• Minutes of the 15 February Meeting

    March 30th, 2017 by Stan Pilling in General News

                              RUSHEN PARISH COMMISSIONERS

    Meeting held7pm Wednesday 15th February 2017, Ballafesson Hall.


    Present:- Mr P Vernon (Chairman), Mr P Gunn (Vice Chairman), Mr D Radcliffe,   Mr S Pilling,  Mr J Young.

    1. MINUTES The Minutes of the Meeting Wednesday 18th January 2017, having previously been circulated were taken as read. Mr Radcliffe proposed and Mr Young agreed they were a true record and approved by all for signing.


    2. a) DoI/Local Authority Issues:-

    Local Authorities; Waste Management and other such topics:-

    1.Political WWG.    They had not held a meeting yet.

    Officer Waste Working Group – There was to be a sub-group meeting on Thursday. This was to discuss recycling. The Clerk was not part of this group

    From the meeting in January – email received from S. Gray (fwd 23/1) information required:- LA charges for household waste, or interpreted as being classified as Household under the Collection and Disposal of Waste Regulations 2000. LAs to advise Waste Management how the following facilities within its areas were currently charged for waste collection (eg charge per bin empty) and waste disposal (eg chipped bin and charge per kg) – charge per month/year:-

    1. a) School – primary                                                                                                                                  b) School secondary                                                                                                                         c) School – nursery   d) Charities including: sports clubs (with and without camping sites); camping sites; churches; charity retail shops; charity warehouses; charity offices or other charity premises (eg residential homes); charity fundraising events (waste collection/clear up); residential homes (IOMG and private); nursing homes (IOMG and private);                                                     e) A N Other

    The Clerk also reported that it seemed from the discussion at the last OWWG meeting that Waste Management would like to charge commercial disposal costs rather than domestic for the above categories.   Members discussed this suggestion and were opposed to it. In their opinion schools are not ‘commercial businesses’ they are there to educate young people; residential homes run by Government are not businesses but are the homes of the elderly residents who have had to leave their own homes due to health reasons. None of these are making profits. The domestic rate for charging for disposal is correct.

    Information to be sent to Stephanie Gray prior to the next OWWG Meeting or bring to the meeting.

    Letter to Minister Harmer. Acknowledged but still no reply.

    2) All Island Clerks Forum.  Meeting held 10 am 2nd February at the Sea Terminal. The Clerk had attended. There were presentation on ‘Government Consultations – updating how Local Authorities engage in these; presentation on Records Retention – Angela Skitt, public Records Office; presentation from Dr Tim Graham, NWT on Working for Wildlife: Road verges and hedgerows.   The next meeting to be held on 4th May in Ramsey Commissioners’ Office.

    3) Freedom of Information Act 2015. Letter from Hon Chris Thomas MHK, Minister for Policy and Reform. Fwd 9/2. The Island’s Local Authorities will come under this Act in January 2018. This had been discussed at the Clerks’ Meeting, with a presentation from the woman in charge of the Public Records Office. “There will be an opportunity for your authority to formally submit its views on the extension of FOI. There will be a statutory consultation with all Local Authorities as required by the Act. It is anticipated that this consultation will happen around March 2017.”

    4) HOUSING WORKING GROUPS – This was to be taken off the Agenda until there were further meetings arranged.

    5) Members’ Declaration of Interests Record Book. There were no new entries.


    1. b) Ballakilley Land
    2. i) Rushen Recreational Area.  

    On hold until the Advocates deliberations and advice were received, which should be shortly. As there had been so many delays it was agreed to proceed with a meeting between Rushen, Port Erin and Port St Mary Commissioners to discuss a general way forward. This would need to be prior to the Chairman going on holiday and it was agreed this should be Friday 24th February at Ballafesson. The Clerk would contact the Clerks of the other Authorities

    1. ii) Southern Nomads. –  

    Letter received from Nomads. Meeting held with them on 27th January All RPC had attended.   The document which Hugh Logan had given to Mr Gunn at the meeting had been scanned and circulated to Members. RPC had been requested by Nomads to seek legal advice and they undertook to do so once again. This meeting was to be on Friday 17th February.

    Mr Pilling had put together some suggestions and scenarios with regard to dealing with this field and these were to be brought to the meeting to be held with Port Erin and Port St Mary on 24th February.

    Costings for making the pitches had been received from Nomads and this was to be circulated to all Members.

    iii) BMX Track/Skate park.   This would be part of the discussion at the meeting on 24th.

    iv) Rushen Burial Ground Authority

    1. iv) Church Field The Clerk had sent a letter re the boundary and that RPC would need it in writing that they would, once the wooden fencing posts needed replacing they would do so with concrete posts on the correct boundary. No reply had been received. Also, now that the work seemed to be completed it was evident that parts of the field required reinstatement where the vehicles and soil had been and also the gateway required hardcore to bring it back to a fit state for vehicles to access.


    Car boot sales/markets. Replies had been received re the advert in The Courier.

    1. v) Dandara – access to their compound a revised plan received and agreed.
    2. c) Waste Management, Refuse Collection, Roads, Gullies and Hedges .

    Jones Services Ltd.  No problems at present.

    Southlands. The Clerk had been in contact with the Manager and they had agreed a plan of action regarding the increase in general waste and the incontinence waste.

    Road Sweeping & Gullies – Jones Services were to commence the gullies on Friday 10th. The Clerk had prioritised the Surby area and Ballagawne Road with The Howe to be done next.

    1. ii) Pavement from Ballachurry to Ballakillowey roundabout. Alan Hardinge , Highways, who was to look into Highways carrying our this work. The Clerk reported that she had not heard if he had sent someone down to look at what was required, as she had suggested.
    2. d) Bring BanksThe new contract for collecting these has been put on hold by Waste Management whilst they reconsidered bring banks and who would be going to pay for them. Emailed from Stephanie Gray fwd 27/1.
    3. e) Lighting:                                                                                                                                Bus Shelter – The Level. There had been nothing from either the MEA or Bus Vannin regarding the cost of the electricity supply alterations .
    4. f) Traffic & DoI Highways.

    Shore Road –

    Junction at Honna Road and Surby and also Ballachurry Corner. The white ‘give way’ lines had still not been repainted.

    1. g) Police

    Emails received from Police Officers and forwarded to Members. These were with regard to Mr Young and Mr Radcliffe’s questions.

    Neighbourhood Watch. Mr Pilling was to put this on the web site.           Information had been received on 9/2 and forwarded to all Members.

    Police Meeting. Mr Vernon had attended the Police Meeting. The use of CCTV cameras had been discussed. He was advised that Robert Midgehall knew all about these and he could be contacted for advice. Malew had recently been using these cameras. Neighbourhood Watch information sent on 9/2 and fwd to you all.        Youth information had been received and forwarded on 14/2.

    Mr Gunn had reported that the Chief Constable had attended the Municipal Association meeting and slides of his presentation had since been received – fwd 10/2.

    1. h) Dog bins; fouling; Litter bins; Beach Cleans;

    Mr Radcliffe had put a dog bin at the Sound on a pole at the turning circle. The Clerk to tell Jones Services that it was now there and would need to be part of their collection.

    Dog fouling – emailed complaint from a Mr Jackson walking from Port Erin to Colby. He wouldn’t say where the problem areas were.

    Beach cleans – Fleshwick – Bill Dale had sent a thank you letter for the donation to Beach Buddies.

    Bylaws re dog fouling. The possibility of implementing bylaws to parts of Rushen was to be investigated and the Clerk would contact the Local Government Unit.

    Litter – it was felt by the Board that there should be all Island coverage of bylaws relating to littering.

    1. i) Playing field, Howe Car Park.

    Photos had been sent to Zurich but nothing heard from them. The Clerk had, once again, tried to contact the ‘team’ dealing with it directly but was put through to India. After insisting that she wanted to talk to the people actually handling the claim she was put through to one of them who found the file and the photos and quotes. She said she would consider this and contact the Clerk the following day, which she did. Zurich had decided to accept Leece’s quote and the Clerk was to instruct them to carry out the work. She did so and it would be done in about a fortnight’s time

    1. j) Web Site Mr Young had looked at the site and said that although it was a bit dated it served its purpose. He said he was concerned that there may be breaches of Data Protection in Minutes. The Clerk said she would sent the information regarding Data Protection which had been discussed at a Clerks Forum to all Members.
    2. k) Southern Civic Amenity Site  (Southern Recycling Centre)  Mr Pilling gave a report. There would be a meeting the following evening. The Minister had attended the previous meeting. He and Mr Grace, the SCAS Chairman, had been to see the other Amenity Sites on the Island. The SCAS was the first to be made on the Island and consequently was now behind in development and needed upgrading.   With regard to the costs and running of the Site – the opening hours were to be reduced to save money and a letter from their Clerk would be sent to all participating authorities.
    3. l) Municipal Association  Mr Gunn gave a report on the meeting. The Chief Constable had attended (slides of his talk had been circulated) and he had said that Financial Crime had become more prevalent and more resources were required to deal with this. Other crime had reduced.   Information received regarding another training evening to be held on 7th March at Sulby. Fwd 7/2. This would be Enforcement and Devolution issues within Planning, presented by Jennifer Chance, Head of Development Management. Starting at 7pm, finish no later than 9.30pm. The Secretary had requested numbers by 28th Mr Gunn and Mr Pilling to attend and possibly the Clerk
    4. m) Southern Swimming Pool Authority  Mr Radcliffe reported that the new equipment and cover on the pool had reduced gas consumption substantially. (also see Private)
    5. n) Marashen Crescent Elderly Persons Housing Authority. Mr Radcliffe said that they had not been quorate at the last meeting so there was nothing to report.


    1. o) Southern Healthcare Committee Mr Pilling reported that they were looking into re-introducing the leaflets which they had circulated some years ago.
    2. p) Manx National Heritage  

    Dog fouling and trial bikes on Meayll Hill. Nothing from MNH on either so it was agreed that there was no point in having it on the Agenda.

    The Sound. – dog fouling.   RPC had now put a dog bin at the turning circle and would arrange for Jones Services to empty it.

    Sound Café and Cregneash Café. The Clerk had contacted MNH as she knew that there would be new tenants from March and she need to contact them with regard to commercial refuse collection and disposal. She was given the name of the new tenant. She also wanted reassurance that the new tenant knew that as the litter bins were MNH’s and on their property that they were responsible for emptying them into the wheelie bins provided by RPC. She had been given this assurance.       MNH were refurbishing the café and it was closed whilst the work was being done. There was a mobile catering van parked in the car park on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and all during half term week, 1- 4 pm. They were to take their own rubbish away. re supposed to be taking their own rubbish away.                                          There had been more complaints about litter all over the place at the Sound – RPC had been copied in by the complainant. The Clerk had been in touch with MNH about this and they had employed a contractor to empty the letter bins until the new tenants were in situ.

    1. q) Risk Assessment  Health and Safety. An email had been received from Mr Edwin who been unwell for some time and was giving up this sort of work. RPC were to give the final information to him. A new person would be required to carry out this work.                                         Mr Young said that data and financial risks should be included in this register but Mr Vernon and the Clerk queried this and were of the opinion that those items should be on a separate register but would ask Mr Edwin.
    2. r) Grass Cutting : A couple of early cuts had been undertaken and some buddleia removed from the hedge by the Playing Field.
    3. t) Port Erin Commissioners – boundary extension proposed by them to take part of Ballakilley residential development.  Further documents regarding this had been received from the Local Government Unit Manager with a slightly revised timetable. Nothing further from the LGU since their last letter. Port Erin Commissioners had contacted them to ask if there was any progress. RPC had heard nothing further from the LGU.
    4. u) Notice Board. A more suitable one had not been found yet.w) Litter Letter Mr Radcliffe had written a further letter regarding litter on the Island for the MHKs. The Clerk had given him a list of addresses and email addresses and the letterhead used for emails so that he could send them himself. He was thanked for doing this. He had received several replies which he had circulated to Members.

    x) Housing

    2017/18 Public sector Rents and Allowances Tenants would be informed of the new rent once all information is available.

    1. y) Rushen Parish Church’s War Memorial. No reply from Juan Watterson yet. To be removed from the Agenda.
    2. z) Parking Area at rear of Reart y Cronk. The Clerk hadn’t ordered the sign yet a she needed to see if there was a pole there or would one have to be ordered.
    3. aa) Rosemere, Surby Road. A reply received from the owner who had arranged for the slates to be removed from the small side extension (done) and hopes to do the house up so that she can live in it sooner rather than later. She confirmed that there were no signs of vermin inside.
    4. ab) Port Erin Traders.  They had held a meeting and they were grateful to RPC for offering use of either of their fields for ‘park and ride’. Their preference was for the Church Field and the Clerk had informed Sir Miles that they would need to have a person in the road to guide vehicles safely out of the field. The intention was also to encourage people to walk down to look at the Ballachurry wildlife field.
    5. ac) Attendance Allowance. The Clerk explained again with regard to Attendance Allowance claims – which could be audited i.e. there would be proof that the Member had attended for a certain number of hours. Allowance for ‘preparation’ could not be audited as there could be no proof that the times had been spent. This would appear in the Accounts as a Members expense, the same as mileage claims, but could not be ‘audited’. Due to the concerns of many of the Responsible Finance Officers and the LGU the LGU had indicated that they were looking into this matter with one possibility that a Member could only claim a set amount e.g. for one hour. However, all of this was still under investigation.
    6. ad) Hedges and overhanging trees; email from Les Cannan, Bus Vannin regarding trees which are overhanging and a potential hazard to buses. The Clerk had forwarded the email and replies to all Members – 10/2. Mr Cannan had indicated that he would send someone down to identify the offending tree which, it was presumed, was on Ballachurry land.
    7. ae) Family Mobile Library. Letter of thanks for the donation of £300. “ we continue to visit Rushen Parish and have some wonderful borrowers who I am sure will be pleased to hear about your contribution.”
    8. af) Office Mr Young had asked for this to be put back on the Agenda as he didn’t think it had been put on hold. Mr Vernon explained that building a new office had indeed been put on hold. He had been to Estate Agents to see if there was any office accommodation available to rent in Rushen but there wasn’t at the moment.


    This can be read at the Commissioners’ Office by contacting the Clerk

    2. a) Civic Service. Received – Arbory Commissioners invitation to their Civic Service on Sunday 19th February at 10.30am at the Parish Church, Ballabeg. Refreshments will be served in the Parish Hall. RSVP. Mr Young indicated that he would attend and possible also bring his children along. The Clerk would inform the Clerk of Arbory.
    3. b) Manx National Rally incorporating Chris Kelly Memorial Rally 5/6 May. Letter from Manx Auto Sport. A map is enclosed at show that one of the sections – Friday 5th May – is Shore Road and Kentraugh, starting at the junction with Croit-e-Caley; road closure from 18.30 to 23.00. This was noted.
    4. c) Douglas Borough council – Henry Bloom Noble Library. Information received from Librarian re Shared Services Membership. Subscriptions for the coming year 1st April1017 – 31st March 2018 are – LA population less than 1,500 is £270; LA population more than 1,500 is £550.   This enables all in the LA area to use the library plus downloading audiobooks and eBooks. Also online access to a wide range of reference materials. More information email [email protected] . Mr Pilling asked if the Clerk could find out how many people living in Rushen belonged to the Library.
    5. d) Mona’s Queen III Anchor Memorial Service. Invitation from Port St Mary Commissioners to the Chairman and Guest. This would be held on Monday 29th May at 2pm at Kallow Point. Mr Gunn indicated that he may be able to attend but that it was some way off yet.



    1. a) 17/00063. The Old Vicarage, Barracks Road. Mr & Mrs A Dixon. Replacement of existing single storey wing with two storey wing (comprising amendments to PA 15/00808/B) Members questioned if there was adequate parking on site for the increased capacity of the proposed building.
    2. b) 17/00024/B. Plot 9 Bradda View Grove, Ballakillowey. Hartford Homes. Amended to incorporate additional windows. The PA was dealt with at the January Meeting.   No objections.
    3. c) 17/00143. Thie Grianagh, Honna Road, Surby. Mr C Smith. Single storey extension at rear.   No objections.
    5. a) 16/01294/B. Sound Farm, Sound Road, Cregneash. Sound Farm Ltd. Erection of an agricultural building for grain, feed, fertilizer and farming equipment. Conditions – 2. The building must be used only for agricultural purposes. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 20th January 2017.
    8. a) 08/07578/DEX. Thie Grianagh, Honna Road. Mr C Smith. Loft conversion incorporating bathroom dormer to rear elevation.
    9. PLANNING APPEALS       none
    12. a) Stream at Qualtrough’a Lane/Fairy Hill. Mr Young asked if something could be done about the stream which runs alongside his garden and the DCS bungalows next door. There was a danger of flooding and the bank in the DSC gardens was being undermined. He had contacted various officials but nothing had been done.   The Clerk undertook to try and find the correct officer in DSC to contact .
    13. DATE OF NEXT MEETING   Mr Vernon requested that the Meeting be held a week later and it was agreed to hold it on Wednesday 22nd March.

    As there was no further business for the public session the meeting went into private session at 9.40pm.