• Beware of a Coronavirus Scam

    March 31st, 2020 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Uncategorised

    Coronavirus Scam

    Please be aware of a current scam targeting residents on the Island. The offender/s are using the current Covid-19 situation to pose as an on Island charity via Facebook. The offenders are posing as online agents asking the victim a range of questions in regards to being elderly, living alone etc. The offender then gets the victim to purchase Amazon gift cards to a high value, before then instructing the victim to scratch the back of the card, revealing the gift card code and sending an image to the offender. The offender promises that the victim will benefit from a higher return, before then requesting further money due to various reasons. This is NOT genuine. Please do not share any information with anyone who calls, emails or messages you claiming to be a bank, charity or a volunteer. If you have elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends, please communicate this to them, as an Island, we are safer when we stand together.