• Minutes of the 20 September 2017 Meeting

    October 31st, 2017 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting
    Held 7pm Wednesday 20th September 2017 at Ballafesson Hall

    Present: Mr P Gunn (Chairman), Mr J Young, Mr D Radcliffe, Mr S Pilling
    Apologies: Mr P Vernon
    In attendance: The Clerk.

    1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 16th August 2017 were approved and signed by the Chairman, having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Pilling.

    a) Allotments Committee – the Clerk reported that the Committee was established to resolve any political issues arising from the Port St Mary Commissioners’ allotments and so far it had met just once. There is a place on the Committee for a Rushen Parish Commissioner should the Committee need to meet in the future.
    b) Dandara access to their compound – Dandara will no longer be creating an access route from Barracks Road. The Clerk was asked to check minutes of previous meetings to say what commitments Dandara gave regarding support for the development of the Ballakilley playing fields.
    c) Street Lighting – LED maintenance costs – Clerk to report to the next meeting.
    d) Dog Byelaws – Clerk to report to the next meeting.
    e) CCTV – the Clerk reported that he had once again tried to make contact with the PC who had experience in this area but kept missing him. The Clerk will continue trying.
    f) Dog bins – offer from Braddan Commissioners – the Clerk reported that he had now received the dog bag dispenser and bags, together with a notice warning owners not to leave dog mess. The dispenser would be fitted in Ballafesson.
    g) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety. the Clerk hoped to make progress with the appointment of the new consultant prior to the next meeting.
    h) Port Erin Commissioners – proposed boundary extension – nothing further to report.
    i) Sage accountancy software – the Clerk reported that as he had taken over as Interim Clerk in Arbory he was getting some experience now in using Sage. Once he had had a chance to use the Arbory system for a month he would be in a better position to make recommendations for Rushen.
    j) Knock down the hut in the playing fields – Mr Young was no longer in a position to proceed with his offer, so it was agreed that the Clerk would seek prices for demolition and removal some time over the winter.
    k) Dogs in the Ballafesson playing field at 8pm – the Commissioners had checked but nothing was noted.
    l) Tidy up the area in front of the sign at Ballafesson Playing Field – Steve Booth has completed this work.
    m) DoI letter on Freedom of Information – the Clerk reported that he had been briefed by Angela Skitt from the Public Records Office, on data retention and this tied in closely with the freedom of information legislation. The Clerk agreed to prepare a draft policy for data retention and freedom of information for the Commissioners to consider, together with an action plan on how to implement the policy.
    n) Overgrown hedge – Viking Hill and Christeen’s Way – the Clerk reported that the hedge had been cut.

    3. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE Mr Pilling reported that there had been no further discussion on the proposal to change from a board to a committee. Correspondence from the SCAS chairman and Malew, Port Erin and Port St Mary Commissioners was discussed and noted. The Commissioners agreed that it would be best if the SCAS Board could resolve its issues internally if possible. The next meeting of the SCAS Board was scheduled for the following evening.
    4. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – the Chairman reported that there had been no August meeting. Both the Chairman and the Clerk had attended training given by Cathy Ashton from Douglas Borough Council on HR related issues. The next meeting would be at the 28th September but the Chairman can’t attend due to a prior commitment.
    5. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – Mr Radcliffe reported that there had been no August meeting and the next meeting was scheduled for the following evening.
    6. MARASHEN CRESCENT – Mr Radcliffe reported that a meeting had been held the day prior to the Commissioners’ meeting and a further meeting had been held with the residents’ committee on 4th September. The Marashen Crescent Board would be publishing a newsletter to help improve communications between residents and the Board.
    7. SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE – Mr Pilling reported that there had been no meetings since the last Commissioners’ meeting and the next meeting was due to be held later in September.
    8. MANX NATIONAL HERITAGE – nothing to report.
    9. ROAD MAINTENANCE AND GRASS CUTTING – the Clerk reported that a number of hedges had been trimmed recently and roads swept. Some blocked gulleys had also been cleaned out. It was agreed that the Clerk should get prices for next year to cut back growth from the bottom of the hedge on the pavement between Ballachurry and Ballakillowey roundabout. The Clerk would also check with Gill Kelly about whether Ballakilpheric Road had a second cut last year as it is beginning to get overgrown again.

    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):
    The Clerk reported the following income had been received since the last meeting:
    Rents 1,937.00
    Searches 300.00

    B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)
    The following accounts for payment were agreed:
    Jones Services (August) Refuse collection DD 2,920.50
    Jones Services – Sweeping & Gully Cleaning * 690.00
    Jones Services – Hedge Trimming * 336.00
    DoI Tipping Charge – August 4,887.46
    DoI Tipping Charge – July ** 4,101.85
    Manx Telecom phone – September 23.95
    S Booth – grass cutting – August 585.00
    S Booth – weed spraying – August 343.00
    Pringle Law Ltd – repayment 50.00
    Ian Lowey – preparation of accounts 500.00
    IoM Post –Stamps – reimburse Clerk 18.80
    Clerk’s Salary. September. 871.57
    NI 1 month – employer’s and employee’s contr. 97.58

    It was agreed that the Clerk will send to Mr Young a copy of the map showing where the gulleys are in the Parish.

    a) Change of address – the Clerk reported that the change of address still hadn’t been made by IoM Bank.
    b) Online banking – the Clerk reported that due to software development issues it may be better to leave the the move to online banking for a few months.
    c) The invoice from Agrimark for £36.21consider at the August meeting, was queried by the Clerk, found to be in error and not paid.

    Balance on last statements August/September 2017
    General ‘rates’ account 1,150.00 Liquidity Manager (rates) 149,518.76 Rent account 21,045.01
    Housing account 2,598.78

    a) DoI Public Transport – 5yr Service Review – The Commissioners considered a letter from DoI Public Transport regarding its five year review of bus services. The Commissioners agreed that the Clerk would respond to the letter stating that the Express is missed, there is a clear need for a community transport/dial a ride services to connect more isolated places and less mobile people to the main bus services, and that the Commissioners would support more measures to encourage use of public transport, potentially including free bus travel.
    b) DoI notice – End to End Mountain Bike Challenge – this was noted.
    c) DoI notice – Rally IoM – this was noted.
    d) Letter from PSM Commissioners regarding the Southern Civic Amenity site – this was noted.
    e) DoI Housing – annual public sector housing rent increase. In response to the letter from DoI housing, it was agreed that the Clerk should reply stating that the Commissioners support an increase in line with inflation and that no increase greater than inflation should be considered until means tested introduced.
    f) DoI Housing – invitation to quarterly meeting. Mr Radcliffe and the Clerk agreed to attend the next update meeting.
    g) DoI Housing – letter regarding Housing Reserves – the Clerk will report back to next meeting on implications for Rushen.
    h) Consultation regarding Single Resident Record Consultation – also titled ‘Smarter use of your data to improve government services’ – the Commissioners agreed that no formal response would be sent from Rushen Parish Commissioners but the Commissioners would submit individual responses.
    i) Consultation on the Safeguarding Bill 2017 – the Commissioners agreed that no formal response would be sent from Rushen Parish Commissioners
    j) Consultation on A31 Sound Road, Rushen Proposed Clearway Order – the Commissioners agreed that the six month summer order was a reasonable compromise.
    k) Email from Dandara regarding use of field for temporary storage of top soil – Dandara had asked whether the Commissioners would agree for them to temporarily store some top soil on the Commissioners land but when asked whether they would be prepared to do some work to prepare entrances to the Barracks field and Church field in lieu of rent, they suggested that they might use their own land instead.

    The Commissioners agreed to support the following applications.
    A] Planning Applications:
    a) 17/00661/B Former Motorlands Site, Shore Road. Hartford Homes. Creation of raised decking areas and landscaping. Agreed
    b) 17/00846/B Creggan Lea, Glen Chass Road. John Hills. Creation of second driveway. Agreed.
    c) 17/00892/B Field No 414345, Ballakilpheric Road. Moorhouse Farm Ltd. Creation of new entrance to field number 414345.
    d) 17/00909/B 14, Carnane Drive, Ballakilley. Mr & Mrs Nick Onyemem. Creation of extension to rear of property.
    e) 17/00921/B ‘Airdale’ 31, Christeens Way. Mr Keith Wilkins. Restrospective application in relation to erection of sun lounge and lean-to shed.
    f) 17/00953/B Seahaven, Mount Gawne Road. Mr David Bushe. Removal of existing conservatory, alterations to existing kitchen, creation of roof terrace and external terrace.
    h) 17/00958/B 14, Carnane View, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Conversion of garage to living accommodation.
    i) 17/00977/B 3, Fleshwick Close, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Erection of dwelling to include living accommodation in place of previously approved garage.

    B] Planning Approvals
    a) 17/00774/B Mines Cottage Ballakilpheric Road. Nicola McDowell. Erection of timber stable block. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 1st September 2017. This was noted.

    C] Planning Refusals – None

    D] Completion Certificates
    a) 15/07457/DEX Thie Yiarg, Shore Road. Fistard Property Investments Ltd. Issued 14th August 2017.
    b) 16/07254/DEX 12, Ballakeyll. Mr Watterson. Issued 15th August 2017.
    c) 17/07013/DOM Plot 164, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Issued 24th August 2017.
    d) 16/07520/DOM Plot 145, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Issued 24th August 2017.
    e) 16/07503/DOM Plot 167, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Issued 25th August 2017.
    f) 09/07577/DEX Carabas, Mill Road Surby. Amanda Dixon. Issued 30th August 2017.
    g) 17/07012/DOM Plot 163, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Issued 1st September 2017.
    h) 17/07014/DOM Plot 165, Ballakilley. Dandara Homes Ltd. Issued 1st September 2017.
    i) 16/07531/OTH Shore Hotel, Shore Road. Rodeo Bull Ltd. Issued 8th September 2017.
    These were noted.

    E] Planning appeals

    F] Other Planning Matters
    a) Letter to Minister Boot MHK – an acknowledgement had been received to the Chairman’s letter to the Minister.

    a) A complaint had been received about builders’ vehicles blocking visibility at the Glen Chass Road junction on the Howe. It was agreed that the Clerk would investigate the matter and notify appropriate authorities as necessary.
    b) Complaints had been received about the unsightly nature of Oakleigh, St Mary’s Road. The Clerk reported that the fire service had visited the property to see what action they could take. Also DoI officers had advised that the Clerk should speak to Douglas Borough Council regarding the steps available under new legislation introduced last year. It was agreed that the Clerk should investigate and report back to the next meeting.
    c) Mr Young reported that plans to alleviate some flooding issues in Ballafesson were being progressed.
    d) Mr Pilling informed the meeting that a solar energy lit bus shelter had been installed at the Level.

    15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wed 18th October 2017