• Minutes for the May 2016 Meeting

    June 21st, 2016 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes


    Meeting including AGM held 7pm Wednesday 4th May 2016, Ballafesson Hall.


    Present: Mr S Pilling (retiring Chairman), Mr P Vernon, Mr P Gunn, Mr D Radcliffe and new Member Mr J Young.

    This was the first meeting of the newly elected Board and the Annual General Meeting.

    Before the Meeting commenced all Members were required to make their Declaration of Acceptance of Office. This was duly carried out and the declarations signed and given to the Clerk who also gave them a copy for them to keep for their records.

    The Clerk had also had copies printed and bound of the more up to date ‘General Information for Members and Officers of Local Authorities” from the government website. Each Member was given one and asked to keep them safe for reference when required.


    The current Chairman, Mr Pilling, took the Chair until the new Chairman was elected.

    1. MINUTES The Minutes of the meeting held Wednesday 20th April 2016, having previously been circulated, were taken as read and agreed a true record.

    My thanks go out to each one of you for your support given to me. This past 12 months as Chairman has flown over, well they have for me.                                                                                               It has been a year of change and transitions some evolution and some revolution. As a Local Authority we have taken on far more local duties from the department than before. We have been able to manage and provide these services on budget and without massive rate increases. I would expect that the future will bring with it a raft of new wishes.                                      We have I believe had a productive year, we have finally seen positive steps with regard to Ballakilley, both with the Burial Ground Authority and the Recreational field. I expect these will move forward this year with some speed.                                                                   We finally managed to erect a Notice board and publish the Newsletter, both have been well received, many thanks to all.                                                                                                                    As has the recent reprint of the Meayll Peninsula book, I say book for it is no longer a booklet, this new format will carry it forward to great sales. The split in the Parish of Rushen encourages the production of a further volume to cover the other half of the Parish. There are lots of interesting facts and knowledge together with memorable walks that need to be documented.   Finally it has to be a big thank you to Gill who has painlessly guided me with countless questions and queries. Thank you Gill. Thank you All.”




    CHAIRMAN:   Mr Peter Vernon was proposed by Mr Radcliffe, seconded by Mr P Gunn, agreed by all. Mr Vernon accepted the office and made and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

    Mr Vernon, as the Chairman, took the Chair.

    VICE-CHAIRMAN: Mr Peter Gunn was proposed by Mr Pilling, seconded by Mr Radcliffe and agreed by all. Mr Gunn accepted the office and made and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

    Mr Vernon, as the new Chairman, congratulated Mr Justin Young on being elected to Rushen Parish Commissioners and welcomed him to the Board. He said that Rushen Commissioners held their meetings in a more relaxed fashion that some other Local Authorities. They are open to the public and if any member of the public requests to speak about a specific subject they may do albeit only at the invitation of the Chairman. However, only elected Members may attend the Private Session.

    Mr Vernon said that he intended that the meetings be shorter and that, as the agendas include such a lot of information, providing that Members had read them fully prior to the meetings, there should be no reason for the meetings to go on so late. All Members were entitled to comment and he wanted them to enjoy the meetings. He looked forward to working with everyone.

    2. a) Southern Civic Amenity Site. (3 year) Mr Cain, who had been the representative on this for many years had not stood for re-election to Rushen Commissioners.   There was therefore a requirement for a new Representative. Mr Pilling expressed an interest in this and was proposed by Mr Young and seconded by Mr Gunn. He was therefore elected as the representative for the next three years, which he accepted.


    1. b) Swimming Pool Board (3 year). Mr Radcliffe has been the representative on this Board and Mr Pilling proposed, Mr Gunn seconded and all agreed that he should remain on the Board. Mr Radcliffe accepted this appointment.


    1. c) Marashen Crescent Elderly Persons Housing Board (3 year) Mr Radcliffe had been on that Board for a number of years and had experience of the business which they handled. He was proposed by Mr Gunn, seconded by Mr Pilling and accepted the appointment.


    1. d) Municipal Association (annual). Mr Gunn, who had been the representative for many years was proposed by Mr Radcliffe, seconded by Mr Pilling, all agreed. He was therefore elected as representative.


    1. e) Southern Healthcare Committee (annual)  Mr Pilling agreed to stay on this Committee.


    1. f) Rushen Ambulance Committee (annual) Mr Pilling agreed to stay on this Committee and Mr Young would shadow him on this.
    2. g) Allotments Committee (annual)   Mr Young was appointed to this Committee. It was noted, however, that there had been no meetings of this Committee.


    2. a) DoI/Local Authority Issues:-
    3. i) Department of Infrastructure: Alternative Means of Service Delivery Municipal Waste Management and other such topics:- Transfer of Functions to Local Authorities from the Department of Infrastructure, also now called ‘Local Authority Transition’:

    Waste Working Group

    Officer Waste Working Group –   Mr Powell, Clerk to Malew Commissioners, had confirmed that he accepted the nomination from various LAs as representative and had informed Stephanie Gray, as had some other southern Local Authorities, including Rushen. Ms Grey was ‘out of the office until 28th April’ and her emails were not being forwarded. She has not, therefore, been aware of RPC’s nomination nor had the Clerk been able to find out if all Clerks could attend the first meeting in May as seemed to be indicated in an email from Ms Gray.

    Arbory Commissioners had given their written agreement to Mr Powell being representative of the south on the working group and had informed Minster Gawne and Ms Gray that their Board wished to register their concern that the composition of the group is so heavily weighted in favour of town interests. They wished to make it clear that they could not agree that this group could make decisions that were binding on them and that it could not be assumed that they would accept recommendations from the group that, in their opinion are contrary to the best interests of their ratepayers. 22/4 Minister Gawne had replied to Arbory Commissioners “I appreciate and indeed share, the concerns expressed by your commissioners however I would point out that the make-up of the working group was agreed to be the same for the first meeting as the officer membership of the ‘political’ waste working group (which itself was agreed by the Commissioners and Councillors present at last summer’s seminar). Following the forthcoming local authority elections I will be asking local authorities to consider which officers should attend the working group in future and I will encourage a more representative balance at that stage.

    The Members of Rushen Commissioners were like minded with the views of Arbory Commissioners. No decisions should be made by the Officers Working Group and every proposal must be brought back to the various Boards for the elected Members to consider and give their views on,


    1. ii) All Island Clerks Forum.  The next meeting would be Thursday 30th

    iii) HOUSING WORKING GROUPS – Nothing much seemed to be happening at the moment.

    The Officers group meeting . There had been no further meetings.

    The Political Members’ Housing Working Group Meeting. no further meetings had been held.

    1. iv) FUNCTIONS TAKEN ON BY RPC: (roads, hedge and gullies appear in Minutes at ‘Jones Services – c i).’ (122 extra gullies)

    Pavement from Ballachurry to Ballakillowey roundabout. Mr Clucas was to be approached with regard to this and other matters.

    Other items reported to DOI. nothing had been done except for the stones on the pavement on Shore Road had been swept up.

    1. v) Members’ Declaration of Interests. Mr Young made his first entry in this.


    Attendance Allowance. Mr Young was informed that if he wished he could claim attendance allowance. This was £7.50 per hour up to a maximum of £30 per session. £12.50 per hour for daytime up to a maximum of £50 per session.   Mr Pilling claimed attendance allowance for monthly meetings and any Member could also do so if they wished. However, they would have to inform the Clerk/RFO if they intended to do so.

    1. b) Ballakilley Land

    Rushen Recreational Area.

    1. i) Agreement for Southern Nomads. – Nomads had sent the agreement to RFU (the UK governing body) and had been pushing them to give their comments. The Clerk had spoken to Mark Seed and told him that the next meeting of RPC would be on 4th May and that they had yet to Petition the LGU – which they couldn’t do until they had confirmation from Nomads – who would need to have approval from the RFU that everything was satisfactory. Nomads needed to be on the field by June so that the levelling could be carried out and the reseeding done in the growing season.   RPC could only wait until Nomads had received the approval but had made it clear they wanted work to start as soon as possible so that they could go ahead with plans for the remainder of the field.
    2. ii) Rushen Burial Ground Authority

    Although Corlett Bolton’s Port St Mary Office had said that they would get the documents to RPC the Clerk had not received anything yet.

    Members had been considering what the remainder of the field could be used for, bearing in mind that it had to be ‘public open space’. Mr Vernon had been speaking to a Mrs P Ginty who organises camp sites. He said she may be interested in having a camp site on part of this field. The Clerk pointed out that maybe a camp site couldn’t be regarded as ‘public open space. Further discussion of this was to be left until the next meeting.

    iii) Church Field & Barracks Field – access. The Clerk pointed out that there didn’t seem any point in putting plans in yet for these accesses as, until Nomads had started work on the field it was difficult to know what else would be on the remainder of the field. Both Port Erin and Port St Mary Commissioners and various members of the public were very interested in a BMX/ Skate Park being there and, until Nomads pitches, etc were settled it would not be known exactly what type of access would be required for the proposed BMX track and the paths which would be around and through the field and to the Church Road entrance.

    The grass was starting to grow in these two fields but not enough to have it cut. It was thought that the RBGA would have possession of the part which would be the burial ground extension in possibly two or three weeks. Similarly with the Barracks field. Members discussed this and it was thought that sheep might keep it short until then. As very short notice may be given to vacate due to RBGA or Nomads the Clerk said that Mr Kelly could put some there for a few weeks and she would ensure that they would be removed at 24 hours’ notice. This was agreed as a temporary measure.

    Trees along the Ballafesson Road edge of the Barracks Field. Mr Vernon said that he would contact DEFA to ask for advice on what species of trees could be planted there.   He suggested, and it was agreed, that the first one planted should be dedicated to the late Mrs Susannah Shimmin, who had been a Member of Rushen Parish Commissioners for many years.                     Mr Pilling reminded Members that the Woodland Trust plant trees around the Island and they could be involved.

    Seats – it was hoped that there would be plenty of benches placed throughout the whole path and open space system. If people wanted to put one there RPC would need to specify what type of seat and an arrangement made between the two parties with regard to maintenance.

    1. iv) BMX Track. Members were to look at the new one which Braddan Commissioners had made.

    Mr Young pointed out that the one in Castletown’s Poulsom Park didn’t seem to be used by many people and questioned whether there was a need for one at Ballakilley.

    The Clerk asked if she should arrange the meeting with both Port Erin and Port St Mary Commissioners and then one with the other ‘interested parties ‘ and the public. The delay with Nomads Agreement was holding things up but it was agreed that immediately that was settled meeting should be held so that there would be no more time wasted. It was agreed that she should write to both asking if they had received any interest regarding BMX/Skate Board . Also – what other recreational facilities they would like to see there

    1. c) Waste Management, Refuse Collection, Roads, Gullies and Hedges. Bring Banks
    2. i) Jones Services Ltd. Refuse collections – no problems at present.

    Road Sweeping – all done for 15/16.

    Gullies – Jones Services had cleared all the gullies in the Parish and it transpired that there are 122 more gullies than appeared on the information lists which the Department of Infrastructure had given to Local Authorities for them to base their costings on when going out to tender. That list had given 203 when, in fact there are 325. The Contractor would have to be paid extra for these. Members were concerned that DOI didn’t seem to know how many gullies they had and therefore which may have been neglected.

    It was evident from the report from Jones Services that some of the gullies hadn’t been cleared for a long time. Some of the covers couldn’t be lifted except with the use of a crowbar. It was certain that all of them hadn’t been handed over to RPC in a good clean condition as had been expected from the negotiations and discussions with the DOI prior to the transition of responsibilities from DOI to Local Authorities.

    It was agreed that an invoice for the cost of clearing the extra gullies be sent to the DOI.

    Bring Banks – possible positioning of recycling bins at the layby on Ballakillowey. To be investigated.

    1. e) Lighting: no problems at present.
    2. f) Traffic & DoI Highways. .

    Traffic Meeting – the next one would be held in June.

    Glen Chass turning circle – The Clerk had received a letter from Mr Francis, Quietways. He enclosed photographs of vehicles blocking the turning circle. Vehicles were still parking there despite the sign which RPC had erected. About 2 years previously RPC had brought this matter up at Traffic Meetings and double yellow lines were to be renewed in the circle. They still hadn’t been done.                                                                                                                   The DOI were to be asked that, if they were unable to paint the yellow lines, should RPC ask Colas to do it and send DOI the bill.

    1. g) Police  Members were reminded they could attend these, which were daytime meetings, but they would have to sign that they would abide by confidentiality/secrecy.                                 Mr Young told Members that he intended setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for Ballafesson.
    2. h) Dog bins; fouling; Beach Cleans; Hedges.

    Requests for dog bins – 5 had been ordered from Colas and 3 had been delivered. Mr Pilling said that he had seen a litter bin in Braddan which had a lid which curved over which, presumably was to stop the wind blowing it open. This type of bin would be investigated.

    Hedges – The hedge at the Mona Rechabite Hall has been cut by the owner.

    1. i) Playing field, Howe Car Park. Nothing at present.
    2. j) Web Site Mr Young was going to look into the possibility of having a FaceBook page.
    3. k) Southern Civic Amenity Site  (Southern Recycling Centre)

    There had been no meeting due to the Election. Mr Pilling would now be the representative for RPC on the Board.

    1. l) Municipal Association

    The AGM would be held on 26th May at Douglas Golf Club. Numbers by 17th May. Mr Gunn, Mr Vernon and Mrs Kelly, the Clerk were to attend.

    Received from the MA – information which Mr Steve Hamer had been given re licences for campsites. Fwd 25/4. This was noted.

    1. m) Southern Swimming Pool Authority Mr Radcliffe said there was nothing to report at present.
    2. n) Marashen Crescent Elderly Persons Housing Authority Mr Radcliffe said there was nothing to report.
    3. o) Southern Healthcare Committee Mr Pilling said there was nothing to report as there had not been a meeting.

    Rushen Ambulance    The Clerk had written to the Secretary – Mrs Wood, whose husband is the Treasurer, asking if there had been AGMs held which RPC had not informed about .

    1. p) Manx National Heritage  
    2. i) Cregneash – Demolition of the steel barn at Church Farm.   This was now under way.
    3. ii)   Meayll Hill – dog fouling (put back on agenda)` dogs and bikes.

    There had been further complaints about dog fouling on the hill.

    Mr Vernon has been on the hill and he reported that there had been several people on motor bikes using the area. They would be damaging the ground. A letter to be written to Manx National Heritage, who own some of the land, pointing out that they need to put signs there and to look after it.

    1. iv) The Sound. A lady had contacted the Clerk on the phone complaining about ‘all of the dog fouling at the Sound.’ She said that the litter bin wasn’t large enough and there were also bags of it about. She asked for RPC to put proper dog bins there. The Clerk explained to her that MNH were responsible for this land and the bins were theirs. Also that the tenants of the Café , through their agreement with MNH, had to empty the bins (RPC provide and empty 4 wheelie bins for this). The Clerk said that she should contact MNH with regard to this. The lady did so and reported back that she had at first been told that this was RPC’s responsibility but she explained to them that the MNH/café manager is responsible. She eventually got put through to Lyndsey Clague who said she would deal with it. The bin in question is on the path leading to The Parade down near the flat part, where people seem to take their dogs.

    The Clerk was to write to Manx National Heritage to suggest that they should erect a dog bin to help deal with the problem. It was to be suggested to them that if they put up a dog bin by the turning circle then RPC could arrange for their Refuse Contractor to empty it.

    1. q) Risk Assessment  Health and Safety.   Nothing from Mr Edwin yet.
    2. r) Grass Cutting : the various areas were now being cut.

    Weeds spraying – It was agreed that this should go ahead as soon as possible as it had been left a bit late the previous year.

    1. s) Meayll Book. The Bridge Bookshop had taken a further 15 copies.   They had been offered to Manx National Heritage but they would only take them on a ‘sale or return’ basis. As it was the Thousla Trust Charity which was selling them it was felt that this couldn’t be done.   They would have to buy them at the wholesale price – the same as they used to do in the past. It was felt a shame that they wouldn’t now stock them as MNH are responsible for some of the areas mentioned in the book.
    2. t) World War 1 Commemorations 2014-2018. Nothing further at present.
    3. u) Port Erin Commissioners – boundary extension proposed by them to take part of Ballakilley residential development.

    Nothing further.

    1. v) Douglas Corporation Library , Port Erin Library and Mobile Library. To be taken off the agenda.
    2. w) Notice Board. It was felt that there should be other notice boards in the Parish. However, it is such a large and spread out area it could be difficult to prioritise. Members were to consider this for future discussion.
    3. x) Flooding and Wave Overtopping and Shore Road.

    No reply had been received from Mr N Black, Chief Executive of DOI to RPC’s letter of 14th March.

    y) Roads in poor condition.

    Honna Road ,Surby Road, Glen Chass Road and others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sloc Road In view of the numerous roads needing re-surfacing in Rushen Mr Vernon questioned why a long stretch of the Sloc Road had been tarmacked.  This road is not a busy one and he wondered why other roads in poor condition such as Honna Road, Surby Road and especially the main road through Colby, which is of particular concern, were not prioritised. It had been suggested that this was a case of the DOI spending the remainder of their 2015/16 budget instead of forfeiting it by not spending it.   The Clerk said that she had not received any road closure Order for this work and most of it is in Rushen, although the signs were put at the Ballakillowey Roundabout. The Clerk to write to the DOI with these points.

    1. z)   To be taken off the Agenda.

    Aa) Electoral List. To be taken off the Agenda.

    Ab) Parking at Rushen School. Nothing further.

    1. ac) Planning Lists – to be in the papers again? No reply
    2. ad) New Lieutenant Governor – reception – 12.15pm on Friday 27th May at Government House.

    Invitation received for Chairman and Guest to attend a reception at Government House following the swearing in ceremony of the new Lieutenant Governor – invitation is from Lieutenant Governor and Lady Gozney. Dress – lounge suit. RSVP. Mr Vernon indicated that he and his wife would be pleased to attend and the Clerk would reply for them.

    1. ae) Tynwald Garden Party 2016.

    Invitation for Chairman and Guest to attended the Tynwald Garden Party on Sunday 3rd July in the presence of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Richard Gozney KCMG VCO and Lady Gozney. Representative and guest to be nominated to attend. This is usually the Chairman or Vice-Chairman. Mr Vernon and Mr Gunn were unable to attend but Mr Pilling indicated that he would like to do so.

    1. af) Camper Van in lay-by on Ballakillowey Road, opposite entrance to Bradda View. This had now gone.


    This can be read at Rushen Commissioners’ Office – 834501

    2. a) Rates Statement 2015/16 – (for the accounts and audit) Commissioners and Refuse.

    Received for Commissioners’ Rate – £92,343.94                  collection charge £1,539.58               “       Refuse Rate –               £41,957.89                 collection charge  £423.96

    1. b) consultation – Fire Precautions (houses in multiple occupancy and Flats) received from Karl Cubbon, Legislation and Policy Officer, DHA. (fwd 25/4) The document can be found on the Government website at gov.im/dha/consultations.gov. Views by 6th June. This was noted.
    2. c) Borough of Douglas Civic Sunday 12th St George’s Church. Invitations would be sent out nearer the time.   Noted.
    3. d) Safe use & operation of Inflatable Play Equipment.

    Received from LGU. (fwd 28/4)   information sheet on the safe use and operation of inflatable play equipment including bouncy castles, which the Health and Safety Inspectorate has requested be forwarded to Local Authorities.   Members noted that this would require them to check the paperwork of anyone running a bouncy castle but this had always been done in the past.

    1. e) Review of the Functioning of Tynwald. (enclosed) from Michelle Norman, Secretary to Lord Lisvane’s Review.

    “There is to be a Review of the Functioning of Tynwald which Lord Lisvane KCB DL has been asked to undertake and to report to Tynwald for its sitting on 19th July. In undertaking the review Lord Lisvane has been asked to:

    Examine the functions of the branches of Tynwald;                                                                                           assess their efficacy;                                                                                                              consider the scrutiny structure required by the parliament;                                                                       and recommend any options for reform

    Lord Lisvane is inviting written submissions but will also be sitting to take oral evidence during the weeks commencing Monday 16th and Tuesday 30th May. The calling of witnesses to give oral evidence is at the discretion of Lord Lisvane. Should the Commissioners wish to nominate a representative to give evidence in person on their behalf, contact me as soon as possible. It would be most helpful if I could be provided with an indication of the areas that the Commissioners would want to cover in oral evidence and any particular points they woud wish to make. If the Commissioners wish to participate in the Review by making a written submission, this should be sent to me by Thursday 2nd June. …………”

    Members did not wish to have a representative speak for them and this was noted.

    1. f) Proposed new legal powers for Treasury re housing

    Treasury is changing its legislation to improve he administration of income related benefit housing allowances it pays. Also proposing new legal powers for Treasury to share housing information with DOI and Local Authorities and joint Local Authorities who are landlords.

    These were forwarded to Members on 22/4 and were for ‘noting’.

    1. g) Review of Developments in Legal Aid.

    Received – from the Legal Aid Committee – Interim Consultative Report for the period 2013-2016.                              Noted.


    2. a) 16/00461. 1 – 14 Orestal, Croit-e-Caley. Housing Division, Department of Infrastructure. Removal of chimneys and roof lights and replacement of existing flat canopy roofs with pitched slate canopies (on porches). No objections.
    7. a) 15/00909/B. Kilravock, Shore Road, Bay ny Carrickey. Mr D Corrin. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a replacement dwelling with associated parking.

    This had been Refused and Mr Corrin had taken it to Appeal. “The Minister (DEFA) the Hon. RA Ronan, MHK, has considered the report, concurs with the appointed person’s conclusions, and accepts the recommendation that the appeal should be dismissed. Accordingly, he has directed that the Department’s refusal of the application under Article 6 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) (No 2) Order 2013 should be confirmed, and that the application should be Refused for the following reason:

    1. The proposal is contrary to Housing Policy 14 of the Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2007 in that the proposed development within a prominent position, if approved, would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the area by reason of its design and siting, having particular regard to its sensitive location on Bay ny Carrickey and the aims for that stretch of coastline in the Area Plan for the South 2013.   Mr K Gillespie, Ministerial Planning Advisor. Dated 18th April 2016


    2. ANY OTHER BUSINESS.      
    3. a) The Thousla Cross.

    Mr Ronnie Broadbent had painted the Thousla Cross again and spread new gravel around the base. He apologised for not doing it the previous year. He said he was willing to continue looking after it. Qualtroughs would send their bill for materials. A letter was to be sent to Mr Broadbent thanking him for taking such good care of the Thousla Cross.


    1. b) War Memorial – Croit-e-Caley Chapel.

    The Clerk had an email from Mr Brunsdon, who is involved with the War Memorials Committee regarding a War Memorial which he thought was in Croit-e-Caley Chapel, which had now been sold. She gave him what information she could:- when she and members of RPC went to inspect the Church and Hall with a possible view to having Rushen’s office there, it was noticed that a framed list – a Memorial – of those killed in WW1 was hanging on the wall. Juan Watterson MHK was with them and he took a photo of this as he is on the War Memorials Committee. The Clerk had presumed that he would make sure it was recorded and stored somewhere safe. She told Mr Brunsdon this and gave him Mr Watterson’s contact and also that the head of the Methodist Church had also seen it and would know if anything had happened to it. Mr Brunsden had subsequently been in touch with various people and it had been found in the Chapel, but in poor condition. It was being recorded and moved to MNH for them to archive.

    1. c) Derelict Properties.

    Mr Vernon asked if a letter could be sent to Government asking for zero rating on empty properties to be removed. He felt that this would encourage people to maintain or sell their properties. Zero rating is a loss of income to the community and derelict properties were a liability. There was a need to investigate how there could be a change of policy.

    1. d) Litter

    Mr Radcliffe said that it was time something was done about all the litter which was evident in many places. The Island seemed to be ignoring this problem and it gave a poor impression to visitors. As it was an all-Island problem perhaps the Government should be doing something about it. He felt that RPC should kickstart this by writing to all the MHKs. He would draft a letter and give it to the Clerk to copy and send to each individual MHK.

    1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING  The Clerk asked if there should be a further meeting before the June one as 15th June was a long way off. It was agreed that if some important or urgent items came up she should call a meeting. Otherwise the next one would be 15th June.

    As there was no further business for the public session this section was concluded at 10pm..