• Minutes of the 21 June 2017 Meeting

    July 22nd, 2017 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes


                                             RUSHEN PARISH COMMISSIONERS

    Minutes of Meeting held on 21st June 2017 at Ballafesson Hall.

    Present: Mr P Gunn (Chairman), Mr P Vernon, Mr D Radcliffe, Mr S Pilling, Mr J Young.

    The Clerk, Mr Gawne, was in attendance.      


    1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held at 7pm, Wednesday 17th May 2017 were approved. Proposed by Mr Pilling and seconded by Mr Vernon.
    3. a) Allotments Committee – Clerk reported that he had not yet had the opportunity to investigate this but would report back to the next meeting.
    4. b) DoI/Local Authority Issues – the Clerk drafted a working paper which had been previously circulated.

    The Commissioners considered the DoI’s motivation for wanting to host an online central area on which information concerning local authorities would be shared. In general, the Commissioners concluded that sharing information in a public forum from which the public could be better informed and could make comparisons between authorities is a good thing.

    The Commissioners expressed some concern about commercial and tenant confidentiality and felt that it was important to ensure that the information shared on the site was provided in a regularised form. The Commissioners agreed that it was important to be transparent and that once the Department provided a clear template for what information it wished the Commissioners to share, the Commissioners would be willing to share this information on the Department’s site.

    It was agreed to support the Minister’s request to establish a central information sharing platform, but request that the Department develop clear and robust guidelines to ensure that informed comparisons can be made from the information supplied.

    It was felt that there was little more that could be done in “publishing as much information in the public arena as possible”, as requested by the Minister, as the Commissioners are already very transparent. A brief discussion about the potential for using social media took place but it was agreed not to do so at this stage.

    It was also agreed that the Commissioners would be willing to take on additional services if central government wished it to, but it was felt that central government should be more transparent about its reasons for doing so. If this is about transferring some costs from the taxpayer to the ratepayer then government needs to be clear about this.

    It was agreed that the Clerk would prepare a draft letter to this effect for the Chairman to sign.

    1. c) Officer and Political Waste Working Groups – the Clerk reported that extensive correspondence had been received on this topic from the DoI. The Clerk agreed to prepare a summary of the key points to assist the Commissioners and to circulating everything he had received. The Clerk also agreed to provide briefing notes to Mr Pilling (the Commissioners’ waste representative) on this topic.


    1. d) All Island Clerk’s Form – the Clerk will attend the meeting to be held on 7th July and report back to the next meeting.


    1. e) Declaration of Interests – the Clerk circulated his interests at the meeting and these would be entered into the Interests book.


    1. f) Possible dog walking/exercise area – it was generally agreed that this matter now needed to be resolved swiftly. It was agreed to make whole area that won’t be required for sports pitches into a general recreation area which would also be available for dog walking. It was agreed that the Clerk would approach the Woodland Trust to see if the Trust would be willing to plant some trees in the area. It was agreed that the Clerk and Mr Radcliffe would report back to the next meeting with necessary plans, designs and a budget proposal for the work, which would include new gateways and footpaths.


    1. g) Dandara – access to their compound – the Chairman reported that the matter was now with Dandara to action.


    1. h) Street Lighting – LED maintenance costs – the Clerk reported that he had not yet had the opportunity to investigate this but would report back to the next meeting.


    1. i) White line re painting at junctions at Honna Road, Surby and Ballachurry Corner – Mr Vernon reported that this matter had been reported to the Southern Traffic Management Liaison Group meeting.


    1. j) Southern Multi Agency Community Partnership Meeting – Mr Vernon reported that the police had visited the Ballafesson area following reports from the Commissioners but had not found any trouble makers.


    1. k) Dog Byelaws – it was agreed that the Clerk would circulate some draft publicity material to the Board via email, and if agreed would publicise the Commissioners’ Dogs Bylaw proposals before the next meeting.


    1. l) CCTV – the Clerk would contact Rob Midgeall from the Southern Constabulary to discuss this matter further.


    1. m) Litter – Mr Radcliffe reported that nothing had happened over TT by way of anti-litter promotion. The Commissioners expressed their disappointment.


    1. n) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – Appoint of new consultant. The Clerk will discuss this with the former Clerk and report back to the next meeting.


    1. o) Parish Walk – The Clerk reported that an agreement to cut, bale and remove grass from Church Field and Barrack’s Field had been reached with a local farmer, following a competitive tendering exercise.


    1. p) Legion Hall, Port Erin, Gardens – the Clerk reported that a cheque had been sent as agreed at the last meeting. A cheque had also been sent for contribution to war memorial as agreed earlier in the year.


    1. q) Wall partially collapsed on Ballafesson Road – it was agreed that the Clerk would request that Port Erin Commissioners inform the Rushen Parish Commissioners on what action Port Erin proposes to take.
    2. r) Port Erin Commissioners, proposed boundary extension – Nothing to report. The Commissioners agreed to consider the matter and submit their views to the Clerk in advance of the next meeting.


    1. t) Parking Area at rear of Reayrt y Cronk. Clerk to discuss with former Clerk the need for a sign and any further action required.


    1. u) Manx Whippy – the Clerk would check to see whether the administration fee had been paid.



    Mr Pilling reported that the new CCTV was installed and working successfully, but proposals for a traffic counter had been dismissed. The Site was now producing key performance indicators which could be distributed to the Commissioners should they wish. A draft Bring Bank Licence from DoI had been welcomed by the Board.


    The Chairman reported that he and the former Clerk had attended the AGM. The next meeting was to take place at the end of June and it was expected that Minister Boot would attend.


    Mr Radcliffe reported that the Pool continued to operate successfully.


    Mr Radcliffe reported that the Authority continued to operate successfully.


    Mr Pilling was unable to attend but reported that Anne-Marie Cubbon attended from Primary Health.


    The Clerk reported that there continued to be problems with littering and dog fouling on the site and indeed reported a significant example of fly tipping which had occurred that week. The Clerk has agreed to meet Shaun Murphy, MNH Properties Manager, to discuss this and it was agreed that the Clerk could use his role as newly appointed MNH Trustee to try to resolve the matter provided there was no conflict between his two roles.


    The Clerk reported that he had been in touch with the hedge trimming contractor and work was due to commence shortly.


    A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):                                                                         Revenue income was noted

     B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)

    The accounts were approved for payment


    1. a) Online banking – it was agreed that the Clerk would report back to the next meeting with options for online banking.
    2. b) Resolution relating to the Bank Mandate (see Annex 1) – this was proposed by Mr Pilling, seconded by Mr Radcliffe, and agreed by the Board.
    3. c) Commission for Central Marts promoting the tender opportunity on Ballakilley land – the Clerk would find out what Commission needed to be paid.
    4. d) Manx Telecom – a new phone line was being installed for use by the Clerk for Commissioners’ business.
    5. e) Invoice 2043 from Jones services for £756 – the Clerk would discuss this invoice with the former Clerk and provided it was shown to be for a service rendered, it was approved for payment.

    Balance of accounts as at 16th June 2017

    General ‘rates’ account                                            2,536.00                                                     Liquidity Manager (rates)                                        64,879.29                                                                                                  Rent account                                                             19,509.83

    Housing account                                                      2,598.74

    It was agreed that the Clerk would prepare a suggested new monthly budget presentation.

    2. a) PE Beach Festival, use of Church Field – Mr Radcliffe proposes, Mr Vernon seconded and the Commissioners agreed that the field could be used for this purpose.
    3. b) Political housing matters meeting planned for 17th July – Mr Radcliffe agreed to attend.
    4. c) Rating Objection – the Clerk reported on a successful rating objection from one of the parishioners.
    5. d) DHA Consultation on proposals to contract-out certain police functions in relation to the custody suite and the investigation of serious complaints – the Clerk will summarise the proposal and circulate the full proposal to the Commissioners.
    6. e) Extra bin for Dandara – it was agreed that an extra bin could be provided and the Clerk would discuss with the former Clerk what charge should be made.
    7. f) Motorhome in Howe car park – the Clerk reported that he had received a complaint about an untaxed motorhome. The Clerk would investigate and take appropriate action if necessary.
    8. g) Extra bin no longer needed at Ivydene, Cregneash.
    9. h) Constabulary changes – the Clerk circulated a letter from the IoM Constabulary explaining changes to their Southern personnel.

    A] Planning Applications:

    1. a) 17/00619/B The Whitehouse, Mount Gawne Road. Mr M Clarke, Coventry. Alterations to existing windows and installation of existing window. The Commissioners had no objection.
    2. b) 17/00620/B Field 411363 and part of Field 411361 Glendown Farm, Truggan Road. Derek and Jane Cain, Glendown Farm. Retrospective – use of two tourist accommodation huts instead of approved glamping pods. The Commissioners had no objection.
    3. c) 17/00634/B, The Nook, Croit E Caley. Mr Trevor Patterson. Erection of a rear extension. The Commissioners had no objection.

    B] Planning Approvals

    1. a) 17/00394/B Clybane Mount Gawne Road. Mr Philip & Mrs Kirrie Jenkins.Erection of a replacement dwelling. Decision – Planning Committee. Issued 25th May 2017.
    2. b) 17/00453/B
 Grey Winds, Mount Gawne Road. Mr Stephen Riding.
Alterations and erection of an extension. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 26th May 2017.
    3. c) 17/00454/B
 Kilravock, Shore Road, Bay Ny Carrickey. Mr David Corrin.
Demolition of existing and erection of a replacement dwelling (amendments to PA 16/01160/B).
 Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 26th May 2017.
    4. d) 17/00468/B Oakfield Croit E Caley. Mrs Joyce & Mr Graham Postlethwaite.Window and door alterations to both front and side elevations. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 14th June 2017.

    C] Planning Refusals


     D] Completion Certificates

    1. a) 16/07372/DEX 17, Bradda View. Mr and Mrs Layhe. Issued 19th May 2017.
    2. b) 07/07053/DOM Newhaven, Shore Road. Newhaven Properties Ltd. Issued 26th May 2017.
    3. c) 16/07212/DOM, Plot 120, Fleshwick Close, Ballakilley. Dandara. Issued 16th June

    E] Planning appeals    


       F] Other Planning Matters

    1. a) Reinstating the weekly planning notices in the Courier. It was agreed that the Commissioners should write to the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Tim Baker MHK. The Clerk is to draft a letter for the Chairman to sign asking DEFA to reconsider its position.
    2. b) Planning request regarding paperless planning. The Commissioners agreed that the Clerk should request that both paper and e-copies be provided.
    4. a) Cutting the area at Ballakilley – Mr Pilling would provide a contact to the Clerk of someone who could price for the work.
    5. b) Rules of Engagement – the Clerk asked the Commissioners to give him guidance as to how they wished him to deal with general and email correspondence. It was agreed that the Clerk would generally forward items to Commissioners on a weekly basis, and provide a summary email of the week’s correspondence. More urgent items would be circulated immediately as appropriate.
    6. c) Dog Bins – It was agreed that a new bin should be fitted at the top of Surby between Garth Avenue and Mill road on the north side of the road and also one on the Honna Road.
    7. d) IT support for Clerk – the Clerk had provided some information on data storage and back up systems. It was agreed the Clerk would come back to the next meeting with prices.
    8. e) Sage accountancy software – the Clerk had provided some information on accountancy software for the Commissioners’ consideration. It was agreed that the Clerk should purchase the basic Sage software package.
    9. f) The Clerk agreed to provide update wording to Mr Pilling for use on the Commissioners’ website.
    10. DATE OF NEXT MEETING   It was agreed that the next meeting would be held at 7pm on Wednesday 19th July 2017.

    As there was no further business for pubic session the meeting went into private session at 10.45pm