• Minutes of the 17 July 2019 Meeting

    August 22nd, 2019 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes


    Minutes of monthly Board Meeting

    Held 7pm Wednesday 17th July 2019 at Ballafesson Methodist Hall



    Present: Mr S Pilling (Chairman), Mr P Vernon, Mr D Radcliffe and Mr P Gunn.

    In attendance: The Clerk.


    Arbory Parish Commissioners, Mr S Gawne (Chairman), Mrs J Glover (Vice Chair) Mr Cringle and Mr Cowin joined the meeting to discuss the Joint Working Options paper at 7pm.The Clerk introduced the topic and explained the options. He also clarified that following the recent press release from Rushen in which reference was made to a possible merger, he had received significant support for the merger from members of the public and several MHKs.


    A range of views were expressed, and they are recorded here for clarity. One Rushen member couldn’t see any significant savings in the merger. An Arbory member was fully supportive of the proposal for a full merger, and this was supported by a different Rushen member. Another Rushen member wondered whether the Clerk and Assistant could be a first stage and then move to a full merger in a few years’ time. Another Arbory member strongly supported the full merger saying that the staff savings would appear to be significant.


    The only reservation from one Rushen member was how the proposal would be explained to ratepayers. An Arbory member liked the idea of the merged administration but felt that before decisions are taken, full public consultation should be undertaken. A further Arbory member supported full merger at some point but was particularly concerned not to let parishioners down by allowing the potential for take overs by larger neighbouring authorities and felt the merger would help protect the two parishes.


    After careful consideration, it was agreed to proceed with the Clerk and Deputy option regardless of future merger decisions, and this would be funded as per the options paper. This would mean that the Clerk will reduce his hours to sixteen hours per week, and the Deputy Clerk would work twenty hours per week, including a specific four hours a week for the Clague Cooil Briscoe Trust. It was further agreed to call the new post the Assistant Clerk.


    It was also agreed that the Commissioners would write a letter to each parishioner explaining the proposal and then hold a public meeting in each Parish in the second week of September. It was also agreed that ratepayers would be informed in the same letter about the new Assistant Clerk role and the Clerk would prepare the necessary materials to proceed with recruitment. On receipt of feedback from the letter and public meetings, the authorities would make a final decision on the way forward at their September meetings.


    1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 26th June 2019 were agreed having been proposed by Mr Vernon and seconded by Mr Radcliffe.


    2. a) Street Lighting – light outside Shore Hotel – the Clerk had heard no more since requesting for the light to be shifted on 16th The Clerk will chase the MUA and keep the Shore Hotel informed of developments.
    3. b) Dog Byelaws – the Clerk had been holding back on this in anticipation of some clarity being given regarding Ballakilley. He will now pursue this matter as it is unclear how long the resolution of the boundary dispute will take.
    4. c) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – further work is still required to assess the documents.
    5. d) Port Erin proposed boundary extension – the Minister had written to the Board in early July explaining that he had decided to support the Inspector’s recommendations. As a result of the Minister’s decision which the Board felt went against the principles of natural justice, the Board had requested a boundary extension to take in Port Erin’s part of the new Ballakilley estate. The Clerk had written to Port Erin Commissioners notifying them of the Board’s decision, but requesting that all parties meet at the earliest opportunity to try to find a way to resolve the dispute amicably.
    6. e) Outstanding rates – the Clerk is struggling to get the necessary feedback from Treasury Rates Section and has equally struggled to make contact with the Coroner.
    7. f) Play area on the green space within the Ballakilley estate – the Clerk had delayed sending out the media release asking residents for feedback, as a result of the Minister’s letter. He would endeavour to get the media release out prior to the next meeting.
    8. g) Multiuse recreational space – the Board had received three high quality proposals from local architects and would consider these in the private session.
    9. h) Surby resident’s concerns regarding high hedges and property owners request – the matter remains ongoing.
    10. i) Joint working with Arbory – the matter was discussed by the full Boards of both Parishes, as reported at the start of the minutes.
    11. j) Commissioners’ Community Tidy Up – the event had been successful but turnout from the public had been very poor. It was agreed that for future occasions a different communication strategy would be required.
    12. k) Concern regarding drug dealing at Fairy Hill – an email received from the constabulary was considered by the Board. The Commissioners were pleased to note the action being taken.
    13. l) Equality Act Retirement Age – redraft Clerk’s contract – the matter remains ongoing but would be tackled at the same time as the Assistant Clerk’s contract was being developed.
    14. m) Freedom of Information request – the Clerk reported that the request from Mr Moorhouse MHK about littering prosecutions had been answered. A copy of the answer would now be placed on the Commissioners website.
    15. n) Double yellow lines at Ballakilley entrances and on the Ballakillowey Road – the Clerk had reported this to DoI Highways.
    16. o) Parish Walk – the Clerk had not had time to complete this task.
    17. p) MUA Wayleave – the Clerk reported that the former Clerk had informed him that this recently signed wayleave was not correct as the land was not in the Commissioners’ ownership. The Clerk had asked that the MUA check that the land was in the Commissioners’ ownership ant they had confirmed it was.


    1. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – the Chairman explained that there was little to report since the last meeting.
    2. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn reported the Minister had attended the last meeting. Mr Gunn had once again raised concerns about the needed amendments to legislation in relation to granting a lease on public open space. Anna Goldsmith from the Cabinet Office would be attending the next meeting.
    3. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – there was nothing to report
    4. MARASHEN CRESCENT – Mr Radcliffe reported that further meetings were due to take place concerning the merger with Castletown and Malew Elderly Persons Housing Board.
    5. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – the Chairman reported that the next meeting would be next week
    6. MANX NATIONAL HERITAGE – nothing to report. It was agreed that this no longer needed to be an agenda item unless something arose.

    The Clerk reported on several issues he had been dealing with including hedges intruding onto the pavements.

    1. a) Gran Fondo Isle of Man Signed Notice – this was noted.
    2. b) End to End Walk Signed Notice – this was noted.
    3. c) Work on the Shore Road – the Commissioners were concerned to note proposals to remove the wildflower verge by Kentraugh and pleased to note that the Clerk had written to the DoI asking them to reconsider.
    4. d) State of fence on the corner at Ballafesson – Mr Vernon asked that the Clerk request the landowner to trim the briars at Ballachurry Corner and also arrange for a trim round of the traffic signs on Ballagawne Road.
    5. e) Mr Radcliffe asked that the poor condition of the road from PSM to Glen Chass be reported to the DoI and that the 30mph roundels painted on the road at Ballafesson be repositioned nearer to Port Erin.



    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):                                                                 

    The Clerk reported the income since the last meeting.


    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The accounts for payment were agreed.



    1. a) Email from Grant Thornton confirming review fee for the year will be £2,050 and the review will begin on 2nd August – this was noted.
    2. b) Request for permission to sell from vehicle from Cobbler’s Goose – this was considered and it was agreed that permission would be given provided that appropriate care was taken in finding safe sites to locate the vehicle.
    3. c) This year’s draft financial statements were considered and approved. The Commissioners agreed to establish a £30,000 development fund in relation to the Ballakilley recreation area, and this would be created by transferring funds from the general reserves.


    1. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following position was noted.

    Balance on last statements June/July 2019

    General ‘rates’ account                                  109,914.81

    Liquidity Manager (rates)                                         5.11


    2. a) LA/DoI recycling figures, 2018 – email from DoI Waste Management – these were considered and noted.
    3. b) Public Health Newsletter: July 2019 – this was noted.
    4. c) Planning Action Plan Update – this was noted.
    5. d) Local Authority Transition – letter from the Minister – this was considered and noted.
    6. e) Street Lighting – Trilliant Presentation – email from MUA – this was noted.
    7. f) All-Island Emergency Meeting for Commissioners & Concerned Members of the Public – invitation from 5G Aware IoM Association – this was considered and noted.
    8. g) Letter relating to the Grand Fondo – this was noted.
    9. h) Letter from Cabinet Officer about War Memorials – this was noted.
    10. i) Letter from Manx Telecom concerning Fibre to the Premises roll out – this was noted.



    A] Planning Applications – it was agreed to support all of these applications.

    1. a) 19/00448/B Kates Cottage, Ballnahowe Road. Cheeseden Investments Ltd. Amendments to plans in relation to visibility splays.
    2. b) 19/00733/B Garthcote, Ballakillowey Road. Mr & Mrs Shimmin. Extension to side.


    B] Planning Approval – this was noted.

    1. a) 19/00562/B Elmwood Honna Road Surby. Mr Tim Rice. Decision – Principle Planner. Approved. Issued 10th July 2019.


    C] Planning Refusals – None


    D] Completion Certificates – this was noted.

    1. a) 18/07463/TOU Shore Hotel. Wentworth Enterprises. Issued 17th May 2019.


    E] Planning appeals – None


    F] Other Planning Matters

    1. a) Letters in connection with 19/00583/B High View Cottage, Ballakillowey Road and the footpath through the development – the Commissioners were pleased to note the landowner’s confirmation that the path would remain open.


    2. a) Mr Vernon invited Commissioners to attend a visit to the incinerator which he had organised.
    3. b) Guilding the Millenium Stone – it was agreed that the Clerk would seek a price from TE Cubbon for undertaking the work.


    1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wednesday 21st August 2019. Mr Radcliffe confirmed that he would be absent for the next meeting.