• Minutes of the 18 January 2017 Meeting

    February 21st, 2017 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

                                  RUSHEN PARISH COMMISSIONERS

    Meeting held 7pm Wednesday 18th January 2017, Ballafesson Hall.


    Present: Mr P Vernon (Chairman), Mr P Gunn (Vice-Chairman) , Mr D Radcliffe,      Mr S Pilling and Mr J Young.

    Representatives from the IOM Constabulary had been invited to come to the meeting to speak with the Board prior to the Meeting. Superintendent Willson, Sergeant Shimmin and a new Superintendent Pam Trevelyan arrived at 7pm. There was a discussion on various matters of concern and they then left at 7.56pm.

    1. MINUTES The Minutes of the Meeting Wednesday 23rd December 2016, having previously been circulated were taken as read. Mr Young proposed, Mr Radcliffe seconded and that they were a true record and all agreed they should be signed.
    3. a) DoI/Local Authority Issues:-
    4. i) Transfer of function from DOI to Local Authorities; Waste Management and other such topics:-
    5. ii) Political WWG.

    Letter from the Minister, Mr Harmer.  A strong letter has been sent to Mr Harmer – approved by the Chairman. Acknowledgement received but no reply.

    Officer Waste Working Group – The Clerk had attended the Meeting held at 2.30 on Tuesday 17th Jan at Ballacottier. She gave written and verbal information from the meeting. She reported that there seemed to be a mindset with both Waste Management and some Clerks to change the charging for refuse disposal from Schools and Residential Homes, including Government run establishments from ‘domestic’ to ‘commercial’. Waste Management had requested information on the current charging policies for waste collection – per bin and disposal for schools, residential homes, charities, etc.

    Regarding recycling – a list of items which it would be good to recycle had been made at the last meeting and was agreed at this meeting, with the addition of brown cardboard.

    The Political WWG has been waiting to hear from the OWWG before having their next meeting. It was stated quite strongly at the meeting, and had also been discussed previously, that it was not acceptable for some LAs not to be represented on this and agreed that each Local Authority must be able to send a representative even though the group may thus be somewhat unwieldy. It would be the only way every LA could be aware and take part in what was being discussed and agreed. It was presumed that there would be a communication regarding this.

    iii) All Island Clerks Forum.  To be held 10 am 2nd February at the Sea Terminal. The Clerk would attend.

    2. v) Members’ Declaration of Interests Record Book. No new entries.
    3. b) Ballakilley Land

    Rushen Recreational Area.

    Boundary path:- Mr Radcliffe and Mr Young had measured the path which was to go from Ballafesson Road right through to Church Road. This was 480m right through and 400 without the middle section. It was envisaged that the path would be 1.5-2.0 m in width. A plan would be required for the path and landscaping. A Landscape Gardener’s services would be required and the Clerk was to contact three to get quotes for the work required. Planning Permission may be required for the paths and for the new entrances. Two names had been given to the Clerk and Mr Radcliffe was to let her know the name of another one which he had used.

    1. i) Southern Nomads. –  

    Letter received from Nomads – via an email from Mark Seed.    To be discussed/minuted in private session.

    All Members had received it and were not happy with the content and how it had been written. The situation was an impasse as Nomads insisted they now had to have a Lease and not the Agreement with which they had previously been happy. A Meeting was to be arranged for Thursday 26th January and the Clerk was to check if the Hall was available.

    1. ii) BMX Track/Skate park.   Email received from Kristian Edwards, ISB fwd 21/12.   Mr Young had spoken to the Ramsey BMX Club about the possibility of having a similar facility at Ballakilley. He reported that they had thought there would be funding given but, as there wasn’t they weren’t interested.

    iii) Rushen Burial Ground Authority

    1. iv) Church Field boundary to the extension – concrete posts. The letter had been sent to them regarding the boundary fencing at the estate end of the field. No reply had been received.

    Car boot sales/markets. Replies had been received re the advert in The Courier.

    1. v) Dandara – access to their compound through the Barracks field. A reply and plan had been received that day and forwarded to all Members. Member agreed that they could go ahead with this. They were to be asked if they were going to widen the entrance. They were also to be asked to provide a temporary path from that field to the Church field on Church Road, going through the top end of the compound – running alongside the burial ground wall being the most sensible. They were also to be asked how long they envisaged they would need to use the roadway.                                                                                                                                      It was also to be mentioned to them that Port Erin Traders had asked if they could use part of this field at Easter when they were to hold a Market in Port Erin and run a ‘park and ride’.

    c) Waste Management, Refuse Collection, Roads, Gullies and Hedges .

    Jones Services Ltd.

    Southlands. Mr Jones had investigated the problem of incontinence waste being put in the refuse bins instead of in the bins provided by the company who were contracted to supply and dispose of this waste. The refuse bins were overflowing. The Clerk would write to the Manager and Mr Jones was keeping an eye on the situation.

    Road Sweeping – There had been a complaint from a resident of St Mary’s Road abut leaves on Truggan Road. The Clerk had been to check this and arranged for the road sweeper to clean this short stretch of road. To make his journey worthwhile she had also arranged for the Kentraugh Road to be swept.

    1. ii) Pavement from Ballachurry to Ballakillowey roundabout. Alan Hardinge , Highways, had emailed that day with regard to the possibility of them doing this work.


    1. d) Bring Banks Waste Management wouldn’t change their minds about putting bring banks at the layby on Ballakillowey. They suggested that RPC find other suitable places.
    2. e) Lighting:                                                                                                                                Bus Shelter – The Level. The Clerk had contacted MEA to ask for the cost of disconnection and reconnection and possible moving the supply a short distance. They had given information and Mr Cannan’s (Bus Vannin) contact to the person who would be dealing with this.   It was agreed that if the work required for the lighting would be too costly then they would not go ahead with having lighting in the bus shelter.
    3. f) Traffic & DoI Highways.

    Shore Road –

    Junction at Honna Road and Surby and also Ballachurry Corner. The white lines had not been repainted although the Clerk pointed out that the lines at the Croit-e Caley/Level junction had very recently been painted and it would have been sensible for them to paint the others whilst they were in the area

    Glen Chass turning circle – not done.

    Grenea Cottages – No letter received yet and this was to be removed from the agenda.

    Matrix Boards. The Clerk had written to Highways suggesting these and it had been passed on to the appropriate person.

    1. g) Police

    Superintendent Willson, Sergeant Shimmin and Superintendent Pam Trevelyan had attended at the start of the Meeting. Mr Young put forward his concerns about certain occurrences in Fairy Hill and the apparent lack of action, also about the difficulties in setting up Neighbourhood Watch. There were discussions about these and other matters and Supt. Willson assured the Board that the Police want to work with Local Authorities in a two way partnership as Local Authorities usually know what is going on in a community and can let the Police know of any problems. He also assured the Board that they would have answers to their concerns within a week.

    1. h) Dog bins; fouling; Litter bins; Beach Cleans;

    Mr Radcliffe had not yet put a dog bin down at The Sound.

    Mr Young pointed out that there was a problem with dog fouling near the bottom of Mill Road and asked what action could be taken. The Clerk pointed out that RPC did not have any dog byelaws and she was to find out the best way to proceed to tackle the problem. There was the possibility of having CCTV and a relevant notice was required in situ when these were used.

    Fleshwick – it was noted that Beach Buddies now had one of their large orange bins there to encourage people to collect rubbish when they are down there. Mr Pilling proposed, Mr Radcliffe seconded and it was agreed by all that a donation of £200 be given to Beach Buddies.

    Playing field, Howe Car Park.

    The wall at the car park damaged by a DOI vehicle. Although the Clerk sent the quotes to them she had received no reply. She contacted them 6 Jan and got through to a woman in India who said ‘the team were unavailable and she would ask them to contact her’. They didn’t. She contacted them again on 13th – again a woman in India. This time the Clerk insisted that she talk to someone at Zurich . They said they were waiting for photographs. They would then see if they could pay out or would need someone to inspect the wall.

    1. j) Web Site The website was regarded as adequate for the moment and Mr Pilling was updating it regularly. Mr Young was to take a look at the Site with a view to modernising it somewhat.
    2. k) Southern Civic Amenity Site  (Southern Recycling Centre)  A letter had been received from the Clerk of SCAS ‘in confidence’ and each Member had been given a copy. Also received had been indication of the cost of RPC’s annual contribution to the running of the Site which would be £25,022.06, payable quarterly in advance. The next meeting would be on the following Thursday and Minister Hamer was to attend.
    3. l) Municipal Association  Training event t held 17th Messrs Vernon, Gunn and Pilling had attended. The Clerk had received via email copies of the presentation and she would forward it.
    4. m) Southern Swimming Pool Authority  Mr Radcliffe said there was a meeting on the following Thursday and two Governors from King Williams College along with Prof. Barr would be attending.
    5. n) Marashen Crescent Elderly Persons Housing Authority. Mr Radcliffe reported that the wood-burning boiler problems had still not been sorted.
    6. o) Southern Healthcare Committee Mr Pilling said that there would be a meeting the following week.
    7. p) Rushen Ambulance. Nothing further.
    8. p) Manx National Heritage  
    9. i)   Meayll Hill – dog fouling (dogs and trial bikes).                                                                                                              ii) The Sound. – dog fouling.   Suggested dog bin.

    Dog fouling and Trial bikes on Meayll Hill.   Nothing from MNH on either

    1. q) Risk Assessment  Health and Safety. The Clerk to contact Mr Edwin.
    2. r) Grass Cutting : The Clerk to write to Mr Booth. He had carried out a couple of jobs in the past few weeks – removed a large Buddlia which had fallen into the road by the Playing Field and he also took away the branches of the Christmas Tree. He was to be asked to tidy up around the Playing Field sign and the Clerk said that he was going to take down the Buddlia.
    3. s) World War 1 Commemorations 2014-2018.  Mr Pilling reported that the British Legion didn’t have any special events on at the moment.
    4. t) Port Erin Commissioners – boundary extension proposed by them to take part of Ballakilley residential development.  Further documents regarding this had been received from the Local Government Unit Manager with a slightly revised timetable. A Meeting was to be held for the Board to discuss progress.
    5. u) Notice Board. The Clerk recommended a different design wherein the posters could be clamped rather than pinned – due to windy locations.
    6. v) Flooding and Wave Overtopping and Shore Road. Nothing further.

             w) Litter Letter Mr Radcliffe was to consider the next step.

    1. x) Housing 2017/18 Public sector Rents and Allowances Although the ‘points value’ for the houses had been supplied the Clerk reminded Members that the tenants couldn’t be informed as to what their rents would be for 17/18 until the rates for the churchyard and for Water and Sewerage were know, which would probably not be until March.
    2. y) Rushen Parish Church’s War Memorial. No reply from Juan Watterson MHK yet so it was not known when/if to pay RPC’s contribution to the additional names on the Memorial.   Mr Young had circulated an email re accessing Armed Forces records.
    3. z) Christmas Tree.  Mr Radcliffe had taken down the tree and cut up the trunk. Branches were left for later but Mr Gerry Callister had phoned the Clerk twice asking when they would be removed. They asked Mr Booth to collect them and take to the Amenity Site.
    4. aa) Cars parked at Reayrt y Cronk car parking spaces.   No sign yet.
    5. ab) Van parked dangerously near playground, Qualtrough’s Lane. This had now gone.                             Parking Area at rear of Reart y Cronk. The Clerk had not yet ordered the ‘parking restricted’ sign.
    6. af) Office for RPC. This had been investigated and was put on hold. Records stored in the current office were to be looked through with a view to some destruction and some storage elsewhere



    These may be viewed at Rushen Commissioners’ office by appointment with the Clerk.

    ESTIMATES – The Clerk had provided a draft to all Members and this was discussed.

    It was proposed by Mr Pilling and seconded by Mr Radcliffe, all Members in agreement that the Rate should increase from 85p in £ to 95p in £ and the ‘per household’ refuse disposal charge should be increase from £63 to £65.  The Clerk would inform the Local Government Unit and IOM Newspapers.

    2. a) Civic Service: Malew Parish Commissioners invitation to attend their Civic Service on Sunday 5th March at 3pm at Abbey Church, Ballasalla. Light refreshments will be served after the service in the Ballasalla Village Hall. No indication of who would attend.
    3. b) Tidy Up Campaign. Zero Waste Mann. Email from Muriel Garland drawing attention to the latest Tidy Up campaign which is being planned for March 3 – 5th. It was a UK event but Bill Dale was going to do something with Beachbuddies. She had sent a link to ‘Keep Britain tidy’(fwd 10/1).
    4. c) Mobile Family Library. Email from Sandra Henderson, Librarian in Charge of the Family Mobile Library. They were asking for support .   It was agreed that a donation of £300 be given from the General Account.
    5. d) Easter Festival of Running. Letter from D Ronan, Manx Harriers. They are holding the Festival on Good Friday 14th April, the course being the “Great South Run” starting in Port Erin. They would welcome any input from the Commissioners.     Noted.
    6. e) Port Erin Commissioners. Letter of thanks re the contribution to the library and fireworks sent in November,


    2. a) 17/00024. Plot 9 Bradda View Grove, Ballakillowey. Hartford Homes. Proposed detached dwelling and integral garage (amended house type from previously approved 16/00216).   No objections.
    3. b) 17/00036. 15 Odins Way, Ballakillowey. Mr D Slack. Erection of a front porch and front window alteration.     No objections.
    5. a) 16/01160/B. Kilravock, Shore Road, Bay ny Carrickey. Mr David Corrin. Demolition of existing and erection of replacement dwelling. (in association with 15/00909). Conditions include 2. Prior to commencement of the dwelling hereby approved, the access as shown on Drawing no. 1362.2 Rev 1…. Shall be constructed and retained as such, and the visibility splay shall remain unobstructed at a height of 1.05m thereafter. Reason: in the interests of highway safety. 3. Prior to occupation of the dwelling hereby approved, the car parking and manoeuvring areas as shown in Drawing no 1362.2….. shall be provided and remain free from obstruction thereafter. Reason: to ensure that the strategic plan car parking standards are met in the interest of highway safety.     Decision – Planning Committee. Issued 9th January 2017.
    6. b) 16/01353/B. 4 The Chase, Ballakillowey. Mr Paul Walker. Single storey extension to rear of property. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 10th January 2017.
    9. PLANNING APPEALS       none
    11. a) Regularisation Certificate: Newholme, Ballagawne Road, Colby.   Mr D F Hudson. Removal of downstairs WC and creation of recess under stairs by removal of stud wall and insertion of supporting steel structure.   Signed R M Edwards, Building Control Officer. Issued 21st December 2016.
    12. b) New Staff in Planning and Building Control. Email received:- Jennifer Chance is the new Director of Planning,; Stephen Moore is back part time as Conservation Officer, also works for DED; Maurice Callister is new Head of Building Control & Standards; Mathew Quayle has returned to the Island to work on the Building Control Team.
    14. a) Rosemere, Surby Road. This had been empty for some years since the owner, Mr Walkden, had died. The roof was getting very bad now with loose slates on the side extension. This had been reported by a neighbouring householder. A tarpaulin had been put over it but was now ripped. The Clerk had obtained an address for the owner and was to write to her pointing out the danger and her liability if there was an accident, asking for it to be repaired and for a timescale for this. It was also to be pointed out that there could be vermin in the house.
    15. b) Port Erin Traders. Sir Miles Walker, as Chairman of the Port Erin Traders had contacted the Clerk. They were to hold a food festival on Easter Weekend – 16 & 17th April in Port Erin. They were concerned that there may not be insufficient parking space due to the roadworks in Port Erin They wanted to have a park and ride into Port Erin and would like to use the Barracks field for this purpose. The Clerk had indicated that it was most likely that RPC would be pleased to provide this. Member discussed this and they were willing to provide use of the field and that the Church Field would be available. The Clerk to write to tell them.
    16. c) The Chairman had been considering the various views of certain Members regarding how they thought the Minutes should be presented. He proposed that draft Minutes be produced, showing the initial in red in the right hand margin of whoever had been tasked to carry out certain actions. These Minutes to be sent to all Members 5 days after the Meeting. This was to remind Members if they had any tasks.   These Minutes would not be the final Minutes which would be sent out electronically in PDF or locked form prior to the next Meeting. He hoped that this would settle the arguments which had been prevalent in recent times.
    17. d) Attendance Allowance. Mr Pilling, who was the only Member currently to claim attendance allowance was in disagreement with how the claim form should be set out. The Clerk explained that Attendance payments had to be paid according to the time attending a meeting, the time being recorded in the Minutes. This Claim Form formed part of the documentation required as part of the Audit and had to be verified by the Auditors by comparison with form and Minutes and with the RFO. She said that LA Members can claim for mileage and for ‘preparation’ for meetings. These, however, should be on a separate form as they couldn’t be verified by either the Clerk/RFO or the Auditors and would need to be taken ‘on trust’.
    18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING   Wednesday 15th February 2017.

    As there was no further business the meeting closed at 10.45pm and went into private session.