• Minutes of the 15 November 2017 Meeting

    December 21st, 2017 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Monthly Board Meeting.
    Meeting held 7pm Wednesday 15th November 2017 at Ballafesson Hall.

    Present: Mr P Gunn (Chairman), Mr J Young, Mr D Radcliffe, Mr S Pilling, Mr P Vernon
    In attendance: The Clerk

    Sergeant Dale and PC Cretney in attendance at 7.30 to discuss policing matters.
    Sergeant Dale explained that there are now only 7 constables, and himself as the only Sergeant, to cover the whole of the southern policing rota.

    The Commissioners explained the issues faced in the Rushen area which have a harmful impact on our community. The Commissioners expressed concern that incidents appear to be getting worse and although the police endeavour to address these issues, they appear to be limited mostly ‘fire-fighting’ as a consequence of limited resources. The Commissioners acknowledged that there had been some good responses to incident reports but also some examples where reports of crime were phoned in but no response or very slow response was noted.

    Sgt Dale agreed to pass on the direct contact details of the three officers who are focussed on the south west. He also agreed to pass on the contact details of the Neighbourhood Watch team.

    Sgt Dale also reported on the recent incident involving a fire which ultimately led to the Ballafesson Playing Field shed having to be demolished. He reported that while actual damage had been done to the shed it was clear that the children involved had not intended to cause damage and were apologetic.

    Sergeant Dale and PC Cretney left the meeting at 7.40.

    The Commissioners agreed that the Clerk should discuss with DoI Housing issues surrounding parking congestion, general overcrowding and the need for elderly persons housing in the Ballafesson area, with a view to solutions to these problems being found.

    1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 18th October 2017 were considered and, having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Young, approved by the Board.
    The Minutes of the special meeting to discuss Ballakilley playing fields held Wednesday 11th September 2017 were considered and, having been proposed by Mr Pilling and seconded by Mr Vernon, approved by the Board.

    a) Street Lighting – LED maintenance costs – the Clerk reported that he had received some initial information on this topic, but was due to formally meet with officers from the MUA to discuss the matter in more detail.
    b) Dog Byelaws – it was agreed that the Clerk will prepare a draft policy and bylaws for next meeting and, having been proposed by Mr Pilling and seconded by Mr Radcliffe, the Commissioners agreed to buy 4 bag dispensers.
    c) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety. Appoint new consultant – the Clerk reported that he was still to complete this task.
    d) Port Erin Commissioners – proposed boundary extension – nothing further to report.
    e) Draft policy for data retention and freedom of information – the Clerk reported that he hoped to complete this task following the presentation he was due to attend the following week on Freedom of Information.
    f) Oakleigh, St Mary’s Road and Alvastone, Ballafesson – the Commissioners agreed that in the new year the Clerk would begin the process of taking action to get these properties improved, if no improvements had taken place by then.

    3. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – nothing further to report.
    4. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – the Chairman reported that Minister Harmer had attended and spoke generally about LA transition. He also raised the matter of granting leases on public open space and the need for the department’s proposed amendment to allow for this.
    5. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Radcliffe reported that everything was going swimmingly.
    6. MARASHEN CRESCENT – nothing further to report.
    7. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – nothing further to report.
    8. MANX NATIONAL HERITAGE – nothing to report
    9. ROAD MAINTENANCE AND GRASS CUTTING – the Clerk reported that most of the main hedge trimming work had been completed now and weed spraying had been completed with an extra spray this year. The remaining work which needs to be programmed in is to ensure all the roads get swept, possibly an extra trim on the Ballakilpheric Road, and all the gullys need to be cleaned. The Clerk will discuss this work with Mr Jones.
    The Clerk reported that Steve Booth, our grass cutting and weed spraying contractor had passed on his thanks for the Commissioners’ support this year.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate): Revenue income was noted

    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)
    The accounts were approved for payment

    a) Consideration of Financial Statements for year ended 31.3.17 and letter of representation. The Clerk had now received the signed copies of the Statements and would ensure members received their copies.
    b) VAT – the Clerk had received from Customs and Excise a letter acknowledging the address change for the Commissioners.
    c) Shimmin and Wilson – D’s Leisure Ltd – the Commissioners considered the unfortunate circumstances which need to do more to ensure prompt payment – all invoices to have pay by date, and offer discount for prompt payment.

    Balance on last statements September/October 2017
    General ‘rates’ account 1,000.00
    Liquidity Manager (rates) 117,227.14
    Rent account 23,357.02
    Housing account 2,598.82

    a) Changing Local Government Legislation – consultation closes 4th December – the paper previously circulated by the Clerk was considered by the Commissioners, who agreed that the Clerk would endeavour to summarize the Commissioners’ response and reply to the consultation on the Commissioners’ behalf.
    b) Local Authority Transition – letter from Minister Harmer and consultation was discussed. It was agreed that the Clerk would submit a collective response as follows:

    1. Have the following improved and do you want to keep them?

    Street sweeping, Gully emptying, Removal of weeds, Hedge trimming

    All better following transition. Retain

    Any other comments?
    Hedge trimming and weed spraying on DoI strategic route has had to be chased each year since the transfer. DoI letting the LAs down a bit on this.

    2. Anything you’re not happy with regarding transition, or suggested improvements?
    Commissioners are generally content although it would be good to know more about how transition, rate reform and central government cost saving may influence future transfers.

    3. Any functions you think would be better delivered locally that’s currently delivered by central government?
    Need to present a clear case if further transfers are proposed as to why the transfer is to take place. So if an element of the move is to transfer cost from central to local government be up front about it. The Commissioners recognise the benefit of the last round of function transfers and would be open to consider more where it is clearly better for the service to be delivered at a local level

    4. Relationships post transition?
    Relationships with DoI
    Improved following transition. Communication from DoI not always consistent though.

    Relationships with other LAs
    Improved following transition. The Commissioners already have a good working relationship with other authorities but the Transition process has helped.

    5. Collaborative working on housing and waste?
    Helpful but we are no clearer on the long term future for waste and housing.

    c) Changing the Planning system – consultation closes 15th December – the paper previously circulated by the Clerk was considered by the Commissioners, who agreed that the Clerk would endeavour to summarize the Commissioners’ response and reply to the consultation on the Commissioners’ behalf.
    d) Braddan Parish Commissioners – dog bag dispenser – the Commissioners approved a media release prepared by the Clerk in conjunction with Braddan Parish Commissioners.
    e) Director of Public Health Annual Report – the report was circulated for the Commissioners’ information.
    f) Letter from President of Tynwald inviting Commissioners to Tynwald Carol Service – the Commissioners were pleased to receive the invitation.
    A] Planning Applications:
    a) 17/01168/B Tennis Cottage, Honna Road. Mr Dion Meechan. Window replace with bi-fold doors. The Commissioners agreed that the application was acceptable.

    B] Planning Approvals
    The Commissioners noted the following matters.
    a) 17/00892/B Field 414345 Ballakilpheric Road. Moorhouse Farm. Creation of field access. Decision – Head of Development Management. Issued 19th October 2017.
    b) 17/00958/B
14 Carnane View (Plot 140) Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Limited. Replacement of existing garage door with a window. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 23th October 2017.

    C] Planning Refusals – None

    D] Completion Certificates
    The Commissioners noted the following matters.
    a) 08/07096/DEX Mona Rushen Rechabite Hall, The Level. Mr & Mrs Goldsmith. Issued 24th October 2017.
    b) 16/07562/DOM Plot 139, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Issued 26th October 2017.
    c) 14/07509/MUL Plot 154, Ballakilley. Heritage Homes. Issued 30th October 2017.
    d) 16/07557/DOM 7, Bradda Grove, Ballakillowey. Hartford Homes Ltd. Issued 1st November 2017.
    e) 16/07555/DOM 5, Bradda Grove, Ballakillowey. Hartford Homes Ltd. Issued 1st November 2017.
    f) 16/07101/DEX Corvalley Barn, Howe Road. Mr & Mrs Valerga. Issued 1st November 2017.

    E] Planning appeals – None

    F] Other Planning Matters – None

    a) Ballafesson Playing Field – the Commissioners noted that following the fire, the shed had been demolished by Stephen Maddrell. The rubble would be removed when the ground became drier.
    b) Christmas dinner – the Commissioners agreed to hold their Christmas party on Saturday 13th January.
    c) Shared phone line with Arbory – the Commissioners agreed in principle to work with Arbory Parish Commissioners in relation to establishing the best solution for a phone line for both authorities. It was agreed that the Clerk should pursue the best option presented to him by Manx Telecom.

    15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wed 20th December 2017