• Letter from the Commissioners of Arbory and Rushen

    July 29th, 2019 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Uncategorised

    Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners

    Barrantee Skeerey Chairbre as Rosien


    Clerk / Cleragh: Mr Phil Gawne BSc


    Telephone: 824049 email: [email protected]   Telephone: 834501 email: [email protected]

    29th July 2019.

    Dear Parishioner,

    Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners are writing to announce some administrative changes which will lead to an improved service, as well as to ask for your views on some exciting proposals to improve the efficiency of service provision in both Parishes.

    In the next few months the two Parishes will be recruiting a Deputy Clerk, with the Clerk then reducing his hours accordingly. This move allows the Clerk to use his skills and experience to undertake the key roles of political and financial support, while the Deputy Clerk will provide more general administrative assistance.

    If you’re interested in the new Deputy Clerk’s role (see brief description attached), please contact the Clerk for more information using the contact details above.

    Arbory and Rushen always focus on delivering best possible value for the money you provide and due to the changes above, the Commissioners have been looking to see what greater efficiencies from closer working between the two Parishes can be achieved.

    The Commissioners are keen to hear your views on the following options and would welcome your feed-back either through the Clerk using the contact details above, or through attendance at following public meetings – Ballafesson Methodist Hall, 7.30 on 11th September, or Arbory Parish Hall, 7.30 on 12th September.

    Option 1 – Merged administration

    Under this option, one authority would provide under contract to the other authority all the services currently delivered by that authority. So, one administrative entity would provide services for both Parishes with each Parish paying its share of the cost of service delivery.

    There would be some savings to be made in officer time (around four hours a week) and a penny on the rates would most likely be saved. The two Parishes would remain separate legal entities under this option.

    Option 2 – Full merger

    Under this option a new legal entity would be created, Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners, made up of two separate wards of Arbory and Rushen. Significant officer time savings of around a day a week would be made if this option were supported and a reduction in rates of up to 4p in the pound would be delivered.

    Such a merger would most likely result in a reduction in the number of Commissioners, perhaps to three for each ward.

    While such a merger has been inconclusively discussed by both Boards on several occasions over the past decade, it is recognised that it would be a significant step for the Parishes to take.

    The Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners are keen to hear your views and guidance before reaching any conclusion on what would be a momentous decision for our Parishes.

    Please let us know your views by writing a letter or email to the Clerk using the above contact details.

    Thank you in anticipation of your most valuable feedback.

    Stephen Gawne, Chairman of Arbory             Stan Pilling, Chairman of Rushen