• Minutes for the April 2016 Meeting

    June 21st, 2016 by Stan Pilling in General News ·Meeting Minutes

                                  RUSHEN PARISH COMMISSIONERS

    Meeting held 7pm Wednesday 20th April 2016, Ballafesson Hall.


    Present: Mr S Pilling (Chairman), Mr D Cain (Vice Chairman), Mr P Gunn, Mr D Radcliffe.

    Apologies Mr P Vernon.

    This was Mr Cain’s last meeting as a Member of the Board of Rushen Parish Commissioners as he had not stood for re-election. He had been a Board Member for 13 years, his first meeting being in June 2003. He had served as Chairman and also as representative on the Southern Swimming Pool Board and the Southern Civic Amenity Site Board.

    Mr Pilling, as Chairman, presented Mr Cain with a framed certificate, a copy of the Minutes of the first meeting he had attended and also two copies of Rushen Parish Commissioners’ newly re-published book on the Meayll Peninsula. He thanked Mr Cain for all of the years’ service he had given to the Board .

    Mr Cain gave his thanks to all of the Members of the Board both past and present who he had worked alongside. He also thanked the Clerk for her help, also thanking Mrs Gunn for providing cakes for the meetings. He said that if any help was needed to run sports or events he would be more than willing to help.

    The meeting then continued.

    1. MINUTES The Minutes of the meeting held Wednesday 16th March 2016, having previously been circulated, were taken as read and agreed a true record.

    Election – 28th April 2016.

    Nominations had closed at 5pm on Tuesday 5th April. 5 completed nominations forms had been received by the Clerk by that time.   The Clerk had checked all of the forms to ensure that everything was correct and that the Candidates were on the Electoral List and that the proposers, seconders and assenters were on the Electoral list for East or West Rushen. Once the time for receiving nominations was reached she had written to and emailed all the nominated candidates with the officially required letter. The Returning Officer (Mrs G Kelly) for the Election had attended the Office at 2pm on the Wednesday to hear any objections or receive any withdrawals. There were neither. The Returning Office then wrote the official letter to all candidates informing them that, as it had been an Uncontested Election, they would be elected Members of the Board of Rushen Parish Commissioners from 1st May 2016 for a period of 4 years.

    All five nomination forms, together with the Oath of the Returning Officer (swearing to act faithfully in that capacity without fear, favour or affection) had been sent to the Deemster, Clerk of the Rolls, as required by regulations. Notices giving the names of those elected had been put in 2 local papers (cost 293.28+vat) Notices had put in the notice board, website, office and various areas around the Parish. IOM Newspapers, Manx Radio and 3FM had also been notified of the result.

    The newly elected Board from 1st May 2016 would comprise:-

    Gunn, Peter Gordon, Fleshwick House, Fleshwick

    Pilling, Stanley Howard, 61 Garth Avenue, Surby.

    Radcliffe, Thomas David, Ballafesson Farmhouse, Qualtrough’s Lane, Ballafesson.

    Vernon, Peter John, Kincroft, Surby Road.

    Young, Justin Paul, Broomfield Cottage, Qualtrough’s Lane, Ballafesson.

    All Members of the new Board must make their Declaration of Acceptance of Office within a month of the Election or their place on the Board would become vacant and a by-election would have to be held.

    1. a) DoI/Local Authority Issues:-
    2. i) Department of Infrastructure: Alternative Means of Service Delivery Municipal Waste Management and other such topics:-

    Transfer of Functions to Local Authorities from the Department of Infrastructure, also now called ‘Local Authority Transition’:

    Waste Working Group. Mr Bob Pilling (Malew) had sent a report on the meeting , as one of the representatives. Also included was a print out of the results of the questionnaire and other information.

    Officer Waste Working Group – email received 20/4 from Stephanie Gray, Head of Waste Management, who was in charge of the Working Groups. Members had been given a copy of this email at the meeting. Ms Gray was asking for an Officer from the southern authorities to be a representative on this Group. Upon receiving this the Clerk had contacted Mr Powell, Clerk to Malew Commissioners, to ask if he would be interested in doing this. He indicated he would. The email seemed to indicate that all Clerks were invited to attend the first meeting but the Clerk was to check this. The Clerk would confirm with Mr Powell the agreement to his being the representative and she would inform all the other Local Authorities of this.

    All Island Clerks Forum.  The next meeting would be on Thursday 30th June in the Boardroom at the Sea Terminal.             The Clerk would be attending this.

    Southern Clerks Forum .   The Clerk said that she thought that this would not be brought into being anytime soon.

    HOUSING WORKING GROUPS – These were ongoing

    The Officers group meeting . There hasn’t been any more.

    The Political Members’ Housing Working Group Meeting. Held on 4th April. Mr Radcliffe had been unable to attend.


    Road Sweeping – The roads had been swept , the last round being at the end of March, to comply with the Contract.

    Gullies & flooding. It had transpired that there were far more gullies than the DOI had indicated on their information when arranging for the various to be taken over by RPC. This had led to extra costs over and above the Contract price agreed with Jones Services. Mr Jones had also reported that it was obvious that a lot of them had not been cleared for a very long time. It had been difficult to remove some of the covers so that they could be cleared. Some were blocked and he had marked these with red paint. It would seem that DOI may not know where all their gullies are nor how many and that they hadn’t cleared them prior to handing over responsibility to Local Authorities.

    Once the final count of the gullies was made a strong letter was to be sent to DOI and also asking for payment for clearing the extra ones.

    Pavement from Ballachurry to Ballakillowey roundabout. The Clerk would go and see Mr Clucas about this and the other matters which had been discussed as requiring his input.

    Other items reported to DOI. A case number had been given but nothing had been done. The stones thrown up by the storms at the far end of Shore Road – the Clerk had contacted Highways and they were cleared away a few days later.

    iii) Attendance at meetings – each year the Clerk is required to send a report for the year on:- the number of meetings of the LA; number of meetings of each committee or sub-committee; number of attendances of each member of the LA at meetings of the LA and each committee and sub-committee; the total sums paid to each member under the Schedule. This was to be sent in by July to LGU and would also accompany the papers for the Auditors.

    1. iv) Members’ Declaration of Interests. No new entries.
    2. b) Ballakilley Land

    Rushen Recreational Area.  It was agreed that this should be the official name as ‘Rushen’ encompassed not only the Parish but also Port Erin and Port St Mary and Rushen Parish Commissioners were determined that this land was for use by everyone in the area.

    Concession/Agreement for Southern Nomads. – A meeting had been held on 8th April between RPC (Chairman, Mr Gunn and Mr Radcliffe and the Clerk) and Nomads (Mr Seed, Mr Parkes, Mr Watterson and Mr Kelly) although Nomads had said that their advocate would be present she wasn’t there. Nomads indicated that they had scrapped the Lease which she had drawn up and they were happy to work with RPC’s original version of the Agreement and that it should indeed be an ‘agreement’. This was considered paragraph by paragraph with suitable amendments agreed and written in. The Clerk was to type the amendments and send to all members of RPC. She said she would send a copy to the LGU just so that they would have prior knowledge of the document which would be included in their Petition and in the hope that it could be dealt with as quickly as possible. Mr Seed had contacted the Clerk to say that the revised Agreement had been approved by them and had been sent to the RFU for their input and approval. The Clerk, after consulting with Members and having the approval of 4, had included a covering letter for Nomads stating that Rushen Parish Commissioners would look favourably on providing a Lease in the future for a plot of land for a clubhouse to be built. This should give assurance to the RFU that Nomads would be able to move forward with that in the future.

    Nomads needed to make a start on the pitches no later than June to fit in with the growing season and also to be able to apply for a grant from the RFU. They hoped to commence with the entrance and levelling the field. They were aiming for playing on the field in the 2017 rugby season so it was essential that they get on to the field in time.

    With regard to the field hedge, Ballafesson Road – Mr Radcliffe and Mr Vernon had spent an afternoon collecting the rubbish left, much of it plastic and bottles, and they sorted it and took it to the Amenity Site. They were thanked for doing this. Mr Radcliffe said that there should be a litter bin along the pavement as it was evident from the amount of litter that people were just throwing it over the wall. A bin could be put on one of Rushen’s streetlights. He had one of Rushen’s bins in his shed and would put it up.

    1. ii) Rushen Burial Ground Authority

    All the legal documents had been sent to Corlett Bolton for them to progress the sale and the RBGA had confirmed they had received their documents and were to sign them after Easter. As nothing further had been heard the Clerk had spoken with Mr Callister who said they had sent the signed papers in on 18th April. The Clerk had spoken with Mr Gunn who advised that she should contact Corlett Bolton’s Port St Mary Office. She had done so and was advised that their conveyancing clerk would arrange for the necessary papers to be sent down from the Douglas Office for RPC to sign and it was hoped that Exchange of Contracts and Completion could be carried out on the same day.

    Whilst speaking with Mr Callister the Clerk had asked what was happening about the tenders for the fencing. Mr Thompson, Architect, was dealing with this but it was hoped that they would be out shortly.

    iii) Church Field – access. Gates – The Clerk had heard nothing from DOI so she had contacted Bill Corlett, DOI who sent her the link to some designs used in the Lake District National Parks, etc. These had been forwarded to Members. Having no gates had been discussed previously and some members felt that this would be acceptable but, as the Clerk had previously pointed out, a barrier of some sort was required to stop children in particular running or riding straight out onto the road. As disabled access was now compulsory it was felt that a barrier inside the field would serve the purpose of safer access. A ramp would be required on the proposed entrance on Ballafesson road as the field was lower than the pavement.

    1. iv) BMX Track.

    There was initial interest from several individuals regarding a skate park.

    Kristian Edwards and ISB had contacted the Clerk as they had heard that RPC had plans to build a skatepark in Rushen and they wondered if they could be of any help. Recently they had been working with Braddan Commissioners on plans to develop their skatepark and looking at designs for the development of Nobles Park, Douglas where they were looking for funding to kickstart a total redevelopment. They were in contact with top UK skatepark builders like Gravity, Canvas Spaces and Wheelscape. They offered to meet with the Board.

    The Chairman had requested that the Clerk contact Douglas Corporation and Braddan Commissioners. No replies had been received from Douglas Corporation. However, Braddan’s Community Warden replied:  “Kristian Edwards and ISB are a group of mature skateboarders all in the mid to late twenties, many of which did skate around the urban areas of Braddan and West Douglas. Braddan contacted them at Ballacottier school where they were using the playground and car park facilities as an “urban skate park” and invited them to represent the skateboarders as part of the design consultation for their initial project in Braddan. The group as a whole were very helpful in assisting with the detailing of the design of their park which was then professionally designed and installed to Gravity Skate Parks. “ISB’s inclusion at early consultation ensured that we installed a skate park with facilities that mimicked an urban area and after final installation this greatly reduced the use of car parks and schools, etc. The benefits of working with Kristian and the rest of ISB group have been proven by the popularity of our site. We found that our skate park incorporates their boarding requirements and their inclusion has assisted in not only achieving this but has given the suers a sense of ownership which is evident in the way that they respect the site. We are currently looking to add additional components to our site which we have again carried out consultation with ISB and are not working with contractors on a design. Just ot note, we did not find any concrete skate park installation companies on the Isle of Man and ended up using a UK based company that did not come cheap.   Our first installation was in the region of £80k and our Bowl addition (due to be installed this year) will be in the region of £60k.”

    The way forward was discussed. It was agreed that once the new Member was in office a group would have a look at Braddan’s skatepark to see what was there if that was what was envisaged for the Rushen Recreational Area. Mr Cain offered to go and look at it with the Chairman.

    Port Erin Commissioners had expressed much interest in having a skatepark/BMX track at Ballakilley. The Clerk to Port St Mary Commissioners, who has also contacted the Clerk, said that they had been considering putting a skate park at the bottom of PSM and they had allocated some money towards this. It could be that a shared facility at Ballakilley may be the best way forward and they would initially be interested in being included in any discussions or meetings about this. The Clerk had assured him that, as part of the former Ballakilley Working Party, together with Port Erin that all 3 Local Authorities would be involved in any meetings or discussions.

    1. c) Waste Management, Refuse Collection and Bring Banks
    2. i) Jones Services Ltd. There were no problems. Another three or four houses on Ballakilley had been occupied and been given bins.
    3. ii) Bring Banks – Croit-e-Caley. A resident of Croit e Caley has requested that the bring banks be relocated at the bottom of Orestal. Although there was a piece of grassed land at the bottom it was not known who actually owned this. The Clerk pointed out that this area may not be the best place to put a full complement of bring banks bins as it isn’t a main thoroughfare.

    The Clerk reminded Members that at one time RPC had asked for bring banks to be put in the layby on Ballakillowey Road. These would be used by people on that road and from all of Ballakillowey Estate and Bradda View and the surrounding area. There had been problems with planning and DOI had not made any further attempts to have bins put there. It was not known if planning permission was still required for these banks as the Clerk wasn’t aware of any planning applied for the banks at Croit e Caley or Ballafesson Playing Field. The Clerk was to suggest to Waste Management that the layby should, once again, be considered for a range of bins.

    1. e) Lighting: nothing at present.
    2. f) Traffic & DoI Highways. .

    Traffic Meeting – nothing new at present

    Ballafesson – Ballachurry Corner

    1. g) Police nothing at present.
    2. h) Dog bins; fouling; Beach Cleans; Hedges.

    Requests for dog bins – it has been agreed that there was a need for one near the bottom of Beeton’s Lane. There had also been a request for a bin on Ballagawne Road, near Greenacres as there had been complaints re dog fouling along Ballagawne Road.

    The Clerk to order 4 more bins from Colas.

    Hedges – The Clerk had written to Mr Dixon, Old Vicarage to ask him to cut back the large clump of ivy in his wall which was impeding traffic. He had carried this out as soon as he had received the letter but he had pointed out that he didn’t think that there had been any accidents on the corner.

    The Clerk had also written to the occupiers of the Mona Rechabite Hall, the Level to ask them to cut back their hedge – which had been overgrown for some time. The pavement is quite narrow there and the overhanging hedge meant that anyone with a pram and toddler had to go into the road to get past – very dangerous as this could be a quite fast part of the road, despite it being a junction. There had been complaints about this matter.

    1. i) Playing field, Howe Car Park. The swing for the playing field to be ordered very shortly.
    2. j) Web Site The Clerk suggested putting some historical articles on it regarding the Parish e.g. Tom the Dippers, Horse Watering Place, Millennium stone at the top of Cronk ny Irree Laa, RPC’s own Millennium Stone on the Church Green, the Lhiondaig green at Croit e Caley, Kentraugh Mill, the ice house and bone house belonging to Kentraugh, ets. Mr Pilling felt that there were enough places of interest for another book to be written.
    3. k) Southern Civic Amenity Site  (Southern Recycling Centre)

    Invoice for 1st quarter – April, May, June in advance.

    Mr Cain, current representative, would no longer be on the Board of RPC from 1st May due to not standing for election. A new representative on the SCAS Board would be required to be elected at the AGM in May.

    1. l) Municipal Association

    Mr Gunn gave a report on their latest meeting. Mr Couch, who was in charge of the DHSC had given a very good presentation, explaining various issues regarding the Health Strategy. It was felt that is may be a good idea to invite him to a meeting of the southern Local Authorities so that he could address all Members of the Local Authorities rather than just the individual representatives. The Clerk was to write to suggest this to him.

    Mr Gunn reminded Members that the Secretary to the Municipal Association, Barbara Dunworth, was retiring. A letter was to be sent from Rushen Parish Commissioners thanking her for all her hard work and wishing her a happy retirement.

    The AGM was to be held on 26th May at Douglas Golf Club. Numbers by 17th May.

    1. m) Southern Swimming Pool Authority

    Mr Radcliffe said that there was nothing to report other than the roof will require either replacing or repairing within the next three or four years.

    1. n) Marashen Crescent Elderly Persons Housing Authority

    Mr Radcliffe said that the next meeting would be on Tuesday. Mr Hamilton, the Clerk , had brought in a new system with regard to maintenance and the workmen from Port St Mary were carrying out much of the work at a flat rate, which was very reasonable. Every apartment would be checked every 6 months so that any work required could be carried out in a timely manner.Mr Brian Rae from Arbory Commissioners had been Chairman for many years. As he was not standing for re-election on Arbory Commissioners he could no longer be Chairman to the Marashen Crescent Board. His presence would be missed.

    1. o) Southern Healthcare Committee Rushen Ambulance

    No meeting of the Southern Healthcare Committee had been held. AGM re Rushen Ambulance.

    1. p) Manx National Heritage  
    2. i) Cregneash – Demolition of the steel barn at Church Farm.  This was under way.
    3. ii)   Meayll Hill – dog fouling (put back on agenda)` The Clerk had received complaints about dog fouling and 4wd vehicles and off road bikes on Meayll Hill, some of which land is in the custodianship of Manx National Heritage. These complaints were to be pointed out to them. Some of the land was in private ownership, or the owners not known.
    4. q) Risk Assessment  Health and Safety.   Mr Edwin was to send his report to the Clerk.
    5. r) Grass Cutting : With the warmer weather the grass was growing in some areas and Mr Booth had carried out the first cut on some of the areas.
    6. s) Meayll Book.

    Letter and poster designed by the Chairman had been sent to bookshops and MNH. The bridge bookshop had ordered and re-ordered. No reply had been received from Waterstones, The Bookshop, St Paul’s Bookshop and no reply had been received from the voice mail message or the letter sent to MNH.

    1. u) World War 1 Commemorations 2014-2018.

    The Minutes of the Meeting of the World War One Commemoration Steering Group had been forwarded to LAs by the Municipal Association. The Clerk had emailed them to Members as she thought they would be of interest. Mr Pilling confirmed that they were not confidential.

    Mr Pilling, who was involved with the British Legion, said that there was to be an all-night vigil to commemorate the Battle of the Somme and there was to be a Service at St George’s Church, Douglas. Charles Wilson had been involved in the bringing of the Royal Artillery Baton to the Island where it would be carried to various parts of the Island along with various areas of the UK and Ireland.

    1. v) Port Erin Commissioners – boundary extension proposed by them to take part of Ballakilley residential development.

    Nothing further.

    1. w) Douglas Corporation Library , Port Erin Library and Mobile Library.

    Letter of thanks from the Mobile Library for the cheque.

    1. x) Notice Board.
    2. y) Flooding and Wave Overtopping and Shore Road.

    The Clerk had sent a letter via email to the CEO of DOI, Minister Gawne and Rushen MHKs. This had also been copied to Members and appeared in full in the March Minutes. No reply nor acknowledgement from Nick Black CEO at DOI, although the 3 MHKs had acknowledged it.

    1. ab) Roads in poor condition.

    Honna Road ,Surby Road, Glen Chass Road. Nothing had been done about these yet. The Clerk was to write to the Director of Highways.

    1. ac)   Feedback – emails forwarded to Members. Members were, on the whole, pleased with the various responses received with there being some gratifying comments as well as constructive suggestions.

    Ad) Electoral List. The Clerk had noticed some people in Rushen were not on the list.

    1. af) Croit-e-Caley new shed? The letter from planning now appeared in ‘Other Planning Matters’.

    Ag) Parking at Rushen School.

    Mr Cale had made several suggestions as to where he thought there should be safe access and parking regarding vehicles dropping off and collecting children at Rushen School. Rather than make these specific suggestions the Clerk was to write initially to the Department of Education and Children to ask them to identify how they intend dealing with the ongoing danger to children being dropped off or collected from Rushen School.

    1. ah) Planning Lists.

    The Clerk had written to Planning asking for an abbreviated version of the lists to be put in the papers. No reply received yet. Members felt that the cost of the advert should be part of the planning application costs.

    Michael Gallagher, Director of Planning, had left the post suddenly. Jennifer Chance had been made Acting Director until a new Director was appointed.


    This can be read at the Office of Rushen Parish Commissioners – 834501.


    2. a) 1st Supplemental List 2016. noted
    3. b) New Lieutenant Governor – reception – 12.15pm on Friday 27th May at Government House.

    Invitation received for Chairman and Guest to attend a reception at Government House following the swearing in ceremony of the new Lieutenant Governor – invitation is from Lieutenant governor and Lady Gozney. Dress lounge suit. RSVP. Once the new Chairman was appointed at the AGM the information would be sent.

    1. c) Tynwald Garden Party 2016.

    Invitation for Chairman and Guest to attended the Tynwald Garden Party on Sunday 3rd July in the presence of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Richard Gozney KCMG VCO and Lady Gozney. Representative and guest to be nominated to attend. This is usually the Chairman or Vice-Chairman but once the new Chairman was appointed at the AGM the information would be sent. RSVP by 29th April.

    1. d) Domestic Rates – Research 2016.

    Rec. 24/3 fwd 24/3. From the Valuations Office, Treasury. They were conducting research into valuations of properties on the Island based on Capital Value (banded) based on the value of a property in good condition when sold on an open market. At present rateable values are based on the rental value of a property in 1969 measured in square feet and valued in pounds, shilling and pence. Where a property has been built after this date the assessment is based on a similar property built before 1969.

    They were sending out forms with the Rates Demands for people to complete and return. ‘This is to better inform decision makers about potential changes to domestic rating’

    1. e) Camper Van in lay-by on Ballakillowey Road, opposite entrance to Bradda View.

    This had been pointed out to the Clerk by two different residents. It had been there for some weeks and was unlocked. It wasn’t known if it had been abandoned but it was taxed so entitled to be on the road. The Clerk had reported it twice to DOI who said that one of their officers would look at it the next time they were in the area.

    1. f) consultation – Manx Retail Prices Index – the future of.

    Rec 7/4 from the Cabinet Office. consultation into the future of the Manx Retail Prices Index. Any views by 18th May   Noted.

    1. g) Digital Inclusion and Engagement.

    Rec. & fwd 30/3 from Katie Ward, Change and Reform Project Manager, Cabinet Office. She was carrying out some initial research into activities to help people in the Island get online (past current or planned). She would like to hear about ‘any projects the local authority has run or been involved with, to support groups or individuals to access online services. The information will help us develop our digital inclusion strategy to highlight the work going on by government, local authorities, the voluntary sector and community groups’   There was no information to hand at present.


    2. a) 16/00216. Vacant Land at Bradda View, Ballakillowey. Hartford Homes. Erection of 12 detached dwelling with integral garages incorporating amendments to PA 13/91367. “The Secretary of the Planning Committee has been informed that allegedly the site notice for the application above is not being displayed. As a result the Planning Officer has determined that this justifies that the application should be published again in the publication list dated 1st April 2016. Therefore it would be appreciated that if you have comments to add your representation should reach the planning office by 22nd April 2016. No objections

    b) 16/00396. Kimmeragh, Ballafesson Road. Mr D and Mrs Shan Fisher. Proposed spiral staircase to rear elevation. No objections


    1. a) 16/00189. Hillcrest, Ballagale Avenue, Surby. Mr & Mrs R Cregeen. Erection of a single storey extension to rear elevation. Decision – Head of Development Management.   Issued 31st March 2016.
    2. b) 16/00263. Awyn Beg, Surby Road, Surby. Mr JM Thornley. Closure of existing and creation of a new vehicular entrance.   Conditions include: 2. The existing access must be closed off as shown in the submitted plans, within three months of the completion of the proposed additional access ad its availability for use. Reasons: in the interests of highways safety.   Decision – Interim Director of Planning. Issued 12th April 2016.


    2. a) 13/07462/DOM. Plot 150 land at Ballakilley, Church Road. Heritage Homes. Erection of 4 bed detached dwelling ‘Oak 2014’ House Type.     Issued 17th March 2016.
    3. b) 13/07459/DOM. Plot 148 land at Ballakilley, Church Road.   Heritage Homes. Erection of 5 bed detached dwelling ‘Silverdale 2014’ House Type. Issued 16th March 2016.
    5. a) 15/01135. Broomfield Cottage, Qualtrough’s Lane, Ballafesson. Mr & Mrs J Young. Alterations, erection of extension and car port to dwelling and erection of boundary wall with pedestrian access. This had been approved but an Appeal has been lodged. Requested to supply 10 collated sets of submission of case by 15th The appellant had requested that this appeal be considered on written submission only without appearing before the Inspector at an Inquiry.

    Appeal documents received – any responses to be sent in 10 collated sets by 5pm on 4th May.

    2. a) Site rear to Croit-e-Caley Methodist Chapel. Erection of Shed in field. The Planning Enforcement Officer had inspected the site and it would be investigated. “If, following investigation, the Department determines not to take any action regarding the subject of your enquiry because it has planning consent or does not need planning consent you will be advised accordingly. If the Department determines not to take any further action because the development does not appear to cause any harm, you may be given an opportunity to provide details of any harm being caused. In most cases, if it is determined that a breach of planning control has occurred, it will be appropriate to allow for the submission of a retrospective planning application and to allow for the submission of a retrospective planning application, and to allow time for a subsequent appeal.”     This was noted.
    3. ANY OTHER BUSINESS.      None.
    4. DATE OF NEXT MEETING . As this would be the start of the new Municipal Year and the new Board would be in operation the meeting, which would also be the AGM, needed to be as early in May as practicable. It is was the AGM where the new Chairman and Vice Chairman would be elected and also the new representatives for the various boards and committees would also be appointed

    It was agreed to hold this on 4th May.

    The Meeting then went into Private Session.