• Minutes of the 18 September Meeting

    October 28th, 2019 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of monthly Board Meeting
    Held 7pm Wednesday 18th September 2019 at Ballafesson Methodist Hall


    Present: Mr S Pilling (Chairman), Mr D Radcliffe, Mr G Clucas and Mr P Gunn.
    Apologies: Mr P Vernon
    In attendance: The Clerk.

    1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 21st August 2019 were agreed having been proposed by Mr Clucas and seconded by Mr Gunn.

    a) Dog Byelaws – the Clerk had not had time to pursue this matter.
    b) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – – the Clerk reported that the matter was ongoing.
    c) Ballakilley boundary extensions – the Clerk reported that he had been invited to meet with DoI senior officers and the Clerk to Port Erin Commissioners for a preliminary discussion. The Board agreed that while open to any genuine attempt to try to resolve the matter amicably, their clear position was to maintain the status quo. The Board was also clear that there is a strong case for the current criteria which guide any inquiry into boundary extensions clearly needed to be revised prior to any further formal consideration of this matter. The Board also expressed its dismay and disappointment at the comments reported in Isle of Man Newspapers which were made by Port Erin Commissioners in relation to this matter as they clearly demonstrated that Port Erin Commissioners were unlikely to attempt negotiate an amicable solution.
    d) Outstanding rates – the Clerk reported that the matter was ongoing.
    e) Play area on the green space within the Ballakilley estate – the Clerk had shared with the Clerk to Port Erin Commissioners the plans provided by Dandara for this space and had received the following comments:
    The Board of Port Erin Commissioners briefly discussed the plans you’d sent over at the end of its meeting in August.
    The Board felt the plans were very disappointing for a residential development of 168 homes, with only 5 children being able to use play equipment at any one time. Also, the plans don’t show any consideration given to safety flooring, which would certainly be required for the proposed swing. A couple of the Board members reported that they have been to the play area in Cronk Cullyn and commented that they felt this proposal could not be compared.
    Based on our recent scheme on Erin Crescent, I would estimate the cost of the play equipment included within the proposed scheme is likely to be around £1,800 which is not particularly great sum for an estate of that size. As a comparison, the Erin Crescent scheme equipment was around £8,000.
    The Board noted Port Erin’s comments but felt that the very significant plans they had for the Church and Barrack’s field would more than compensate for what Port Erin perceived as a lack of facilities in this area. It was agreed that the Clerk would release the plans as part of a brief public consultation, with a view to proceeding swiftly to get the area developed.
    f) Multiuse recreational space – the Board met Samson Designs and considered some very exciting initial plans for the Ballakilley fields. The Board expressed some concerns with the initial design but felt that Samsons were certainly providing some very good ideas. It was agreed that the design would now be shared with a number of interested parties and further refined prior to a formal public consultation being undertaken.
    g) Surby resident’s concerns on high hedges and property owner’s request – the Clerk reported that the matter was ongoing.
    h) Joint working with Arbory – the Commissioners briefly considered the rating and charging differences between the two parishes. It was agreed that final decisions would be taken on this matter when the joint boards met on the 20th September.
    i) Equality Act Retirement Age – the Clerk confirmed that he had now reviewed his contract and prepared a contract for the new Deputy Clerk, Mr Kniveton and both contracts complied with the legislation. The Board acknowledged the rigorous recruitment process for the Deputy Clerk and welcomed Mr Kniveton into the new role. The Chairman signed the Deputy Clerk’s contract which the Deputy Clerk had already signed.
    j) MUA Wayleave – the Clerk had not been able to pursue this matter since the last meeting.
    k) Invitation to attend the CyberIsle Event 2019 – 23 October 2019 – having replied to the invitation to attend a special event designed for local authorities the Clerk had been informed that the session had been cancelled due to lack of interest. Commissioners could still attend the main event if they wished.
    l) Chief Minister’s Tree Planting Initiative – the Clerk reported that there were opportunities for the Commissioners to support this initiative and he would be discussing the matter further with DEFA shortly.
    j) Mr Clucas declaration of interests – Mr Clucas declared his interests as follows: he owns a third share in a residential property in the Parish, he is the driving force of the charity Quing and an employee of that charity, and he is undertaking a doctorate in Social Engineering.

    3. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – the next meeting was to be held the following evening. The Chairman requested that the Clerk inform our gardening contractor that he will soon be charged for the disposal of green waste at the site.
    4. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported that there was to be a business meeting at end of the month.
    5. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Radcliffe reported that a meeting was to be held during the following week.
    6. MARASHEN CRESCENT – a brief meeting had been held the previous day but there was not a lot to report.
    7. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – no meeting had been held and none was currently planned.
    8. MANX NATIONAL HERITAGE – nothing to report
    a) Ballafesson Corner – the Commissioners noted with dismay ongoing correspondence in relation to this matter. The Commissioners were hopeful that the Minister would provide a more satisfactory answer than the rather flippant one provided by his officers.
    b) Road Traffic Notice – A5 Gansey, temporary One-Way – this was noted by the Commissioners as was the Commissioners deep concern over the lack of thought which had gone into managing traffic resulting from this temporary one-way system.
    c) Road Traffic Notice PROW 246 & 251A (Rushen) – this was noted.
    d) Weed spraying – following a complaint received about the weed problem the Commissioners agreed that a third spray would be undertaken of all the areas sprayed including estate roads, in future years. It was also agreed that the Clerk would investigate whether it might be possible to better seal the road edges to discourage weed growth in the future.
    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):
    The Clerk reported the income received since the last meeting.
    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)
    The accounts for payment were agreed.

    Balance on last statements August 2019 – this was noted.
    General account 205,485.33 Liquidity Manager 5.11

    a) IoMMA & hedge cutting – invitation to attend the Manx Nature Conservation Forum – it was agreed that the Clerk should attend if possible and Mr Gunn would pass this on at the next Municipal Association meeting.
    b) Pest proofing chimney caps – it was agreed to discuss this with tenants during the annual housing inspection.
    c) Rental setting 2020-21 – email from DoI – the Commissioners considered the matter and agreed that an increase in line with inflation would be their preferred way forward.
    d) Oakleigh House, Truggan Road – the Commissioners noted recent correspondence and agreed that the Clerk should now send a second more forceful letter to the occupier of the property.

    A] Planning Applications – all of the following applications were supported by the Commissioners
    a) 19/00966/B 6, Croit y Kirkjufal, The Sloc. Mr Kelly. New plans for the site and variation of condition 1 of permission granted to PA 14/01420.
    b) 19/00931/B 31 Christeens Way, Ballakillowey. Mrs Townson. Various alterations to study, sunroom and conservatory.
    c) 19/00995/B 31 Struan, Ballakillowey Road. Mr and Mrs Harrison. Extension of building and various other alterations.
    B] Planning Approvals – the following approvals were noted.
    a) 19/00853/B Cronk E Dhooney Farmhouse Cronk Y Dhooney. Mr & Mrs Andrew Bell. Decision – Head of Development Management. Approved. Issued 12th September 2019.
    b) 19/00733/B Garthcote Ballakillowey Road. Mr & Mrs Shimmin. Decision – Head of Development Management. Approved. Issued 30th August 2019.
    c) 19/00795/B 7 Bradda View Ballakillowey. Mr Wilcock & Mrs Greenwood. Decision – Principal Planner. Approved. Issued 12th September 2019.

    C] Completion Certificates – the following certificates were noted.
    a) 00/07478/DEX Fern Cottage, Howe Road. Dr & Mrs McDonald. Issued 22nd August 2019.
    b) 19/07135/ROOF 1 Viking Close, Ballakillowey. Mr Renshaw. Issued 6th September 2019.
    c) 02/07639/DEX Maidstone, Ballafesson. Mr Briggs. Issued 9th September 2019.

    a) Ballafesson Drug Problem – the Clerk will request an update from the police.
    b) Filing – the Board agreed to fund a further month for the Clerk to catch up on filing.
    c) It was agreed that a letter be sent to the occupiers of the property at bottom of Garth Avenue requesting that their overgrown trees and bushes be trimmed.

    15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wednesday 16th October 2019 The Chairman may be absent from the next meeting.