• Minutes of the 18 October 2017 Meeting

    November 22nd, 2017 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Monthly Board Meeting.
    Held 7pm Wednesday 18th October 2017 at Ballafesson Hall.

    Present: Mr P Gunn (Chairman), Mr J Young, Mr D Radcliffe, Mr S Pilling, Mr P Vernon
    In attendance: The Clerk and the Former Clerk

    1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 20th September 2017 were agreed and sign by the Chairman having been proposed by Mr Young and seconded by Mr Vernon.

    a) Street Lighting – LED maintenance costs – the Clerk acknowledged that he had not yet had time to ask about this matter. The Commissioners agreed that the Clerk should ask for a full list of all the lighting types and locations in the Parish.
    b) Dog Byelaws – the Clerk acknowledged that he had not yet had time to finish preparation of the byelaws.
    c) CCTV – the Clerk reported that he had had an excellent discussion with PC Midghall and advised that the use of good quality CCTV certainly helps to deter and to detect crime. The Commissioners would need to consider what they wished the CCTV to monitor and what sort of crime they wished to deter so that they could give a clear instruction to a CCTV provider when they wished to proceed.
    d) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety. Appoint new consultant – the Clerk acknowledged that he had not yet had time to gather prices for this work.
    e) Port Erin Commissioners – proposed boundary extension – the Clerk reported that he had heard nothing further on this matter.
    f) Sage accountancy software – the Clerk reported that he was be necessity learning how to use this software in his role as interim Clerk for Arbory.
    g) DoI Public Transport – 5yr Service Review –the Clerk reported that he had submitted the Commissioners’ views as follows:
    The Commissioners wished to make the following points:
    1. The Express bus is missed and the Commissioners would like it reinstated if possible.
    2. There is a clear need for a community transport/dial a ride services to connect more isolated places and less mobile people to the main bus services.
    3. The Commissioners would support more measures to encourage use of public transport, potentially including free bus travel.
    h) DoI Housing – annual public sector housing rent increase – the Clerk reported that he had not submitted the Commissioners’ view as agreed at the last meeting, as Minister Harmer had written shortly after the meeting clarifying his Department’s position on means testing. The Commissioners consider the Minister’s letter but agreed that the Clerk should notify the Department of the following:
    While the Commissioners were pleased to receive Minister Harmer’s reassuring and positive letter about the Department’s proposals for means testing, the Commissioners at this stage, can only support an increase in public sector rents in line with inflation. The Commissioners are very firmly of the view that there should be no increase greater than inflation until means testing as suggested by the Minister has actually been introduced.
    i) Draft policy for data retention and freedom of information – the Clerk reported that he had not had the opportunity to complete this but had made significant progress. The Clerk explained that it was clear from discussions he had had with a representative from the Public Records Office that the current situation where Commissioners used their home emails was unlikely to be an acceptable way of dealing with Commissioners’ business in the future. The Clerk recommended that a new data storage and e-mail system should be acquired and after discussion the Commissioners agreed that the Clerk should identify prices to establish a series of @rushen.gov.im email addresses and use Microsoft Office 365 to run the email system and store the Commissioners’ data. It was also suggested the Clerk should approach Isle of Man Government to see if they could help with email and data storage.
    j) Oakleigh, St Mary’s Road – the Clerk reported that Alan Gordon from Douglas Borough Council was available to meet with the Board to discuss dilapidated properties and the new legislation dealing with them. The Board agreed that the Clerk should write to Mr Gordon and see if he was available to meet on Friday 27th October at 3pm.

    3. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – Mr Pilling reported that the annual accounts had now been signed off. The Board’s Chairman had written to the Commissioners to explain some errors of process that had taken place. The Commissioners were content with the Chairman’s letter and agreed that the Clerk should write thanking the Chairman and offering the Commissioners’ support.
    Mr Vernon left the meeting at 7.45 due to illness.
    The Commissioners also considered the SCAS Board’s annual report and were pleased that it shows very positive progress.
    4. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – the Chairman reported that he had been unable to attend the previous meeting but would be attending the next meeting at which Minister Harmer would be the guest speaker. The Chairman also reported that the safeguarding training had been cancelled due to limited interest.
    5. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Radcliffe reported the continued smooth running of the pool. The Board was pleased to be supporting the Programme for Government by promoting healthy lifestyles.
    6. MARASHEN CRESCENT – Mr Radcliffe reported that there had been a very positive meeting at which the annual accounts were signed off.
    7. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – Mr Pilling reported that the meeting had again been cancelled.
    8. MANX NATIONAL HERITAGE – there was nothing to report.
    9. ROAD MAINTENANCE AND GRASS CUTTING – the Clerk Reported that following the storm he had arranged for the sweep to sweep the main road and the Clerk had been out shortly after the storm to check the roads in the Parish. The Clerk also reported that this year’s final weed spraying had been completed and that he would shortly be approaching the hedge trimmer to arrange the final cut of the year. It was agreed that the Ballakilpheric Road would probably need a second cut later in the year.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):
    The Clerk reported the following income had been received since the last meeting:
    Housing Deficiency 805.50
    Sound Café – waste collection & disposal Q1 2,366.40
    Shore Hotel – waste collection & disposal Q1 1,353.60
    Rents 1,937.00
    2nd bin purchase 84.00
    2nd bin annual collection fee 30.00
    Searches 110.00
    Interest 1.19

    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)
    The following accounts for payment were agreed:
    Jones Services (September) Refuse collection DD 2,920.50
    Jones Services – Sweeping * already paid 120.00
    DoI Tipping Charge – September 3,863.18
    Manx Telecom phone – October 23.95
    S Booth – grass cutting – September 420.00
    Southern Civic Amenity Site Board 6,255.52
    Southern Swimming Pool– annual contribution 3,232.38
    Douglas Borough Council – 20 bins 884.02
    Grant Thornton – review of financial statements 2,328.00
    Manx Utilities Authority – street light power Q2 1,274.59
    MUA – street light maintenance Q2 1,399.44
    Braddan – dog bag dispenser 51.60
    Clerk’s Salary – October 759.86
    NI 1 month – employer’s and employee’s contr. 208.78
    Clerk’s Mileage Allowance 5 x 5 mile return trips 25.00
    Rent Account Charges * already paid 7.10

    a) The Financial Statements for year ended 31.3.17 and letter of representation were presented by the former Clerk and considered by the Commissioners. Having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Young the Commissioners approved the Financial Statements. The letter of representation will be included in the minute book.
    b) Letter from Lombard Manx Leasing Ltd – the firm announced they would be continuing with existing business but not taking on any new business.
    c) 3rd Supplemental List – this was noted by the Commissioners.

    Balance on last statements September/October 2017
    General ‘rates’ account 1,000.00
    Liquidity Manager (rates) 147,294.18 Rent account 21,945.94
    Housing account 2,598.82

    a) Email from DoI housing (previously circulated) – possible use of Ballafesson Playing Field as a car park – Mr Radcliffe declared an interest as he owns the land. The Commissioners considered the proposal but felt that removing this green space and play area would be a backward step. It was agreed that the Clerk should write back to the Department rejecting the proposal and suggesting they instead consider using the underutilised grass within the estate.
    b) Email from parishioner requesting dog bin and notices on Church Road – the Commissioners considered the request and agreed to order an extra bin for the site. It was also agreed to purchase and erect extra notices to try to tackle this matter.
    c) Email from parishioner requesting bin by the Green at Croit e Caley, bin at the new bus shelter at the level and a plastic recycling bin at Croit e Caley – the Commissioners considered the request and have agreed to place a bin near the new bus shelter at the level. The Commissioners also agreed to look into having a multi-use dog and general waste bin by the green at Croit e Caley. While Croit e Caley was not considered a good site for the plastics recycling facility due to its open aspect, the Commissioners agreed to keep in mind the need for such a facility somewhere in the Parish.
    d) Postal redirection – the Commissioners agreed not to extend the service.
    e) Invitation for Chairman and guest to attend PSM Commissioners Celebration of Christmas – the chairman agreed to consider the request.
    f) Update on means testing from Minister Harmer – the Commissioners noted the Minister’s letter.
    g) Changing Local Government Legislation – consultation closes 4th December – it was agreed that the Clerk should prepare a draft response for the Commissioners’ consideration at the next meeting.
    h) Braddan Parish Commissioners – dog bag dispenser – the Commissioners noted that the bag dispenser and sign had been erected and were pleased that dog walkers appeared to be using the facility. It was agreed that the Clerk should work with Braddan Parish Commissioners to draft a joint press release applauding the initiative and thanking dog walkers for their cooperation.
    i) Invitation to Remembrance Service from Chief Minister – it was agreed that the Chairman would attend the morning service at the Parish Church and Mr Radcliffe would attend the afternoon service at St Johns. A cheque for £50 was prepared and given to the Chairman for the Poppy Appeal who would supply the two wreaths required.
    j) Notification of changes to post box collection times – the Commissioners noted with regret the ending of early morning collections within the Parish but noted the continuation of early morning collections from Port Erin.
    A] Planning Applications:
    The following applications were considered by the Commissioners who agreed to make no objection to them.
    a) 17/01034/B Former Methodist Capel, Croit e Caley. Ms Carrington. Conversion of property into residential dwelling.
    b) 17/00846/B Creggan Lea, Glen Chass Road. John Hills. Creation of second driveway – amended plans.

    B] Planning Approvals
    The Commissioners noted the following planning approvals.
    a) 17/00661/B Former Motorlands Site, Shore Road. Hartford Homes. Creation of raised, decked areas to the rear of plots 2 and 3 and creation of terraced, decked areas to the rear of plot 1 with associated landscaping. Decision – Head of Development Management. Issued 6th October 2017.
    b) 17/00909/B 14 Carnane Lane. Mr and Mrs Onyemem. Single storey extension to rear of property. Decision – Head of Development Management. Issued 27th September 2017.
    c) 17/00953/B Seahaven Mount Gawne Road. Mr David Bushe. Removal of conservatory to create external terrace, and alterations to kitchen to create roof terrace.
Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 17th October 2017.

    C] Planning Refusals – None

    D] Completion Certificates
    The following were noted by the Commissioners.
    a) 16/07210/DOM Plot 153, Carnane Lane, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Issued 3rd October 2017.
    b) 16/07536/DOM 9, Bradda Grove, Ballakillowey. Hartford Homes Ltd. Issued 25th September 2017.

    E] Regularisation Certificates
    The following were noted by the Commissioners.

    a) 17/07398/REG 31, Christeens Way, Ballakillowey. Mr Wilkins. Issued 14th September 2017.
    b) 17/07333/REG Whitecroft, Hill Park, Ballakillowey. Mr Oberholzer. Issued 14th September 2017.

    E] Planning appeals – None

    F] Other Planning Matters – None

    a) More cover from police in south – Commissioners agreed that the Clerk should write to the Southern Neighbourhood Policing Team asking that a representative attend the next meeting to discuss the Commissioners’ concerns.
    b) Notice at Ballafesson Playing Field – it was agreed to erect a no dog fouling notice by the Playing Field.
    c) Following a query from Derek Cain the Commissioners agreed that the Thousla Memorial Cross be re-gilded. The Clerk reported that he had chased TE Cubbon, who had agreed to do the work for less than £200, but had not heard back.

    15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wed 15th November 2017