• Southern Amenity Site Report 2007

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    April 11th, 2008 by Gillian Kelly in Reports

    This is the third report for the Southern Civic Amenity Site Board to update Authorities.

    One of the year’s major events was the withdrawal of the green waste contract by the Government. They had the option to extend the contract for another two years but decided for a number of reasons not to do so.

    Reasons for not extending the contract:

    • The Department needed to fund other projects
    • The other Sites paid for the disposal of their green waste and the Department deemed it unfair the Southern had theirs paid for, it decided to pay for the rent of the Site as part of their policy in treating all Sites equally.

    The Board looked at a variety of options and determined it would be best to carry on with composting, offer screened material back to the public for a small donation ( to offset the costs of screening) with pre-screened material freely available in small or large quantities. The Douglas Corporation Composting machine shreds the material two days a fortnight.

    A new Digger replaced the old machine, with the trade in and money used from reserves it has been paid for out right. Although there have been a number of teething problems it has made life easier with less down time due to break downs. The responsibility for the machine and its essential maintenance has been given to one of the Operatives.

    All Sites are now open to everybody from any area of the Island there has been no noticeable increase or decrease in traffic because of this and it has meant alternative options are available if this Site needs to shut due to adverse weather conditions.

    The Site opened the whole of Easter in 2007 a successful initiative with it being very busy the whole of the 4 day period helped by the excellent weather. The Public response was especially positive and with many complements received. On the down side on the Tuesday after the Site needed to close an hour after opening to sort out the backlog of accumulated rubbish.

    Public opening hours are Monday-Thursday 10-4 Friday 10-3.30 Saturday and Sunday 10-4.30pm Monday –Friday the Site shuts between 12-1pm to allow for the loading of the rubbish and Sat and Sunday 12-12.30pm for lunch. Operational restrictions mean any work involving the digger on the main Site must be done in the absence of the public. Other Sites do not have quite the same problems as rubbish is placed directly into the skips.

    The Government charges remain the same at £100 a tonne for Commercial waste, £10 a tonne for domestic and wood £35 a tonne. Site Commercial charges have been increase by the Board from April 2008 to £30 a tonne. The Board continues to charge Domestic customers a small amount for large loads of green waste, DIY, house clearances etc, in line with the Government policy of Polluter Pays.

    During the year, the Energy from Waste made another stand about acceptable waste types. Metal is a big issue and although it can be removed at the plant it is better if it doesn’t find its way there in the first place Zero Waste Mann and SITA placed an ad in Manx Tales requesting the Public to recycle metals, batteries and glass rather than put them into their dustbin. Metal, which has not gone through the EFWF, is of greater value in terms of recycling.

    The rent payable to Port St Mary Commissioners is set to increase from April 2008 hopefully it will be an inflationary increase set by the Manx RPI.

    Closure due to high winds occurred on several occasions. This is for the safety of the Public and staff, to avoid littering the countryside or causing an accident on the road from windblown debris. Generally, the west and northerly winds cause the most problems; unfortunately, if someone stands at the gate it can be appear to be relatively calm.

    The majority of the times staff remain on Site and complete any maintenance work, if they are unable to work outside then they spring clean the mess quarters, sort out the shed, stock take, catch up with paper work etc. The decision to shut is not taken lightly, proper procedures are followed, the Met. Office contacted for an update and the Chairman kept fully informed, if appropriate, he authorizes the staff to go home early.

    The Site shut 5 Full Days and 11 part days out of 344 days.

    An improvement on last year, Staff have tried to anticipate adverse weather conditions and prepare the Site to minimise closure time, other Sites are not as exposed to the vagaries of the weather.

    Other News

    A small income is now generated from recycling car batteries.

    The Site and Public participated with the National Sports Centre Manager in collecting sports equipment for Zambia which arrived there recently.

    Police have assisted tracking down a couple of people whom have dropped off fridges and failed to pay for them.

    The first fixed and portable line testing, carried out at the request of the Insurance Company,

    resulted in a couple of minor repairs.

    A member of staff was nominated for a Manx Radio community award for his services at the Site and won a bottle of champagne

    We were able to connect a local charity setting up a home for a young person with someone emptying a house both parties were happy to assist each other.

    The Board agreed to a Broadband connection at the Site, it is limited to 4 GB per month, but that is more than enough for its present needs and the office computer replaced as keys were peeling off and the CD drive not working properly.

    The Red Cross withdrew the recycling of printer cartridges as it wasn’t cost effective, Crossroads Carers took its place but have realised it is taking up too much administration time.

    Big Fish are going to take laser printer cartridges and any HP ones for recycling. Share the Care spectacles and old mobile phones.

    Weighbridge yearly check by the Governments weights and measures Dept ok

    SITA now has the contract for the removal of hazardous household waste and the General Public can contact them directly i.e. Andrew Walker – 01628 513247 or email andrew[dot]walker(at)sita.co.uk

    Mr Butt reintroduced regular joint CA staff meetings at which it was agreed to make all the Sites No Smoking Areas as of January 1 prompted by an incident in the North.

    Phone books were not collected separately this year so went to the EFWF

    Training completed in 2007

    First Aid, Fire Warden, Manual Handling, Working Safely

    Recycling/waste Figures Jan 07-Dec 07

    these figures give a guideline only.

    Engine Oil 2 pick ups
    Metal 229.24 tonnes
    Rubble 343 tonnes
    Inert (Glass and soil) 205 tonnes
    Clothes 9 tonnes Manx Waste Solutions (Estimate)
    ? tonnes Salvation Army
    Green Waste No figures
    Glass 109 tonnes
    Paper 144 tonnes
    Aluminium Cans 3 tonnes
    Fridges 10 tonnes (approx)
    Car Batteries fsd
    Household Batteries 2 pick-ups
    Household Items put into Covered Bay Unknown
    Energy from Waste Facility 2039.9 tonnes Jan-Nov

    Of which:

    Commercial waste to EFWF 139.7 tonnes
    Wood 48.61 tonnes
    Domestic 1851.59 tonnes
    Landfill 2.5 tonnes
    Fluorescent tubes 598
    Bulbs 137
    TV’s 1034
    Monitors 598

    Waste from Commissioners

    Port Erin 22.24 tonnes
    Castletown 48.02 tonnes
    Port St Mary 65.15 tonnes
    Arbory 2.39 tonnes
    Malew 41.3 tonnes
    green kerbside pilot scheme
    Malew 1.54
    Rushen 630kg occasional beach clean or fly tipped rubbish

    Malew’s tonnages are mostly from the grass kerbside collection scheme they initiated. (Figures April-December) The weights have fluctuated from 2.22tonnes–10kg

    Just to remind everyone the reason the Board agreed the Covered Bay should shut on a Sunday afternoon was because it was being used as a meeting place for many individuals, from all areas of the Island –trying to restrict the amount of time any one person spent in this area did not work. The positive aspect of this are the two part time members of staff can complete basic tidying tasks and more importantly the public wishing to dispose of their rubbish can do so without fighting for a car space. Soil conditioner is available for bagging and collection on a Sunday afternoon. the Recycling Bay shuts are when the high winds are borderline in terms of closing and full attention needs to be given to the safety of those dropping off or if there is maintenance on Site and it is a matter of getting the cars in and out.

    Mr Bennett is Chairman, Mr W Hansen (PSM) Vice Chair All Board Members were re-elected.

    Amanda Butler
    Clerk of the Southern Amenity Site