• Freedom of Information Request

    July 19th, 2019 by Stan Pilling in Freedom of Information ·General News

    Freedom of Information Request
    From Jason Moorhouse MHK
    Answered 8th July 2019

    How many people have been prosecuted by your local authority for
    (a) fly tipping
    ONE – Not prosecuted as such, but caught by the police, paid for costs and made a contribution to the Commissioners’ charitable trust
    (b) dropping litter
    and (c) illegal disposal of items
    in each of the last five years?

    I’m not in a position to search all the information prior to my taking over as Clerk in September 2017, but from my knowledge of the Commissioners’ affairs and from the recollection of the current Commissioners no prosecutions have been taken.

    The Commissioners prefer to encourage good practice by providing litter bins in places where they are needed.

    As most of the littering which takes place in the Parish appears to be by people discarding litter out of car windows, it is hard to see how the Commissioners could reasonably be expected to take successful prosecutions without covering the parish’s roads with CCTV cameras. The Commissioners feel that a whole Island education approach is necessary to begin to tackle the problem. The Commissioners have on several occasions called for such an approach to be taken by central government but so far to no avail.

    Thanks to your request though, and the Commissioners will continue considering what more they can do to discourage littering in the Parish at their future meetings.