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    November 20th, 2009 by Gillian Kelly in Meeting Minutes

    Meeting held 7 30pm, Wed. 18th March 2009 , Ballafesson Hall.

    These Minutes are edited (but only slightly).  The full version including all financial details is available from the Clerk.

    Present: Mr A Tinkler (Chairman), Mr P Gunn (Vice-Chairman), Mr P Vernon,Mr D Cain. Apologies: Mr D Radcliffe.

    There were no members of the public or press in attendance.

    1.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held Wed. 18th February 2009, having previously been circulated, were taken as read and agreed a true record.


    a)  Estimates 2009/10.

    DoLGE had been informed that the Rate for Rushen had not changed and remained at 67p in the pound.   The press release had appeared in the Manx Independent.

    b)  Governor’s Visit to the Calf – 30th April.

    Government House had indicated that Lady Haddacks would not be able to go to the Calf because of knee trouble.  His Excellency would be accompanied by his Housekeeper. A reply had been received from MNH stating they could not allow people to go into the old lighthouses for safety reasons.  However, if their Properties Manager accompanied him they would let only HE go in.

    The Clerk had been talking to Mr Fox, the retained lighthouse keeper who had agreed to show the official party around the newest lighthouse.  The Chairman had invited Mr Quayle, Northern Lighthouse Commissioners but he had now indicated he would be unable to attend.  Dessie Robinson, who worked for MNH had been asked if he would show the official part around and Ann Kaye, who regularly showed people around the Calf would also be there.

    Mr S Clucas, as Captain of the Parish, had been invited to join the official party.

    The Chairman indicated that his wife may accompany him and the Vice-Chairman’s wife was invited also.    There would be 12 people altogether.

    c)  Southern Area Plan.

    Community Engagement Event

    This had seemed to be very successful and Diane Brown thanked Rushen Commissioners for their help.          The land at Ballakilley had been part of the area included for views.

    d)  Review of the Planning SystemNothing further at present.

    e)  DoLGE/Local Authority Issues.

    There had been mention in the House of Keys and Tynwald sittings regarding Local Authority Reform/ Rating Reform.   The Chief Minister had mentioned this and there seemed to be support from some Tynwald Members.  However, the DoLGE Minister had been questioned in Tynwald and had denied that reform such as had been put forward in the past was not likely at the moment but Local Authorities had been and would be encouraged to take on more of the responsibilities which DoLGE now had.

    Rating reform was briefly discussed by Mr Vernon and the Members.

    f)  Waste Management and Refuse Collection.

    Jones ServicesIt was confirmed that the increase for the extra payment would be for the 09/10 year and Mr Jones would be asked to submit an invoice for the agreed amount over and above the RPI increase.

    g)  Lighting

    The Clerk had confirmed that RPC were in agreement for the scheme on Ballagawne Road to go ahead and she had asked if some of the bracket lights could be reused elsewhere (at an extra cost)..  Mr Quayle has confirmed that the quote included reusing two of them and the other could, if suitable, be reused also.

    h)  Grass Cutting – various areas & Carrick Bay View.

    The Clerk and Mr Kelly had collected the mower from the Playing Field and taken it to their house to be collected by Isle of Man Farmers for servicing.  It had been serviced and returned to there and then had been taken back to the Playing Field.  It had been difficult to get the mower through the two gates, through the mud and past the horses in the adjoining field so it was unlikely that this mower would be used for cutting the grass elsewhere.

    Croit-e-Caley Green. The Clerk had received a phone call from a resident that there were blue lines painted on the green.  There were fears that it was going to be turned into a car park.  She had spoken to a man from the Water Board who said they were going to put in a new connection across the green.  She had told him that RPC were intending planting a tree on the green.  It was agreed that this would not be a good idea until the new pipe was in and an assessment made on what impact a tree would have on the pipe.

    Carrick Bay Viewnothing further re conveyance yet.  Mr Kelly had used RPC’s mower on the grass when it had been at the house regarding collection for servicing.  He had used it twice to keep the grass from getting long.  Because of the difficulty with RPC’s mower he would be using his own petrol mower for this job in the future.

    It was agreed that, although RPC did not actually own the land yet, Mr Kelly should cut it and keep it tidy rather than wait until the Conveyance went through

    i)  Traffic

    The DoT had still not carried out the speed restrictions at Rushen School nor the signs and lines on Plantation Hill nor the new bollard and lines at the junction at Castletown/Shore Road.

    jHigh Hedges.

    Complaint by Mr P Vernon re High hedge at Moorescroft.

    Mr Vernon withdrew from the meeting whilst this matter was discussed.

    The Remedial Notice was sent by recorded delivery on 28th February – signed by the Chairman and by the Clerk as Case Officer.  The Operative Date was until 31st March (one month in accordance with the regulations) and the Compliance Period was from 1st April to 15th September.  Reading through all the regulations the Clerk had noted that allowance must be made for the possibility of nesting birds (up until 31st August)  This timescale would be adequate for the Feltons to make arrangements to cut back the hedge and have the work carried out..

    k)  Police

    There was a meeting on 19th Feb.  which the Clerk had attended.  With regard to the proposed allotments on Mount Gawne Road and the concerns of the residents the Clerk had brought this matter up at the previous meeting as the Police would have had to deal with complaints.   Due to the concerns the residents had given at the Meeting the previous evening, not only about traffic but about the security of their properties, she mentioned that the residents of Mount Gawne Road had attended the Meeting the previous evening and, due to their concerns  RPC had now decided that the Mount Gawne gate should be blocked off.  The Clerk of Port St Mary was there and was very vociferous when he heard this and said that it was not what had been agreed. The Clerk told him that a letter had been sent to him and that he would receive it the next day.

    Once again there were no crimes in Rushen.

    The next meeting would be on 26th March and the Clerk asked of there was anything to be discussed, presuming that the broken windows in Ballafesson Hall would have been reported. There were no other concerns.

    l)  Litter, beach cleans, dog fouling, etc.

    CRHS were to have done the beach clean Sat 14th.  Mrs Messenger phoned the Clerk on 14th to say that they were now going to do it on 28th.

    Mr Radcliffe had put up the dog bin on Honna Road, near the phone box.

    K McArd  had sent an email thanking RPC for the reply to his complaint and noting that a dog bin was being put up in Honna Road..

    Dog Bins –

    Mr Vernon and the Clerk had spoken to one of the binmen when they were putting up signs for the Ballakilley Meeting.  They had asked him if the bin lorry went along the Ballachurry Road and if a dog bin was put there could they empty it.  He said they did. The Clerk was to check with Mr Jones and, if they did, one was to be put on a pole along that road.

    The Howe – Mr Cain suggested putting a dog bin on a pole near the junction with Glen

    Chass – on the opposite side of the road to the pavement.  This would mean that there would be a bin at each end of Glen Chass.  This was agreed.

    Letter from Lawn Tennis Association IOM. (from Ian Watson, Tennis Development Officer).  They requested  :-  . ‘……permission from the Rushen Parish Commissioners to organise a sponsored ‘beach clean’.  The funds raised would go towards the costs of sending a Tennis team to compete in the 2009 Island Games in Aland.  Mrs Francis Tinkler who I believe has already made enquiries regarding this matter is one of our Team Managers and is happy to organise the beach clean.  If we are given the opportunity to go ahead I would be grateful if you would contact Frances to give her the go ahead as she will be the main contact for the beach clean.’

    Although the letter did not state it – it was understood that they were asking for a donation from RPC in return for doing a beach clean.

    Mr Tinkler declared an interest as his wife was to be one of the Team Managers and she would be organising the beach clean.  He left the room whilst this was discussed.

    It was agreed that they could clean Fleshwick  including the brooghs and stream. If possible it should be done in readiness for the Easter holidays.  A donation would be made once it was done.

    Mr Tinkler returned to the Meeting.

    Letter from Mr Thomson, Rushen SchoolThe Caretaker had had to empty dog mess from the school litter bin near the main entrance.  He assumed that it was members of the public who were walking their dogs past the school who were doing it.  He asked for a dog bin near their entrance and it was agreed that one should be put there.

    Dog Byelaws – emails from S Hamer, K Michael Commissioner and Member of the Municipal Association.

    They were trying to bring in dog byelaws and there were anomalies regarding what is ‘open space’. The Attorney General seemed to have a different interpretation for this than the original legal team may have had in 1980 when the Dogs Act came into being.  The current AG’s team now believed that the Act does not allow places such as churchyards and car parks to be deemed ‘open spaces’ and thus now allowable in future byelaws.

    There had been two emails and the Clerk had copied these to Members.

    Mr Gunn, the Representative on the Municipal Association, said that the Municipal Association had been looking into this and other ‘dog’ matters such as where does the Dog License money go to – it was believed it only went into Treasury.

    m)  Signs.

    Honna road.     A check had been made regarding parking in the area and cars did not seem to park near the phone box so it was agreed the sign should be put there.

    n)  Ballafesson Playing Field.

    Mr Cain said he had not heard from his contact regarding the prices for swings.   The Clerk had asked if the goal posts and table-bench should be painted.  This was to be looked at, especially the goal posts to check if they were safe.  

    o)  Web Site.

    Mr Vernon and the Clerk had received training from Nick Thornley so that they would be able to keep updating the web site.

    Apparently it was quite difficult to put the Minutes on due to the way they were done.  The Clerk would have to redo them in a different way through trial and error (but for the web site only).   Putting other things on was a lot easier. They had spoken with Mr Thornley about a 6 monthly contract to see how things went and he could be keeping his eye on it and giving advice, etc.

    p)  Southern Civic Amenity Site.

    Report and Statement of Accounts for 06/07 and 07/08 received.

    Also received their yearly Report.

    Mr Cain said that there had not been a meeting since last month.

    q)  Southern Swimming Pool.

    A further refund received from Board re loan from Castletown now expired – £1,078 80.

    This was with regard to the proportional loan charge re the original refurbishment loan for the Southern Pool through Castletown Commissioners.  The Board had been advised that the loan charges were amalgamated in 2008 and as this loan had now been repaid in full were no longer applicable for 2009.  As the new refurbishment loans were being repaid through central Government future Local Authority contributions for the Southern Swimming Pool would consist only of the 2 1/2p rate on the rateable value.

    r)  Municipal Association.

    The next meeting  would be on 26th March.  Minutes and Agendas received and copied to Mr Gunn..

    s)  Allotments

    The Clerk had sent the letter regarding Mount Gawne Road  as instructed at the previous meeting.

    The field had been ploughed and marked out; there was a new gate which has been set back into the field so that a car could be off the road whilst the gate was being opened and shut to get into the field.

    The Residents of Mount Gawne Rd had told the Clerk that they had not yet had a meeting with PSM Commissioners. She had contacted PSM as the email from Mrs Collister indicated that the Minister of DoLGE had become involved.  They replied that it had always been their intention to hold a meeting with the concerned parties. ‘If Mrs Collister had expressed concerns to RPC which have not already been dealt with eg security, access etc it would be helpful if you could let us know what her concerns now are, together with those of any other resident of Mount Gawne Rd.’

    Port St Mary Clerk had indicated to the Clerk in a subsequent conversation that they were going to hold a public meeting with PSM, RPC, residents, allotment holders, etc. invited along with the 3 Rushen MHKs .

    They were still waiting to hear from SLR (engineers) via DoLGE Waste Management regarding the tip before a decision could be made regarding where the parking facilities would be sited for the Allotments.  They felt that SLR must have done an investigation on the site and would be able to advise on any contamination – which would mean that the existing hardstanding could not be used in the interim or that the proposed hardstanding could not be made.  The Clerk had offered that RPC could contact DoLGE Waste to insist that they hurry thing up (as it is all in Rushen) but PSM Clerk declined the offer.

    Notification had been received that Port St Mary Commissioners were holding an Open Meeting regarding the Allotments at 7 30pm on Tuesday 24th March at St Mary’s Church Hall, Bay View Road, PSM “to discuss any issues relating to the allotments site.”  Hon. Phil Gawne MHK was to Chair it.

    A letter had been received  from PSM which had been copied to all Members.

    The Chairman and Mr Radcliffe would be unable to attend as they were off the Island but the other Members and Clerk would attend.  RPC’s views that they were opposed to any access on Mount Gawne Road were to be re-iterated. Mr Gunn as Vice-Chairman was to be spokesman.

    An email had been received from Port St Mary Commissioners with three names of people who had been proposed as an independent member of the Allotments Committee – Chris Burton, Frank Harrison and  Graham Newsome.  It was agreed that Frank Harrison should be nominated by RPC.

    Rushen’s Representative on the Committee was agreed as David Radcliffe.

    t)  Southern Healthcare Committee.Mr Tinkler said that there was nothing to report.

    u)  Marashen CrescentMr Vernon had nothing to report.

    v)  Rushen AmbulanceMr Vernon said that the AGM had not been held yet.

    w)  MNH

    Mobile phone coverage The Department of Home Affairs had a Planning Application in for a mast to provide coverage on part of Meayll Peninsula. (to be considered later in the Meeting).

    Lighthouse on the Calf. Nothing further.

    x)  National Heritage Area.

    The Clerk had contacted the Minister for DAFF to see if any progress was being made on bringing this forward.  He said that any progress in the near future was unlikely.

    y)  Car Park, The Howe.Mr Cain reported that he had picked up some litter from the car park.

    z)  Risk Assessment.The Clerk had tried to contact Mr Hornsby but had been unsuccessful.  She would try again and it was suggested that he come to the next meeting.

    zz)  The Craggs, The Howe. There was now a skip there, presumably to tidy up the garden.

    aa)  Land in front of Hillcrest, CregneashThe Chairman had not spoken with Mr Qualtrough.

    ab)  Golden Jubilee Trust

    As Mr Radcliffe was not at the Meeting there was nothing to report.

    ac)  Surby Road.

    Smell of gas by Moorescroft.  The owner, Mrs Felton, had been contacting the Clerk regarding the smell of gas and she had gone there again as Mrs Felton had called the gas men out who had said it was not her tank at fault.  The Clerk had called out Environmental Health (as had the gas men) and they came that afternoon.  They said it was definitely gas and informed the gas men accordingly.

    Mrs Felton had since told the Clerk that they had the gas men out again and pointed out a possible defect on a pipe into the ground.  They have put a new bit in and seemed to have cured the problem.

    ad)  Regeneration of Towns and Villages. Nothing further at present.

    ae)  Dilapidated Buildings

    Nothing further at present but Mr Vernon would be attending any meetings held regarding this.

    af)  Housing Conference 6th March 8 45 – 5.

    Mr Vernon and the Clerk attended.  This was mainly about ‘Supported Housing’.  Those speaking were Deborah Reeve the Director of Housing, Tony Lever, Assistant Director of Social Services, two learning disabilities service users (who gave talks about how they had become tenants and lived independently but with support), Fiona Robinson, Homelessness Projects Development Officer.   Andy Stoll, Head of Policy Gas Safe Register & Brian Arnold, Health and Safety both spoke – the CORGI registration was to finish at the end of March and a new registration would take immediate effect – GasSafe Register.

    Ewan Hilton from Gofal Cymru  spoke on ‘Delivering Supported Housing – a UK perspective’.  There were two speakers giving information of various items to assist people to live longer in their own homes – mainly the elderly but also disabled.  There was a panel debate on warden services in supported housing.

    ag)  DAFF Marine Nature Reserve Project.  Public Meeting 25th Feb.

    This was attended by  Messrs. P Gunn, P Vernon, D Cain and the Clerk.

    There was nothing further on this but Mr Vernon indicated that he would be sending in his own views on the subject.

    ah)  Proposed withdrawal of payphone at Surby Old Post Office

    Reply from Manx Telecom: They said that the £96 revenue fell short of the amount required to provide payphone facilities and was a strong indicator that it was not well used by the public.  To put the figure into perspective the average cost of maintaining a payphone in 2008 equated to £720.  This figure included:

    MEA charges for payphone power and kiosk lighting;

    Maintenance, including faults with payphone mechanism., handset and kiosk repairs;

    Annual support contract payment to our supplier for the Payphone Management System;

    Cleaning contract;

    Cash collection and processing

    Painting (typically amortised over a seven year period).

    The decision to withdraw the payphone at Surby was not taken lightly and other factors were taken into consideration before advising the Commissioners of our intentions. They looked at mobile coverage and the location of other payphones.

    They currently operated a network of 130 payphones across the Island at a loss….. their responsibilities were set out in the Guidelines which included coverage and distance between phones.  They had an obligation to all their customers to limit loss making payphones that needed cross-subsidies from other product areas.

    Section 4.6 of the Guidelines makes allowances for the Local Authority in the area to contribute to the costs if they wish the service to continue.  They would reconsider their withdrawal if RPC would be willing to make up the shortfall between call revenues and their costs on an ongoing annual basis.  Based on last year’s revenue the cost to RPC would amount to £624 with this amount reviewed annually.

    Members were disappointed at this reply but felt that they could not spend Ratepayers money on subsidising a private company.  The Clerk to write to that effect.

    ai)  Post Box at The Level

    The Clerk had written to the Post Office on 1st March but had not received a reply.                She was to write again.

    aj)  Attendance Allowance

    Mr Tinkler indicated that he would claim attendance allowance for the year – 12 meetings at £25, which would be £300.  No other Members indicated that they would claim any allowance.


    a)  1st Supplemental List 2009. The two new houses at The Level  and the four apartments on Shore Road have been valued.

    b)  Consultation of Proposed Amendments to the Building Control Act 1991.

    This was set out in three chapters –

    1.  Vision for Building Control; what is building control and what we should do and not do

    2.  Modern Regulations, control and Compliance; sustainability, Energy Conservation CO2 emissions and standards.

    3.  Modernising Inspection and Enforcement; Risk based inspection, Competent Persons Schemes and time limits on legal proceedings.

    They would like views by 30th April.

    They did not send enough documents for everyone but it could be viewed at www.gov.im/dlge or they could send an electronic copy.

    This was to be kept on the Agenda for the next Meeting.

    c)  Consultation – A Strategy for the Future Health Service in the IOM.

    The document detailed the vision for the future of Health Services of the Island.  Electronic copies of the document could be accessed at hhtp:www.gov.im/consultations.gov then click current consultation.  Views by 31st May or email [email protected].

    It was agreed that individual responses could be sent by Members.

    d)  Consultation – Proposed changes to family income supplement and income support for lone parents.

    Two copies  had been received . Any comments to be in by 9th April.  Mr Tinkler and Mr Gunn would look at this and respond if necessary.

    e)  Consultation -Human Rights (Amendment)  Bill.

    This has been emailed to Members on 3rd March.

    The purpose of the Bill was to amend the Human Rights Act 2001 in two ways: a) amend the act to take account of a derogation from the European convention on Human Rights that has been withdrawn since the 2001 Act was enacted, and to correct deficiency in the Act so that any such changes to it can, in future, be made by Order; and b) provide the Council of Ministers with a contingency power (“a remedial order”) to amend legislation (with Tynwald approval) in urgent cases where it has been found to be in breach of the European Convention..    Any comments by 17th April.

    Mr Gunn was to look at this and let the Clerk know if any response should be made.

    f)  Young Persons Working Group.

    From Office of Council of Ministers.   A Young Persons Working Group chaired by Hon AV Craine MHK had been established.  In order that the Working Group had a clear understanding of the current leisure facilities available to young people on the Island they would like a breakdown of informal social leisure place in our area which were available to those within the age group 14-23 and the hours of the day during which they were accessible.  Informal social leisure facilities fall into the following examples but if your authority has other informal facilities where young people meet please include them.

    Cafes/coffee shops, drop in centres for young people, outdoor youth shelters, skate parks, BMX/mountain bike tracks, outdoor hard court play area, kick about areas for informal use such as playing fields, recreation grounds with equipment suitable for 14+ years.

    As most of these were what was hoped for at Ballakilley the Clerk was to write to them with that information and asking for their support in trying to get the Ballakilley land zoned for these purposes.

    Mention was made regarding the Elizabeth Clucas Trust, which was a charitable trust, and where the money was being donated.  Mr Gunn was to go to the Registry and look at the accounts of the Trust and would report back to the next Meeting.

    g)  Southern Transitional Island.

    Letter from Chris Burton who had given the presentation to RPC regarding Peak Oil.

    One of their projects was to distribute and collate a survey to establish the requirements of Allotments within the South of the Island.  They confirm that they posted 1,000 leaflets within Port St Mary, Port Erin, Castletown, Ballasalla and Ballabeg.  There were a number of replies positively requesting an Allotment, both verbal and in writing.

    They are aware that a number of Commissioners have already identified and are progressing schemes within their Village.  They can supply details of the replies they received.

    Their next project was to try to reduce plastic bag use within the south.  They were going to try to persuade shop owners and managers to restrict plastic bags and try alternatives like paper and reuseable.

    Also mentioned – the Bright Ideas Exhibition held on 6 & 7 March at the Villa.

    This was noted.

    h)  Local Authorities Events – Peel Commissioners.

    Letter from them – they discussed at their meeting the 6 pence rate limit on the funding for events decreed by DoLGE..  Their costs had escalated in recent years due to the need to comply with health and safety requirement and planning issues to comply with police.

    They were to raise it with the Minister of DoLGE with a view to increasing the 6 pence rate limit.  They would like to know RPC’s views.

    Members felt that the 6 pence rate was sufficient for Rushen but that it may not be for larger Authorities.

    i)  Douglas Corporation – drinks in the Mayors Parlour.

    Invitation to join the Mayor for drinks in the Town Hall, Douglas at 7pm on Friday 27th March.  The Mayor is Mrs Dot Pitts and her Consort is Councillor Stephen Pitts.  Guests should assemble in the foyer just prior to the commencement time.  Dress – lounge suit.

    Mr Tinkler indicated that he would attend and the clerk would reply for him.

    j)  DTL – Island in Bloom.

    Letter inviting  participation – closing date 1st June.

    k)  Road Transport Licensing Committee.

    Applications, decisions and notices.                               Noted.

    l)  Easter Athletics Festival 10-12 April.

    Letter from D Ronan giving information.  The Great South Run course attracts over 300 competitors.  The start would be 7pm on Port Erin Prom.  He enclosed a flyer and would welcome any feedback.

    m)  Patrick Commissioners Civic Service.

    Invitation to attend Sunday 26th April, 3pm at St Paul’s Church, Kionslieu Hill, Foxdale.

    The Chairman indicated that he would attend.

    Chain of Officethe Clerk asked if Members should think about having the names of the Chairman put on the ribbon.  The Chain was presented in 1994 for the Centenary.  It was agreed that this should be investigated and the Chairman was to look into prices.

    The Chairman also thought it may be a good idea to have a board with all the names of past Chairmen on it and have it put in Ballafesson Hall.  Although agreeing with the principle Members were not certain that such a board could be put up in the Hall as it could be seen as political.  The Chairman was to look into this.


    a)  09/0267.  Radio Site, Cronk ny Arrey, Cregneash. Dept. of Home Affairs. Development of existing radio site by proposed installation of a 15m high monopole to accommodate 2 antennas for Manx Telecom and 2 antennas for Cable and Wireless.  Additionally the installation of a 0.6m dish on NE face of the equipment building.  Equipment cabinets to be located within the existing building.

    Mr Cain informed the meeting that he was the tenant of the land and did not take part in the decision.

    No objections.

    b)  09/0262.  Bridge House, Surby Road. Mr A Crowther. Alterations and extensions to previously proposed application (08/0316).

    No objections.

    c)  09/0226.  Cronk Beg, Ballagawne Road. Mr & Mrs Hulbert. Demolition of existing outbuilding and building of single storey kitchen extension to rear of property.  Creation of door in existing window opening to garage.

    No objections.

    d)  09/0293.  Ballaman, Balnahowe. Cheeseden Investments Ltd. Alterations to external facades of existing cottages and outbuildings including the construction of 2 entrance porches, introduction of stone cladding, painting of existing render, introduction of render bands, new pitched slate roof to garages, removal of roof and wall metal cladding to agricultural building and replacement with render wall finish and slate roof covering.

    No objections.

    e)  09/0298.  Ballavayre Farm, Ballakilpheric. Hintock Ltd.  Conversion of outbuilding to domestic garage and removal of two redundant outbuildings.

    No objections.

    f)  09/0399.  Part of field 2368.  Croit-e-Caley. Hartford Homes Ltd.  Amendments to existing approved site entrance to allow better visibility by forming a safer access as discussed with officers of DoT.

    No objections but it was noted that there may be a private dispute with the joint owners of the wall which would have to be taken down.

    g)  09/0314.  Homefield, The Level. Ravenhill Resources. Erection of small dwarf boundary wall, removal of existing shop bay window and installation of French doors to side elevation and new render to rear annexe and gables.

    Some of this was retrospective.

    The plans still showed the windows at the front to be top-hung and objection was to be made to this but none to the remainder of the application.

    h)  09/0399.  Robin Hill Farm, Cronk-e-Dhooney. Mr & Mrs MacQuillan. Improvements to existing property, 2 storey extension to east elevation.

    No objections.


    a)  09/004.  Chapel Cottage, Croit-e-Caley. Mr & Mrs Jones. Installation of replacement windows.

    Decision – Acting Senior Planning Officer.   Issued 23rd February 2009.

    b)  ­09/035.  Ballavayre Farm, Ballakilpheric Road. Hintock Ltd. Construction of front porch and installation of replacement windows.

    2.  This permission relates to the removal of the existing render, re-pointing of the stonework beneath, the addition of a stone porch and replacement of the existing windows with plastic-framed sliding sashes all as shown and described in plan ref. 08/119/01/

    Decision – Planning Committee.                 Issued – 2nd March 2009.

    c)  09/086.  Hillcrest, Ballakilpheric Road. Miss S Bentley. Erection of a porch.

    Decision – Acting Senior Planning Officer.    Issued 6th March 2009.

    9.  PLANNING REFUSALS   none.


    a)  08/0908.  Land at Bradda View, Ballakillowey. Hartford Homes Ltd. Residential Estate of five dwellings with access road, drainage and landscaping.  Appeal to be held on 24th March.

    The Chairman had contacted Mr & Mrs Faragher of Ballakeyll, the property which would be most affected by the proposed dwelling on plot 5.  He had visited them with the plans and had now concluded that the proposed dwelling would be un-neighbourly and overbearing and that the original plan had not fully highlighted the precise dimensions of the development and the impact of this on the significant slope of the ground which falls away.  The first floor level of the proposed dwelling would come above the upper bedroom window of 7 Ballakeyll and the rear wall would be no more than 30/40 ft away from the boundary of no. 7.

    It was agreed that RPC would support Mr & Mrs Faragher and, as the Chairman would be off the Island on 24th, Mr Gunn would attend the Appeal.  He would contact the Faraghers and go and see the property for himself before he attended the Hearing.

    b)  08/2015. Homefield, The Level. Raven Hill Resources Ltd. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two semi detached dwellings with associated parking.The Appeal Hearing to be held on 22nd April.



    a)  30 Christeens Way, Ballakillowey Estate.

    The Clerk had received a phone call from Mrs Porter 30 Christeen’s Way, Ballakillowey Estate, who was upset because their address and post code had been changed without them knowing..  They had now been told they were in Odins Way.  This would have a big impact on many things as post codes are used as a reference in lots of business transactions.  The Clerk contacted the MEA who had, for 3 or 4 years been compiling a data base for general use and they had to abide by the British Standard when compiling it.  The properties 30 and 31 Christeens Way were not shown on the aerial photographs and maps as in Christeens Way – a cul de sac – but on the road into the estate which they had down as Odin’s Way (but the sign for Odin’s Way was further down the road near to the area known as Odin’s Way.  The Porters and Mr Wilkins in 31 both wanted to keep their address as Christeen’s Way and RPC had offered to put up a sign outside their houses to this effect.  They were shown on the Treasury Rates list – the largest data base – as being in Christeen’s Way and were also on the Electoral Roll.

    It was agreed that a sign should be put up indicating that the properties were 30 and 31 Christeen’s Way.

    There were various concerns regarding this matter which needed to be discussed and sorted out.

    14.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wednesday 15th April

    The meeting closed at 9 55pm.