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    February 27th, 2008 by Gillian Kelly in Meeting Minutes

    Meeting held 7:30pm, Wed 27th February 2008 at the Commissioners’ Office, Newlands, Ballagawne Road, Colby (due to the Clerk recovering from an operation)

    Present: Mr D Cain (Chairman), Mr P Vernon (Vice-Chairman), Mr P Gunn, Mr D Ronan.
    Apologies: Mr A Tinkler
    There were no members of the public or press present.

    Please note – these Minutes are shortened for the Web Site. The full version can be read at the Office.

    The Minutes of the Meeting held Wed. 16th January 2008, having previously been circulated, were taken as read and agreed a true record.

    Matters Arising:

      1. Rates Estimates

        The Clerk had informed the Chief Executive of DoLGE that Rushen’s Rate remained at 67p plus £5 Per Household charge.

      2. Local Authority Election

        Thursday 24th April 2008. Polling Station open 8am to 8pm. The Clerk, as Returning Officer, had booked Ballafesson Hall as the Polling Station for East and West Rushen, there being no request from the Board to have more than one Polling Station.

        Nominations were to close 5pm Thursday 27th March. Withdrawal/objections by 2pm 31st March.

        DoLGE were to publish a Notice of Election in Courier Thursday 13th March and in Examiner on Monday 17th March which would cover all the Local Authority elections. Local Authorities to put notices up around their areas.

        Leaflets had been received from DoLGE giving information for those interested in standing for election.

        Poll Cards — Economic Affairs could provide the cards but they needed to order the special paper well in advance. The cost of the paper for Rushen was £40.36 (1,223 cards). The Clerk had confirmed that they go ahead and order the paper for Rushen.

        DoLGE has informed Local Authorities that they should open an account with the Post Office with regard to sending out the Polling Cards for the election. The Post Office had been in touch with the Clerk and, during the discussion, it transpired that Local Authorities would have to provide two trade references and a bank reference to debit their account which would cost £8 50. Their ‘auditing protocol cannot accept the application without the references’. It was felt by the Board entirely inappropriate that a Local Authority should have to provide such references and therefore an account would not be opened. The alternative of providing a cheque to cover the amount, should there be an election, was to be taken and a letter was to be sent to the Post Office giving Members views.

      3. Audit & Accounts

        Invoice received from Moore Stephens — £235.00 including vat. This was felt to be very good value and due, in part, to Mr Ronan completing the accounts to the level now required for audit.

      4. Waste Management

        Bins — The Clerk had been in touch with Schaeffers. She had informed Schaeffers that other Local Authorities were in need of some bins and that Ian Jones of Jones Services was dealing with them. She had left it with Ian Jones to contact Peel Commissioners and the others and see what could be done.

      5. Southern Area Plan

        Ian McCauley and Emily Curphey had confirmed that they could attend a meeting to discuss this on Monday 3rd March at 7 30pm at Ballafesson Hall.

        A discussion took place as to what Members would like to be dealt with and the Clerk was to set this out and send it the Emily Curphey so that there would be a basis for discussion.

      6. National Heritage Area

        The Clerk reported that there were still concerns from residents about this going ahead.

      7. MNH

        Nothing at present.

      8. Street Lighting at Cregneash

        The new lanterns had not arrived yet. The column would be painted at the same time as the new lanterns were installed.

      9. MEA — Street Lighting

        The Clerk had given instructions, after consultation with the Chairman and Vice-chairman, for the new light to be put down Mount Gawne Road – by the railway line. 150 watt bulb, long arm.

        Garth Avenue – new fitting required on light. Cost – £343 plus vat. The Clerk had asked the MEA go ahead as she had been contacted by a lady from there asking about it as she found it very dark without the light.

        Mr Cain asked the Clerk to check up on how often the columns were painted as he had seen some which gave the appearance of not having been painted for a considerable time.

      10. Southern Civic Amenity Site

        Site Report for 2007 received plus Estimates — copied given to Members. Noted.

      11. Traffic Matters

        Next Meeting was on 20th Feb. Items for Agenda – no pavement on Plantation Road/Hill.

        Mr Vernon had attended and gave a report. There would be no more speed limits made until a major review had been carried out. With regard to Plantation Hill – ‘there had never been any accidents’ and there was no money for what would be a major undertaking. With regard to the proposed Cycle Track along the pavement on Shore Road and through to Scarlett, the DoT had said that this ‘would not be possible’ and it would be left on ‘hold’.

        Problems with traffic in the south had been discussed along with the possibility of a bypass road in Ballasalla. It was felt that Local Authorities should have a combined discussion on this.

        The next meeting would be on14th May.

      12. Police

        The Clerk reported an incident which had occurred at tea-time on 18th Jan. She had heard lots of shooting in the direction of Moorhouse/Croit-e-Caley. This went on for 20-30 minutes with people shouting. As she knew it is illegal to shoot in the hours of darkness she was concerned that there may be something serious going on. When she heard someone shouting “he’s over there” she rang the Police in Port Erin to report it. She spoke to Special Constable Faragher who said that there was nobody at the Station and they were ‘bombed out’ but that he would try to get somebody and would ring later. He never rang her so she brought it up at the Police Meeting on 24th. The Clerk said she had been concerned as incidents with guns are very serious and there are houses on Mount Gawne Road and Croit-e-Caley, there is a footpath running through the land and also the railway line which people walk their dogs along in the winter. Sgt. Ged Power said he would look into it and get back to her.

        He rang the next day to say that they had been very busy with arrests but that Special Const. Faragher had spoken to them, giving them a formal warning.

        There was a Police Meeting on 24th. Mr Vernon and the Clerk had attended. Crime figures were given.

        Letter from Inspector Paul Cubbon – he would like to know what major issues most affect the quality of life in your area in order that they could again prioritise both Police and partner agency focus for the year ahead. Dependent on feedback he hoped to have in place a set ‘Southern Partnership Plan’ by March 2008. Members did not feel that there were any issues at the moment.

        Operation Baboon – ‘an initiative to improve the quality of life in your neighbourhood’. The Police were getting involved in dealing with problem vehicles – abandoned, untaxed, etc. Their target was to deal with 100 vehicles in the south during the month of February. – targets were – no road tax; no insurance; abandoned; dangerous condition; congestion; illegal or inconsiderate parking. Should there be any problem vehicles in Rushen then the Clerk would report them to the Police.
        Next Meeting 28th Feb.

        Inspector Paul Cubbon – promotion. He had been promoted to Superintendent from 28th Feb and would be leaving the Southern Neighbourhood Policing Team and be based at Headquarters. His successor would be Inspector Michael Musson from 25th Feb.

        A letter of congratulations to be sent to Inspector Cubbon.

        Sergeant Ged Power would be leaving the neighbourhood on 24th February to take over the running of the Constabulary’s Alcohol Unit. His place would be taken by one of the Douglas patrol sergeants, Phil Drowley.

      13. Litter, dog fouling, fly tipping, beach cleaning

        Mr Ronan reported that CRHS were keen to have another beach clean before the summer. Mr Ronan would liaise with them and it was thought that May would be suitable as most of the storms should then be passed.

      14. Ballafesson Playing Field

        Lease – the Clerk had brought two copies to the meeting and the Chairman and Clerk signed them so that Mr Gunn could take them to Messrs Radcliffe for their signatures.

      15. Croit-e-Caley, The Level, Carrick Bay View

        Hartford Homes – the Appeal by the neighbours failed so work had re-started.

        Level Garage Site – work had started with the footings being made. The houses looked very close to the road but, they were shown as such on the plans.

        Mona Rechabite Hall – this had now been sold and planning application received. They were proposing to build a garage in the position where the water flooded out of the field, through the site, over the pavement and onto the road. It was presumed that the water problem would be tackled when carrying out the work.

      16. Car Park, The Howe

        There had been nothing from the Water Authority with regard to the last letter. The Clerk to get in touch with them again.

      17. Web Site

        Mr Ronan would get in touch with Mr Thornley as there seemed to be some delay in getting it up and running.

      18. Department of Transport

        Flooding at Ballafesson, water on road at Ballachrink and the Howe. The Clerk had written to Dept of Transport on 20th Jan. and it has been acknowledged and passed on to Andy Potter.

        Pavement at Plantation Hill – The Clerk had written to Port St Mary Commissioners giving them Rushen’s concerns and stating that a letter had been sent to DoT.

        Reply from PSM – ‘It is acknowledged that the Howe Road at its junction with Plantation Road and Truggan Road is a bottleneck for traffic. My Commissioners will be requesting further information be collected by DoT Highways regarding traffic speed and RTA statistics as to whether road widening or pavement provision should be sought.

        Also – a copy of PSM’s letter to Andy Potter, DoT – ‘I believe you have been in recent communication with the Clerk of Rushen Parish Commissioners regarding possible provisions of pavements on Plantation Road, Port St Mary. My Commissioners have requested copies of correspondence on the matter between your Department and Rushen Commissioners if possible ahead of the Southern Traffic Management Liaison Group later this month. For your information one of my Commissioners, Mr Cooil of Ballacreggan Farm, was aware that DoT did actively look at the widening of part of the junction of Plantation Road and Truggan Road and that he had been party to primary discussions as he was a land owner who would be affected.’

        This had been discussed at the Traffic Meeting and reported at that part of the meeting.

        Flooding at Ballafesson – The Clerk had been called out again at 8 30am on 21st Jan. Mr Turvey’s garden and next door (Gawne’s Bungalows) were flooded again and water was pouring down the road. He had called the Fire Service who were there when she went over. Ken Skinner came past and said that most of the water was coming from behind his house. She went with him to look at it. Behind Two Ways is a small field and the banks of the ditch were broken away and the water was coming down over the field instead of across the top and into the ditch in the field alongside.

        She had gone back to the office to see if she could find out who owned the land. She wrote to him that day asking him to repair the ditch and pointing out that he was leaving himself open to litigation if he did nothing. She had not heard from him but had since been back to check to see if the work has been done and she reported that the bank had been built up.

        Glen Chass – (road widening at corner by Gorse Lea).

        The Clerk had written to DoT and Jim Davidson had sent a plan of the amount of land which would need to be bought to widen and make a passing place.

        Ballafesson Road – Ballachurry. Mr Cain had spoken with Mr Clucas with regard to the problems which could arise when the new entrance is made from the new development onto Ballafesson Road.

        Mr Vernon had mentioned this at the Traffic meeting, with regard to having double yellow lines on the road, especially near the corner. Hazel Fletcher had been unaware of the planning application but would look into it.

        Surby Road – flooding. There had been a lot of water coming down Surby Road and some of it was from a field. A letter to be sent to the owners asking if they could have the ditches cleared to stop the problem.

      19. Hedges & Verges

        The Clerk had circulated the Parishes by email to see what they were doing about taking responsibility for dealing with the High Hedges Legislation.. Those who answered were doing it, with the exception of Arbory.

      20. Municipal Association

        Seminar on Recycling. Mr Gunn, Mr Vernon and the Clerk attended. There were various views from the people speaking at it. George Uhlenbroek (Friends of the Earth) said that kerbside collection is very expensive – bring sites where people don’t make a special journey are better – need to reduce the waste;
        Muriel Garland (Zero Waste Mann) said that everything should be recycled – no waste;
        Dudley Butt – recycling costs for paper are negligible – use empty wagons going back; they would be collecting plastic from September; glass is made into ‘eco sand’; WEE (electricals) in UK there is an amount put onto the cost of electrical goods which is used to recycle them. Although we have to pay that there is no way of getting it back from the manufacturers so we can use it towards recycling – they had met with DEFRA to lobby them but there is no mechanism for this. They could try people here not having to pay it but it would only work if it was shown on the invoice as an actual cost and it often isn’t.

        Mr Birchenough from Ballaneddin Compost also spoke. They make 4,000 tonnes of compost every year. Windrows are the most economic way of doing this. It goes through several screenings and is an excellent product. Ramsey Commissioners have been using it at Mooragh Park – when they used peat based bought from UK 11 pallets cost £2,000 – the Ballaneddin compost cost £400. If they mixed sewage pellets with it it would not make the BS Standard. They have a stockpile of compost and there is a problem with people’s perception – they need to see it as a valuable produce not as rubbish.

        Alan Donelly from Douglas Corporation spoke about their recycling trial at Governor’s Hill. This was a success and they learned useful lessons.

        Also mentioned that they send their shredder down to the SCAS 2 days a week. We should work together by agreement and share resources. They had a chewing gum removal machine which is under-used – could be used by others.

        The Minister spoke :– within 2/3 years there would be a restructure of waste charges ‘and it will be murder’. The 90% subsidy is unsustainable. The Rating system is unsupportable.
        If we do not do the recycling DoLGE will – and they will charge us.

        Housing – Onchan Commissioners had written to the Association with a submission from their Housing Committee and approved by the Board. This was with regard to having fixed term tenancies for 5 years and reviewed after that date. This type of proposal had been mentioned by Local Authority representatives at all the Housing Seminars held for the past few years. It was mentioned on Manx Radio by the Chairman of the Association. Someone from DoLGE Housing came on to speak against it saying that having higher earners in an estate kept it from becoming run down (they did not mention that every house is subsidised by the tax-payer by £100 per week – which was frequently mentioned at Housing Meetings.

        Members felt that tenants should be asked to pay a more realistic rent, comparable to those in the private sector but they did not agree with fixed term tenancies.

      21. Southern Swimming Pool

        Invoice received:- Total – £3,782 97

        Costs comprise – 2.5p rate on RV of 117,168 2,929 20
        proportional loan charge based on estimated charge of £12,00 1,098 00
        loan charge adjustments for year end March 04/05/06 as per Castletown Comm. 244 23

        M Ronan reported that the Board had met with the design team and the handover was scheduled for May.

      22. Southern Health Committee

        As Mr Tinkler was not at the meeting there was no report.

      23. Rushen Ambulance Committee

        Mr Vernon reported that there had been a letter from Mr Benson of the Committee. The First Response Team now consisted of 4 plus 2 volunteers. They would be requiring defibrillators. The team would shortly be up and running.

      24. Marashen Crescent Housing

        Mr Vernon said that there was nothing to report.

      25. Digital Camera

        Mr Ronan had purchased a camera from Morrison Photos. He had been able to get it for £110 reduced from £170. The invoice was received for payment.

      26. Secret Gardens in Rushen

        Mr Cain had been to see Mrs Maddrell again. She had it in hand and would contact the Board if she needed assistance. It was to be left to her to organise it.

      27. Ballakilley Land.

        Letter from Peter Karran on behalf of the southern branch of The Liberal Vannin Party enquiring of any progress has been made with the Trustees of the land. ‘Have the Commissioners made any decisions to make sure that this land does not end up being developed for houses which ordinary people won’t be able to afford, and also losing the opportunity of a much needed recreational area for the south of the Island and which would be a ‘green lung’ for the area as well.’ He would be happy to meet to discuss it if it would help but in the meantime would like an update on the matter so that he can report back to the next meeting of the Liberal Vannin Party.

        A reply had been sent giving the situation up to date.

      28. Housing Consultative Conference

        This would be held on 6th March at Mount Murray. The itinerary had been received. The morning would be taken up with General Housing and the afternoon mainly with housing for older people, particularly sheltered housing. One of the items for the morning would be Tenancy Enforcement, the speakers for that to be Sarah Burton and Nichola Pitts from Laurence Kennan, Advocates. In the afternoon one of the items would be Innovation in Sheltered Housing ‘speaker to be arranged’ also Energy Design for Sheltered Housing.

        Mr Vernon would be attending.

      29. Housing – Deficiency.

        Letter from Housing regarding the amount for Administration which Local Authorities are allowed to keep back when paying the Deficiency Payment to DoLGE. This had been 5% for a number of years. There were proposals to increase it providing those LAs agreed to certain conditions and complied with DoLGE’s requirements as regards common standards and sharing best practise. They had agreed that Rushen were doing that and could now claim 7.5% admin. for the deficiency payment calculations for 2007/08 and subsequent years.

      30. Contract of Employment

        The Clerk had given Members a copy of her present Contract and the Job Description (out of date) This was to be dealt with at the next meeting.

      31. Public Sector Rent Increases 2008/09.

        DoLGE has sent confirmation that the public sector rents would increase by 5%. Points value would therefore increase from 87.37 to 91.74.

    1. Revenue

      Rents 1,118 23
      Searches 160 00
      Rates 1,080 00
    2. Accounts for Payment

      (including VAT where appropriate)

      Jones Services 2,171 71
      Clerk’s Salary 750 00
      IOM Newspapers ad. For refuse tender 224 66
      Manx Telecom – phone January & Feb 97 70
      Southern Swim Pool year end March 08 3,782 97
      MEA – new column & light Sloc 1,617 55
      Rent for Playing Field 07/08 200 00
      Rent for Hall – 1 year 500 00
      H Kelly, grass cutting, bins, fly tipping Nov – Feb 95 00
      DoLGE – refuse disposal charge – Jan. 1,388 50
      Moore Stephens Audit – 06/07. 235 00
      Q & C copies and paper 45 83
      K Skinner – check electrics 4 houses 126 11

      (cheque for £25 sent to Murray ‘Santa’ Cringle)

      The above accounts were approved for paying.

    3. Financial Situation

      (as at morning of 27th Feb. 2008)

      General current (rates) 250 00
      Liquidity Manager (rates) 63,366 18
      Fixed Term (rates) 32,851 03
      Rent current 6,749 05
      Housing Maintenance 2,553 42
    4. Correspondence

      • Douglas Henry Bloom Noble Library.

        Letter from Douglas Corporation. To coincide with the launch of the 2008 National Year of Reading as of 1st April they are embarking on a trial scheme whereby and local authority can enter into an agreement with the Council enabling residents from outside Douglas boundary to have free access to the library. At present they would pay (from 1st April) £23 for adults, £11.50 for OAPs and £2 for children. They are suggesting instead a charge of a £500 charge for LAs with a population over 1,500 and £250 for those under 1,500.

        This was noted.

      • 1st Supplemental List 2008


      • Scalding Risks from Domestic Hot Water Systems.

        Letter from DoLGE. As it was not relevant to Rushen’s houses it was noted.

      • Manx Classic 18th April – The Sloc

        Letter from Manx Motor Racing Club Ltd. Sloc Road will be closed from 09.15 hours until 16.30 hours or until finished, whichever is earlier. Noted.

      • IOM Local Government Pension Scheme.

        Letter from Port Erin Commissioners. – copy of letter they sent to the Treasurer of the scheme. Noted.

      • Road Transport Licensing Committee.

        Applications, decisions and notices. Noted.

      • Chronically Sick & Disabled Persons Committee

        Newsletter received. Noted.

      • DASH – Drug Advice Service & Helpline

        Poster received – They were to hold three cannabis awareness courses, the first of which was to be held on 9th March. Noted.

      • Isle of Man Bank

        Their Terms and Conditions would in future be online at www.iombank.com/terms

      • Smokefree Mann

        Notes on their meeting held 29 Jan. Noted.

      • Highways monthly

        Copy received. Noted.

    5. Planning Applications

      • 08/0027. New Haven, Shore Road. New Haven Properties Ltd. Construct two balconies to the rear of the new apartments under construction (pa 05/92429 – approved block of 4 apartments)
        No objections.

      • 08/0065. Mona Rechabite Hall, The Level. Mr & Mrs N Goldsmith. Alterations to provide increased accommodation, introduction of dormers and rooflights to roof at front and rear, replacement of windows and doors, addition of new lean-to utility room, remove existing garage and replace with new double garage in rear corner of site.
        No objections.

      • 08/0075. Heaven’s Gate, Ballakilpheric. Mr & Mrs P Metcalfe. (re-submission) Demolition of single garage and flat roof utility area and erection of new garage block together with remodelling of existing building. (They were putting up the garage where they had applied to put the swimming pool previously).
        No objections.

      • 08/0108. Upper Kirkill, Ballakillowey. Mr & Mrs Berry. Resubmission therefore no fee. Demolish existing dwelling and replacement with new. (they had a previous PA – 07/1109 for extensions).

        Members felt that, as this would be a prominent building on the hillside, it should be stone faced to reflect the rural area in which it was situated.

      • 08/0098. Saddlestones, Mount Gawne Road. Mr & Mrs Woodward. Extensions to form new kitchen and utility rooms.
        No objections.

      • 08/0207. Field 414367, behind Lhingague, Surby Moar Road. Carol Ann Williams.

        Approval in Principle for erection of residential dwelling.
        No objections.

    6. Planning Approvals

      • 07/2111. 5 The Chase, Ballakillowey. Mr W Tindale. Erection of a conservatory on north west elevation and enclosure of front porch and additional window on front elevation.

        Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 28th January 2008.

      • 07/2244. Walton Cottage, Ballakillowey. Mr & Mrs G Georgiou. Alterations and erection of extensions (comprising an amendment to the development approved under 07/01440). Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 29th January 2008.

      • 07/2108. HIghfield, Howe Road, Port St Mary. Mr & Mrs D Gooberman. Alterations and erection of extensions. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 4th February 2008.

      • 07/2328. Field 414361, Surby Moar Road. Mr N Kinley. Re-location of approved horse shelter (07/1941). Conditions include – 3. the shelter must be finished in dark brown or dark green materials. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 20th February 2008.

      • 07/2354. Land adjacent to Glen View, Glen Chass. Mr H W Harness. Change of use of land from agricultural to garden. Conditions include – 3. notwithstanding the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Permitted Development) Order 2005… no garage, garden shed, summer house, greenhouse, walling or fencing may be erected within the area edged red on the approved plan, without planning permission. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued 21st February 2008.

      • 07/1979. Greenhill, Ballagale Avenue, Surby. Mr A J Lister. Additional use of residential premised for the sale of home propagated plants. Conditions include – 2. This permission relates to the use of the premises as a residential dwelling with the operation of an outlet selling plants grown on the premises. This business may only be open to visitors between 11am and 4pm on two days per week and between the start of May and end of August. The business may be operated by Mr J Lister whilst he is resident at Greenhill, Ballagale Avenue. Decision – Senior Planning Officer. Issued – 13th February 2008.

    7. Planning Refusals


    8. Planning Appeals

      • 07/1350.part field 2368, Croit-e-Caley. Hartford Homes Ltd. Revision to approved dwelling (02/`097). The appeal has been considered and the Minister concurs with the Inspector’s conclusions and his recommendation that the appeal (by neighbours) should be dismissed.

        Inspector’s Conclusions:

        ‘12. There are a number of points that need to be made first. I am urged to recommend refusal of the application and in effect require the height to be lowered. Refusal of the permission would not achieve that. It would then be a matter for the Planning Committee to decide whether to maintain the view expressed by officers that the increase in height was de minimis and that it was not expedient to take enforcement action. It would also be open to the applicant to seek a Lawful Development Certificate. Secondly, the cost of undoing what has been done without planning permission would only arise of enforcement action was taken and was successful. However, I do recognise that if permission is given to this application that is the end of the matter since the increase in height would be lawful. Consideration of any cost that might occur if permission is refused end enforcement action successfully taken plays no part in my assessment and recommendation.

        13. A numbers of references have been made to the previous appeal and the Inspector’s comments. It is my understanding that the appeal related to a landscape scheme and erection of a first floor extension over the single storey part of the approved dwelling. His assessment about the impact of the increased size has to be seen in the context of that proposal which is quite different to that in this proposal. His only comment about the approved scheme was that is did not confirm to the policy in its overall size and single-storey side extension.

        14. In this case the proposed and later amended modifications to fenestration are unexceptional. The ground floor changes made no material difference to the dwelling. The side windows on the front gabled extension are far enough away from adjoining properties so as not to give rise to unacceptable overlooking bearing in mind that the distances involved are greater than the acceptable minimum where there is a back to back relationship. Here they are secondary side windows to a bedroom and of limited width.

        15. The changes to the size of the porch are bordering on the de minimum and in terms of the scale and mass of the building as perceived by the public of very limited impact. Nor do they change the balance and appearance of the front elevation in any significant way.

        16. I now turn to the overall increase in height of 225 mm. As the previous Inspector commented the approved size does not conform to planning policy. Whatever the merits or otherwise of what has been given planning permission the increase of 225mm has to be seen in the context of what has permission and whether the impact is unacceptable in planning terms as an increase upon what is lawful. It is a large house by any standards and I have some sympathy with the view that it is entirely out of keeping with the nearby dwellings in the settlement but it is lawful and that is the starting point. In terms of a permitted ridge height of some 8.2m an increase of 225mm is insignificant in my judgement. It is unlikely to be noticeable. I appreciate that the increase of the single storey elements by a similar amount is a proportionately greater increase but, again, I do not find that a significant increase in terms of its impact on the outlook from Railway Cottage. I conclude that what is already a large house will not appear significantly larger to the general public such that there is a legitimate planning objection. In saying this I am mindful that the appellant and objectors are sensitised to the situation and they are likely to maintain their heightened perception. This proposal is quite different to the scheme before the previous Inspector in its visual impact.

        17. In reaching my recommendation I have taken into account all other matters raised in writing but none are sufficient to outweigh the conclusions that lead to my recommendation.

        Recommendation: I recommend that the appeal be dismissed and the Planning Committee’s decisions to grant conditional planning permission be upheld.

        —Andrew D Kirby. Inspector.

    9. Other Planning Matters


    10. Completion Certificates

      • 07/7024. Crinan, 41 Garth Avenue, Surby. Mr P Allibone. Formation of archway between kitchen and dining room.

    11. Any Other Business


    12. Date of Next Meeting

      Wednesday 19th March.