, but as the staff on site will not be able to assist you with your items you may bring a member of the same household to help you if you cannot manage on your own. Due to operational issues the opening hours and the types of waste that can be disposed of may need to be varied slightly from time to time, but the site will take all burnable household waste and green waste when it is open. Please note that this is not business as usual, so to avoid an unnecessary journey please check our website or Facebook page to keep up to date with arrangements.
    The reuse shed remains closed, recycling bring banks will not be available, so any glass, cans or paper should be taken to your local bring banks. We are also currently unable to take reclining chairs, TV’s, Fridges and Laptops.
    Visitors are asked to ensure that waste is broken down, compacted, and separated prior to entering the site and ideally just bring one waste stream per visit in order to reduce their time on site. Should visitors be disposing of more than one waste stream, they will be required to drive to the relevant bays. Walking around the site is not permitted. As mentioned earlier, a 10 minutes time limit will be in force.
    Existing commercial customers will be permitted to attend the site from 2pm to close daily. Any new trade customers will need to email us at [email protected] to register before attending as they will be unable to register at the site.
    We would also ask those visiting the site to support the staff while vehicle numbers are restricted and to be patient and polite should queues build up. These are extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures and it is up to everyone to play their part if we are to return gradually to a more “normal” way of life. We would also like to thank the public for their cooperation and understanding during the closure
    As a final note, we would remind you that no person who is currently self-isolating, symptomatic or has tested positive for COVID 19 should attend the site.